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  1. Ok, who out here has heard of Wakfu?
    Now who has watched it?
    I love Wakfu. it's my favourite anime, starting from when I started watching it.
    A few weeks ago.
    But whatever. Let's talk about it :D
    WARNING: there may or may not be spoilers. Probably will be but meh. If you're worried about spoilers just watch it, I mean really it's no Naruto. Only 20 some episodes in both seasons. (Season one is on Netflix by the way.)
  2. I watched the first… 5-6 episodes of Wakfu back before it was dubbed. Was a cute little show. Not really my thing, but whatevs.

    Saw a little while ago that the dubbed version had made it on to netflix… I don't usually harp on dubs, because I like to understand what I'm watching. But Wakfu has one of the worst dubs ever. Couldn't even get past the first episode.
  3. It's enjoyable, haven't watched all of it since I was really just watching it to help my french. It's pretty cool though.
  4. I started watching it because I had to for french, although I could've watched anything french I decided on a french anime.
    Made it to episode 10 or something and then stopped. Two years later and lo and behold season 1 is dubbed on Netflix. And I finished it.
    Loved it.
    Watched season 2 in french in one day.
    Still love it.
  5. Watch it in french is all I have to say to newbies. The show has AMAZING voice actors in the original version. The Dub however, is the most unispired bullshit to ever hit the market. IT butchers the world play and french humor something fierce.

    I was part of the people who fandubbed it years ago when it first came out. Hi :D

    Also, Watch the Nox special episode before you watch the the last four episodes of season 1.
  6. Eh... I watched it after.
  7. I don't like the show, prefer the game :3
  8. The game's meh.
    It depends on what you encounter first I guess.