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  1. Wormhole - Intro - "Launch"
    With the Flagship of the operation, the "Spearpoint", a prototype light cruiser, all that was left to do was to send the team up. The preparations were made, and the team had gathered at an undisclosed location to be sent up in military grade stealth starships (Pictured Above). The team had been briefed already, told about the importance of secrecy in the operation. They had been given a "Lowdown" on the layout of the ship, where the escape pods were, the airlock, and the hanger. They had been told that what they were doing was their duty to the world.
    With the briefing done, and after the team had been geared up, they had been propelled into space and had arrived at the Spearpoint (Pictured below).
    Now, the team was ready for the real launch. Axil set a light-speed course for the passing wormhole, and is waiting for the team to arrive.
    Spearpoint Specifications
    Weight: 1595250000000 Tons
    Maximum Speed: 20 130 000 000 MPH
    Operational Capacity: 100,000
    Maximum Capacity: 110,000
    Classification: Planetary Frigate
    Engines: 30 Plasma Driven Thrusters
    Militarized Version Classification ( Armed Version): Planet Destroyer
    Axil waited patiently for the team to show up, he was eager to meet them. Although the military had uploaded a summary of the entire lives of each person on the team, he was eager. He had known everything about them; their likes, dislikes, height, weight... everything. He was the first robot to have his own mind, although he was loaded with many protocols that prevented him from harming humans. Not that he had the motive, but he understood the need for precaution. A green box popped up on Axil's HUD; asking for confirmation to allow the Transport ship to connect to the airlock. Axil accepted the request, and opened the doors to the airlock on the ship side, waiting for the team to emerge.
  2. The was...momentous. Alex knew that it would have some great impact on humanity's future. At least, that's what he hoped. Then again, we could all end up crushed or sucked into space. As an engineer, Alex was well acquainted with the dangers of space, since it was his job to prevent himself and the crew from becoming victims of those dangers. Oh, and he'd already been told exactly how important it was that he keep the ship intact, the engines working, and the crew alive. The entire crew had been briefed that this mission was of the utmost importance and this mission was doing their duty to the world, blah blah blah. He knew that this was huge, history-wise, but the rest? Just wordy crap to get the rest thrilled about the mission.
    Taking a deep breath, Alex stepped through the airlock's doors. He was a five foot ten man, dressed in the suit that they'd all been given. Glancing around, he looked at the android that he assumed was the ship's AI. He nodded in greeting, unsure of what to say.
  3. Jake knew that this discovery was going to change the history of mankind. However, he also knew that there might be a chance of him not being able to come back. Still, this would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity of creating history. As his ship approached the Spearpoint, he recieved a message from his wife Rachel. "Hey Jake...." A full sized hologram of his wife appeared before him. "Make sure you come back soon, our daughter already misses you." By the time the message was over, the ship he was in was docked on board. He took his traveling bags and started walking towards the dormitories. As he walked through the airlock, he noticed that there was an android standing next to the door. He waved and continued to walk to his room.
  4. The brief sounds of the shuttle landing on the Spearpoint broke Aaron of his thoughts about the huge ship. Sure it was bad-ass, but damn, even that ancient Challenger shuttle from the history books looked way cooler. Anyway, as long as that ship kept them safe in their journey, Aaron would be more than fine to be in it, besides, from the inside you can't see the outside, right? Finally getting down of the transport ship, Aaron took a second to look around and get his rams stretched.

    Was then when one of those fancy A.I. robots caught his sight, waiting for them to... Well, let's hope not to murder them during the journey. The robotic laws were made to protect the humans from the robots, and that was nice, but Aaron never really trusted robots completely, even if they had proven to be quite helpful, there was something about them that made Aaron feel uneasy around them.
  5. He gazed over them with careful eyes. He had instantly opened a file on each, surveying the new information once more, and swallowing it in less than a second. "There is no need to feel uneasy, Aaron, I am not loaded with a combat chip. My creator thought that since I was the first independent minded robot, it would be unsafe to give me combat abilities." his voice was monotone, and he knew that it was the first time they had known of his existence... An robot with an independent thought processor. He walked towards the Leisure Hall, where the team would be staying. As the auto doors silently opened he surveyed the room. Each of the personal spaces were marked with the names of the team. The rooms surrounded a large circular room with many couches and beanbags, and well as a large, full color Holo-TV. The shelves were stocked with Literature Chips, as well as video-games. There were also desks for each team member, all with computers in front of them. "This is were you will be staying" he said, turning " Please remain here until the other team members gather their belongings from the transport ship."
  6. Alex looked around the room, whistling softly. The place was impressive, he had to admit. If any of the fancy tech broke, though, the designated engineer would be stuck fixing it. That was him, of course. Lovely. Collapsing on a couch, he watched the other people file in. He'd be getting up close and personal with each by the end of this trip, he knew. Again, something he was thrilled to experience. In all honesty, he'd love the whole adventure if he didn't have to deal with the other people. Still, he'd make the best of it. Hah, Alex was more likely to complain. Mentally, of course, he didn't like to complain out loud. That would require other people.
  7. Once Jake reached his room, he placed his bags in the closet and sat in the desk next to the television. "First things first." He muttered as he pulled a laptop from his duffle bag. He turned it on and started recording his first log.
    "So, for introductions, my name is Jake Winter's. The time is twelve thirty PM and the date is the Twelfth of February. This is the first log that I would continue to be making each day I that I'm on this cruiser. First of all, I managed to finally get on board the Spearpoint after several days of traveling. The trip took a lot of time and I'm still pretty worn out from it. Also, most of the crew have already gotten on board by now. It looks like most of them are pretty optimistic about this mission, but it seems there are a few of the crew members on board have already started to become disgruntled. Also, the rooms are amazing. I think that whoever created the rooms set it up for the specific person's desires. Everything from room style to even types of food that was shown on the food dispenser's menu met the owner's preferences. Everything's going well so far and I hope it would stay that way. Just to repeat, my name is Jake Winters and the date is 2/12/57."
    Jake turned off his laptop and decided to head to the lounge to see if there would be anything going on.
  8. "I'm... Not sure if that's better or worse..." Muttered Aaron as a reply once he was informed their super A.I. robot was unable to engage in combat. Following the group quietly, he took a glance to his surroundings, trying to remember what was each room he saw from the briefing they had before getting on board. Once in the leisure hall, Aaron was stunned by a second by the amount of detail put in that place. Of course, used to the regular, dull military vessels, any amount of decoration in a ship was a lot.

    Once used to the place, Aaron walked to his personal space, leaving over the bed his personal things, and over the table a box, rugged, hard enough to withstand anything, the size of one of those ancient VHS tapes and locked with a bio-scanner lock. Taking a deep breath, Aaron looked around and then went to the door of his room, leaning on the door frame and looking at the rest of the crew.
  9. Alex didn't have anything too fancy. Just a bag with some clothes and personal things. He set it on his bed, then walked out into the lounge and plopped on a couch. It was more comfortable than he thought it would be, honestly. He figured a space vehicle would be less luxurious. Of course, they did have to prevent the crew from going crazy, and if that meant spending a little extra on expensive couches and a Holo-TV, he supposed it was worth it. Stretching out, he looked at the other two that had arrived. "Hey," he said, just to break the silence.
  10. "Hey." Jake sat down on the sofa and started switching through channels on the Holo-TV. After going through several channels, he eventually landed on the news channel. "We're being told that NASA is sending a cruiser through a worm hole starting tomorrow." Another news reporter interrupted him. "I guess they're going to be the new Lance Armstrongs then Frank." Both of them laughed. "In other news, several intergalactic space criminals escaped prison again." After talking about major news, the news reporters started ranting off about sports. Jake turned around and looked at Alex. "So, what's you're job?"
  11. The new Lance Armstrongs? Hah. Yeah, right. Even the idea was worth a chuckle. No, they'd probably end up dead somewhere on the other side of the galaxy. Might not even leave the solar system. How embarrassing would that be? Then again, he remembered his job and answered Jake's question. "Engineer. My job is keeping you all alive." Alex responded with a smile. He loved his job, no matter how much he complained about it, and the smile was genuine. Ships and tech were his true love in life, and keeping the ship in working order would be his top priority. Maybe even keeping it a bit above working order. On that note, he really couldn't wait to get to checking out the ship.
  12. "Researcher..." Jake took his mug off the coffee table and took a sip. After drinking, he checked his watch to see what time it is. It was already seven in the evening. Jake's stomach started to rumble as he got up. "Well, I guess it's time for dinner. You coming?" He asked while walking to the Mess Hall.
  13. Aaron stood leaned on the door-frame, observing patiently at his surroundings and rest of the partners that would be around the rest of the mission. He wasn't a man for presentations, and while not directly asked, he wasn't up for talking too much. Sure, what was he going to say anyway? Yeah, I'm an agent from the 'five eyes' and I'm here to... Well, the word spy would fit like a glove in here. So with a cold nod, he kept getting soaked in the ambiance of what it looked it would be his home for a pretty long time.

    But every man has it's weaknesses, and it sure wasn't going to get him any friends being all grumpy-face, hiding in a corner all day. "I'm up for that." Said him as he unstuck from his beloved door-frame and walked to the mess hall. Hope they have something that's not too transgenic, thought Aaron.
  14. Haylie.¸¸.
    She was dragging along a small suitcase. It was one of those solid-color types. Just to differentiate it on the baggage terminal, she'd tied a pink ribbon into a bow on the back handle. Now, as she hurried up into the ship, she could see the weird looks she was getting. Yes, she was perfectly qualified to be on this ship, she'd earned the position. An audacious press woman had asked her the question a few days. It really irked her. Sure, she was dressed in a over-sized pink sweater with a bunny printed on it, dark wash jeans, and pink sneakers, but she wanted to be comfortable. Was that so wrong?
    She rolled her eyes at the latest stare. One of the attendants along the connection. She was walking out of the transport ship and into the main vessel. She shrugged it off and followed the instructions. Inside the Leisure Hall, she could hear the voices of her crew-mates. Hae Ji had been terribly tempted to do some research on her teammates, but when she thought about it, first impressions would be far more interesting in person.
    She took out her phone before entering the Leisure Hall, holding it ahead of her. The camera light blinked.
    "This is Hae Ji. I've boarded! Just about to meet the crew. Super excited. Byebye."
    The little video clip would be updated to her social networking profile. Her friends had swarmed to meet her before the departure so she wanted to keep them updated. She entered the Leisure Hall, smiling brightly. The others were talking about dinner. She put a hand to her stomach.
    "I guess I am a little starved. Was too excited to eat earlier." She laughed.
  15. Axil's voice came over the intercom. "I would ask all of you to strap down, we are going to make our primary approach in T Minus 5 minutes." Once he had seen all of the members strapped down, he began preparing for one of the fastest light space journeys of human history. Even the closest pass took about a minute to hit, and in terms of light speed, that was long. "Attention all crew-members, Light Thrust engaging in T Minus 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.." The ship shot forward, leaving a streak of plasma in its wake, and it abruptly stopped, just a few hundred miles from the wormhole. His voice rang out again "Please report to the mess hall for briefing."
  16. It never mattered how used you were to those fancy light-jumps the military grade ships were able to do, it always got you by surprise. Even with that weird peace-maker robot announcing it out loud before it even happened. Well, it's much better than the careless voice of some fat freighter pilot or nothing at all. Lost in his thoughts, all Aaron could do was to nod at the request of meeting at the mess hall and kept walking towards that place, taking a good glance at the ship interiors and still getting used to the distribution of the place.

    Wasn't surprising that the mess hall was as scenic as the quarters area. Of course, pretty much anything would look neat at the eyes of a men that has been always stuck in army bases, third class motels and lately, some information dealer basement. Just the thought of it brought that odd humidity smell to his nose.
  17. Haylie.¸¸.
    This was it. They were in space. Hae Ji almost couldn't believe her own ears. She unstrapped herself from the seat and stood up, feeling a rush of nausea and excitement. To the mess hall! She almost giggled. She followed after another crew member into a very, very beautiful mess hall. In fact, the name mess hall didn't do it any justice. She lifted her phone to take pictures of the area. She would definitely upload this when she could! Her colleagues would be jealous.

    She saw Axil nearby and ambled over. She was dying to get a bite to eat, but her hunger would have to wait.

    "What's the deal chief?"