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  1. Hey to all.

    I have tried to vote four times and I'm still not sure if my vote thing has gone through.

    So my question now is...

    You know when you've pressed vote does anyone elses thingy go back to where it says enter without voting or enter and vote?

    Please if anyone knows please let me know so I can try again.

  2. When you click vote, you'll come to the enter without voting or enter and vote page. If you click enter and vote, then you're voting on the roleplay site you clicked vote on. If you click enter without voting, then you haven't voted.

    You can see on the top of the page that it says: "To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote."
    It is a confirmation page, so if you clicked the wrong forum or regret your decision as you click on vote, then you can decide "no, I want to check out some other sites first." and click enter without voting.

    So you are voting on the site you clicked vote on if you click enter and vote. And if you're not sure that you clicked the right site, then you just have to read what is written beneath the two buttons. When you vote for iwaku, for example, when you vote for iwaku you'll see the text: - Don't just write stories, LIVE THEM! Enjoy the fun of playing pretend through the art of creative collaborative writing in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.
    And thus you know that you're voting for iwaku. If you didn't want that, then you enter without voting and click something else.
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  3. Okay so you click the vote button again when he directs you back to that page?
    I was getting confused I probably should have read it but was being lazy lol
  4. If you click the voting button we have here on iwaku, then you only have to click on enter and vote. After that even if you click vote nothing will happen because you've already voted. If you enter their webpage first instead of clicking the link we have here on iwaku, then you have to find iwaku, click vote and then click enter and vote.

    So the enter and vote button is always the last step in the voting process ^^
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  5. Oh right I see I was like have I voted or not? Lol thanks for your help :D I was so confused.