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Seem good yah?

  1. It's perfect, let's get started.

  2. I'm joining, but I have some ideas to possibly make it better. (Please pm me the ideas!)

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  3. It needs some work, I'll consider joining. (Please pm me any ideas you have.)

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  4. It's interesting idea, but not for me.

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  5. I'm more interested in Grover's High Hill Estate.

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  1. ** If you have and ideas you wish to incorporate please send me a private message about it! **

    Our precious city in the sky, Zaril, is in grave danger. It has provided us with all that we need and all that we may want but now it is time to give back. Zaril is falling to pieces and will eventually disappear. In order to save out beautiful city we must find the four scared crystals.
    Air... to keep our city afloat...
    Earth... to keep it from falling apart
    Water... to keep life abundant
    Fire... to give warmth and energy
    When put together the four crystals will keep our city from disappearing forever. Will you join our valiant crew? We will journey to Below where our Allies and our Foes will be waiting for us. Allies will help us reach our goal, and Foes will try to stop us.
    We are the crew of the Skye.

    Small Info About Zaril
    A floating "island" of sorts.
    If you want an example of how it is divided, Ba Sing Se from Avatar the Last Airbender is a good reference.
    The East is home to High Ranks and the rich.
    The Center is for Middle Ranks and Middle-class.
    The West is home for the Useless and poor.

    Colors from highest to lowest
    Blond, White
    Bright of colors
    Darker of colors
    Straight up Black Hair
    ( None other than the Caste System by Hair AKA: CSBH )

    Eye color also helps. If you have BRIGHT eyes then you go UP ONE rank/class. If you have dark eyes you MIGHT go DOWN ONE rank/class.

    Info About the RP
    It's mostly a yaoi role-play! (guy x guy)
    The role-play itself is fantasy, adventurous, drama, and action.
    It follows a set plot and is only semi-open world.
    It is possibly a long term role-play depending on how often people post.
    There is the possibility of your character dying.
    It is an intermediate role-play, so I am looking for intermediate players.
    This role-play may either be a thread role-play or a group role-play.
    This may possibly be a libertine role-play due to the slight chance of rape or other "touchy" themes.
    It may not be a libertine role-play if I decide to do the "fade to black" scenario and suggestive word play.
    There are around four to five chapters that I have thought out.
    Yes! You can make your own race for this rp!


    Must follow the setting. For example; they do not have phones or modern devices. Thus your character wont have one. I will be making a list for this.
    Characters must follow Zaril's law. Ie: If dark haired then your character IS AND WILL BE of the poor class. No exceptions.
    Character must be male, with exceptions.
    I am the Game Master, my word is law.
    Intermediate and above players.
    Moderate post time.

    If you have any ideas for this please let me know! Depending on the amount of people interested I will either choose this role-play over this one:
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  2. @KitsyKitty

    just to poke you and see if you are interested. <3
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  3. You mean create an actual race? (Or alter a established race and incorporate it into our liking?) I have an original idea, but I need confirmation. (Other than that, I'm interested!)
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  4. Yeah, like you can alter one you are already aware of or make your own. For example, if they are part animal then I would say they fall under a beastial race but the race is separated into tribes. so you have your cat tribe, the dog tribe, so on and so forth. Although your character might be of that race, they are a citizen of Zaril and will be a crew member of the S.S Skye. I ask that creating or altering races be dumbed down though for the sake of keeping things simple. The only reason I am allowing the different races is to keep the role-play its self diverse and entertaining. :)
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  5. I am in on this~ >:3
  6. Just a friendly reminder, Iwaku does not allow Libertine RPs with members outside your age group. We also do not allow Libertine RPs to be advertised in the roleplay talk section to avoid that type of confusion. See this thread:

    If you decide that you do want this RP to be Libertine, please contact a Mod or a CV listed for the talk forum to have it moved to the appropriate Libertine section. We'll be happy to help ^^
    Good luck with your RP.
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  7. Oh, thank you very much for making this apparent to me! No, a lot of my friends who I role-play with are not of my age group so I will not make this a libertine role-play.
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  8. *runs up to Vio and snuggles her* I want to join, I want to join! ;_; XD
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  9. b24bca1ad6e3a6f515a190e08a183442.jpg
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  10. hi Vio! I'm interested in joining this, may I? I meant to ask sooner but wasn't sure if I could post here yet :] *looks worried* it was..okay to post here right?

    *coughs innocently* I totally don't have ether one or two characters that I was thinking of using if it was okay if I joined :]
    boy-princess-volume-8.jpg Boy princess v03 ch03 pg 092.jpg

    Blanche and/or Nero? perish the thought :] *looks totally innocent*
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  11. I would prefer it if you didn't use people from anime or manga oxo;
  12. Anyways! Thanks everyone for the interest! I'll be making the stuffs today. XD
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  13. okay, sorry about that :] most of the pictures I find I just really like the look of them and have no idea where're they're from (and they fit the picture of the character in my head) so please bare with me..

    in any case.. are these any better? please let me know ether way and I'll look for some more if need be :] I'd hate to be a bother :]

    Blanche: happy_b_day_pepper_by_uchifan-d4h7cma.jpg

    Nero: machine_by_edniz-d535a6k.jpg

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  14. So long as the eyes are not close to a clear, very very clear or light blue, or white I am good. There's actually a plot reason as to that so >.<;

    and maybe metallic colors ; . ;
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  15. ahhh, I see :] I will see if I can edit the photo in occradance in order to make them more natural looking.. thanks for clearing that up, Vio :]
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