Wait...Did I see this correctly?

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  1. swag shop.jpg

    ....We hasz Swag Shop? o.o
  2. Yeah, I remember a long time ago the mods talked about having Iwkau merchandise. :3 It's neat to see the plan going in action.

    I can't get over the name of the shop... I read somewhere that SWAG is an old acronym from the 60s and it means 'Secretly We Are Gay'. >__>; Whatever floats people's boats, though. I guess it's a slang used in hip hop music or something. I'm too out of the loop of trends to know anything.
  3. I know right! I found that out too! xD I find it's so funny~ ^^
  4. Wait. whut.

    IWAKU SWAG?!?! <3
  5. Ya'll gotta hip with the kids and the groovy way they speak all cool and stuff! 8D
  6. I did not know we had a swag shop. Nor do I know how to access it. But I am going to hunt it down now.
  7. The link is in the Community 101 menu, if you dun wanna wait for the ad to come up.

    At the moment there are only basic shirts and stuff. >>; with a blue/green design and a pink/orange. Later, there will be other random stuffs.
  8. because iwaku is all swag...and yes im meaning what fluffy brought up...
  9. When I have a job then I will get an iwaku shirt x3 .... This can take a while o.O
  10. and the happy customer went SWAG SWAG SWAG all the way home. =)