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What would you like February's Genre Festival Theme to be?

Poll closed Jan 2, 2013.
  1. Prehistoric

  2. Historical

  3. Noir

  4. Mystery

  5. Adventure

  6. Urban Fantasy

  7. Paranormal

  8. Steampunk

  9. Cyberpunk

  10. Heroes

  11. Crime Drama

  12. Romance

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi there! 8D

    In FEBRUARY we will be hosting another Genre theme festival! This poll is a collection of people's past suggestions that can work well for a festival theme.

    You have until the -2nd- to put your vote in! (We'll need the rest of January to do the planning!)

    You're also welcome to post some new suggestions here too. I'll write them down for the next time we have a vote!
  2. You should add Apocalyptic and/or Post-Apocalyptic next time Diana!
  3. Paranormal romance!

    you KNOW you want to.
  4. I totally hope Steampunk wins! *strokes her RP idea*
  5. I want steampunk or historical... :3 please? Pretty please? I'll give you virtual cookies!
  6. Oh please don't let romance win! I like romance but we really don't need a full month festival.
  7. also possible ones are...

    Western Month
    Fandom Month
    Apocalypse Month
    Post-Apocalypse Month
    Grimdark Month
    Spin-Off Month
    Time-Travel Month
    Survival Month
    Comedy Month
    Parody Month
    Smut Month
    Drama Month
    Spacesaga Month
    Dice Month
    Punk Month
  8. Cool story bro, needs more cyberpunk.
  9. Fantasy adeventure togethe please? We need some lord of the rings type role plays haha
  10. Is this the final vote or just an elimination round?
  11. Final vote if one wins by a landslide, elimination vote if a couple are really close or tied!
  12. I am glad other people voted for this as well. Cyberpunk should win!
  13. CRIME DRAMA: "The Black Dahlia"
  14. HEROES! Then I can have an excuse to change my username to 'Super Mitts' like in the old C-Box days! :'D

    If not Heroes, then Mystery or Paranormal! :D
  15. GOD DON'T LET R WORD WIN PLEASE ((R word is romance))

    Because yeah. Dinosaurs. You know you want some dinosaurs. Can't get more unique than prehistoric.

    Also noir or urban fantasy...because I've seen too much steampunk recently. I know everyone loves them some steampunk, but still.
  17. Go Heros!!!!! I need to rp some avengers up in here :)

    If prehistoric wins is there going to be a "The Land Before Time" rp?
  18. I wasnt sure if I wanted Historical or Pre-historic. I mean was watching Ice Age and that was fresh on my mind but so was another move that I watched with my mom and loved. Mrs. Brown. So I was torn between the two and went historical. Going for the second won me over. That movie fresh on my mind just stole my heart and its worth watching.

  19. Pirates should be added to the theme list too! That would be a lot of fun.
  20. Sorry, we already did a Pirates month! D: It'll be awhile before we can do another one!

    But we'll put the other workable suggestions on the next list. >:3