Wah'gwan Sah?

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  1. My name is Wild, which says a lot about me already.

    I'm one of the many people who made the exodus over here from RPG, though I haven't completely abandoned the Guild. Just lil somethin'-somethin'.

    I started roleplaying years ago on this site called DinoRun if any of ya'll even know what that is. Unfortunately they shut that shit down so I moved to xat (Where I'm still active). Afterwards I found RPG, and through RPG I came across Iwaku. That's my story.

    I don't have my Roleplayer Resume or anything filled out yet so if you wanna ask me somethin' in regards to that just hit me up and we'll see.

    And to anybody who picked up on the title of this thread, yes I'm Jamaican!

    I love my curry goat and my jerk chicken and all that Caribbean goodness. I can do the accent, I'm real familiar with the culture a lot of my family (If not most) live there and all. I go there every year, you know that kind of thing.

    If you clicked on this just because "Wah'gwan Sah?" just seems odd and exotic oh well at least I reeled you in. For those of you who don't know what it means it's basically just "What's going on sir?"

    I'm a pretty lax guy. Usually. I mean it does say "Unpredictable" under my avatar don't it?

    :moose: :cow: :raven: :bananaman: :worms: :alligator: :baldeagle: :blackcat: :biting: :beaver: :bear: :chameleon: :bulldog: :boxer: :chicken: :fox: :panda: :rhinoceros: :shark: :orcawhale: :surfing:

    Damn they don't got this on RPG! ^ Wooh let's go!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Is your soul for sale? :)
  3. Ah, no.. I don't believe it is.

    Is your family for sale?
  4. *sigh* ... They are. D:

    Saaaaay, you lookin' for RP? >:O
  5. Hello Wild, welcome to Iwaku!~ You seem like a very interesting person ^ ^

    Enjoy your stay!
  6. Great; I think I'll buy your mother and your sister.

    Depends on the kind and my mood, really. What's up?

  7. Let's not set the standard back a hundred years, I thought we wanted to stop human trafficking, yeah?

    What's going on, how are ya, Welcome to Iwaku, friend!

    Curry is one of my weaknesses, I don't care where it's from, If it's good I'd gladly try it on a whim. I swear, I'm gonna burn off my tongue one of these days you know. Anyroad, enough of my silly rambling, enjoy the site, friend. Have fun playing roles, you hear.
  8. Gracias.
  9. Hallo hallo Wild! :D Welcome to the site!