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Wah?! SORRY!!!!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by RiceyPork, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. For those who wish for a key...
    Talking: "TALKTALK"
    Thinking: *THINKTHINK*
    Action: -ACTIONACTION-

    Rules (well...not really rules...)
    -Add a character description. It helps me...make it more interesting as time goes on. No worries~ It's not that long to fill one out!


    -Be original! :3 hehe technically the only 'rules' I have.

    Yoko Mie
    Age: 18
    Likes: Bubbletea (sorta obsessive..), fluffy things, sharp knives
    Dislikes: Monkeys, Bees, and Trees
    Personality: Bubbly yet Mysterious at the same

    OK! START!
    -walks up to the counter-
    "Coffee Bubbletea Please~!"
    -takes it-
    -accidentally crashes into you-
    -burst into tears-
    "MY BUBBLETEA!!!!"
  2. Name: Katsu Mori
    Age: 19
    Likes: Kendo, Baseball, cats
    Dislikes: Dogs
    Personality: Quick to anger

    -glares down at the girl-
    "What's your problem?!"
  3. -looks up and tears-
  4. Name: Mika
    Age: 16
    Likes: Pocky, Cosplaying, Music
    Dislikes: water...
    Personality: Sweet

    -walks up-
    "Oh my goodness! What happened? Are you ok?!"
    -buys a new Bubbletea, hands to Yoko, and leaves store in a rush-
  5. -blink-
    "AH! Wait!!"
    -runs after Mika-
  6. -disappears around corner and walks into a store-
    "Hm, wonder what that was about. Well now...It seems I have a headache."
    -leaves store and wanders-