wait what is going on

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    ok well hello I'm assian o3o
    a few of you may recognize me if you're coming from my own rping site as "an asian to the knee".
    story behind my username is that I'm asian
    I'm an ass
    so yeah
    that's basically it

    nice to meet you all
    so what's up with the things like "see plot" and everything next to the topic titles? what does that mean?
  2. Don't worry Glu I'm just as confused as you are.

    We can be confused [but handsome] asses together.
  3. Endless fun and recreational confuzzlement, which my computer tells me is not a word (but we all know it is lying). Hiya Asian!
  4. That's... ah well, there are several roleplay sections here. Each section has a sign-up/OOC/request/plot discussion part. The ones (in the not-OOC part) that say to "see plot" have an OOC thread (in the sign-up/OOC/etc. part) that explains the plot, which you should see if you are interested. The other prefixes, of course, mean other things; what else specifically would you like to know?
    Also, welcome.