[VR]: 「Gaurdian or Troll」

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    A partner thread of Virtual Reality for any roleplay stalkers, lurkers, and passerbys to play the part of "the audience" in my roleplay, Virtual Reality, and "purchase" obsticals, monsters, and the like to troll the players of the game, including myself, or "purchase" items to help their favorite players along. Every once in a while I'll post a new "troll" or "guardian" with a goal number and to reach this number a person must post stating which they would like and roll one six face die, which would actually as their "purchase". You may only roll once for either a Guardian or Troll, not both. The more people who rolls for your chosen item the more likely it'll be used in the roleplay. "The audience" will also have a chance to suggest guardians and trolls as well as suggest side quests for the players to complete for rewards and experience.

    - As mentioned above you can only roll for either a Guardian or Troll and you cannot change your roll.

    - You cannot roll again until new Guardians and Trolls have been posted.

    - Current players of Virtual Reality may not participate but players who are no longer playing can.

    - To use Iwaku's die system you have to post a reply first, find "more options", select "roll die" and 6 should already be chosen for you. Select "roll dice" and your "purchase" has been made.

    - If you are interested in joining Virtual Reality, as we do have four roles available, go to the official signed ups thread for more information (linked above).
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  2. [​IMG]
    「G U A R D I A N」
    Bag of Goodies
    Roll Count: 2


    「T R O L L」
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  3. Roll for Guardian
    Starrnico threw 6-faced die for: Total: 2 $dice
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.