Wake up married to the person above you 0 0;

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  1. Ok, Ok. Who's the lucky boy or girl!!
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  2. ...when did you get here? o.O
  3. This homicidal nurse is what all true kings strive f- no, this probably isn't a good idea actually. Enough, my ship sails in the morning!
  4. ... Explains why I thought I smelled fries...
  5. Bring me food or else no Booty for you!
  7. **Spits in the food**

    Here you Go DEAR!
  8. Hellooooo, handsome~ :3 Would you like some french toast?
  9. Damn straight.

    And then after, I'll fry your bacon 00!
  10. Ooh, threesome with Fluffy and October? Best breakfast possible, hands down.
  11. I can see where this is going!
  12. Morning Sexy! *Tacklenoms Fluffy*
  13. >;3 Well hello thar.
  14. You don't know me or the sorts of infections I may be carrying, but I promise I'll be a great future lover. I'll go make some waffles.
  15. This sounds promising. I accept your offer and raise you orange juice.
  16. So, you like OJ>? I like OJ too.
  17. *brings in the vodka* screwdrivers anyone? >D
  18. Not bad.... but why are there black tights strewn across the floor?