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  1. Shai'ahn Dysrae'il

    “Shai’ahn – awake; let’s get going.”

    A light stir under the fur-covered comforter only indicated a not so interested soul underneath, still slumbering at an hour when slumber was still required.

    “Come on! You said early this time. Well, it’s early. The sun will awake in exactly forty-five minutes. If you keep this up we won’t have time for swordplay this morning.”

    “Alright, alright…,” mumbled the thick hill and curves on top of the rounded bed. An earthquake gyrate the mountains before an eruption of amazing magnitude broke the countryside in half to reveal the monster underneath. Shai’ahn’s dark auburn hair was Medusa-ish, twisted and mangled with the fantasies that kept her chattering and twitting away throughout the night. All other Elves in the village slept peacefully and soundless; but Shai’ahn, on the other hand, was the only one Hael knew that slept silently rough and uncharacteristically restless. It was as if she was fighting demons in her dreams.

    She never understood why Priestess Shai’ahn slept differently than the others in their village, but it didn’t matter to her. She loved listening to her sing, and she held so much knowledge about animals and plants, and even things like the stars in the sky and mountains from faraway lands unseen by her young eyes. Besides, there’s never a dull moment around her.

    “You know, one day we’re going to get caught,” Hael noted without a scoff, holding her arms comfortably as she shook her head. “I should have not asked this of you, Shai’. It’s not right of me too…”

    The older of the two girls folded aside her sheets and pulled herself out of bed, stretched her arms as she strolled to the closet to put on her training gear. Hael, her impatient student, seemed to hop behind her like a little chuckling, anticipating the moment of their secret departure. “Patience is always a wise tool to use, even before the day begins. If we get caught, it will be because of your impatience.” Shai’ smiled to her young friend, tossing her sunlight topknot with her hand playfully. “And besides, I’m older and I accepted your request regardless of the attachments. If anyone is punished, it will be me; not you. Therefore, don’t fret. We only have two more days until the trials. You’ll be fine.”

    Shai’ahn sat down in a nearby chair to lace up her sandals before dressing in her practice robes. It was not uncommon for a Priestess to train with sword and staff, but Shai’ was not a teacher skilled in the art of teaching any young student any skills, for she was still considered a student herself. Nevertheless, Hael was preparing for the Solstice trials and refused to train with her older brother in swordplay. She wanted her dear friend to help her out, even after her parents forbade her to bother a disciplined student of Quessi with such things. Shai’, on the other hand, feared her young friend would injure herself if not properly trained – or, at least, taught enough to handle her weapons with a strong arm and mindful respect. So, knowing it was not well for her to teach her friend to disobey her parents orders, the two decided to set her practice sessions before the sun kiss the land.

    Hael jumped to the window while she waited, then her golden eyes shifted from the window, to the door, back to Shai, then returned to the natural landscape. It was a counterclockwise repetitive action that seemed extremely mechanical for such a natural, deliberate Elf who only did what was necessary and had an explanation for it. Shai’ahn knew what the young girl was doing – watching by all senses for the change of security pinpointed across the village, indicating their only window for escaping Shai’s home. They did not want to alert any guards, assuming a predator or enemy had slipped past their magical barriers surrounding Giyyora.

    “All clear.” Hael returned to Shai’ahn’s side to prepare for their departure. “Are you sure I’ll pass my trials this time? I’m ready to take the next step in my training, and about to pass the qualifying age to do so.”

    “You’ll be fine, and you’re doing well. Now, let’s get going. I have one other skill to show you today, plus I’ve got a lot on my roster to do as well. We must hurry.” And with that, a soft glow surrounded the two until they vanished, leaving Shai’s bedroom to reach the outskirts of the village. The girls headed towards the meadow hidden in the forest just cresting a huge lake.


    The two successfully returned to the village after their session. Hael left her friend with a respectable nod of appreciation, heading back home to slip in through her window and dress for school. Shai’ahn, on the other hand, slipped back into bed.

    “Early risers should remain risen, for they miss out on the best part of the morning if they return to bed.”

    Shai’ahn lifted back out of bed, rubbing her eyes as her father stepped inside her room to settle on the end of her bed, giving her that particular look that wasn’t expressive to anyone other than her. She knew what he was about to say, but also knew he would hold his tongue because her lack of following the rules was for a good cause - besides, it was one of his daughter’s characteristics that was an innate habit she will forever have difficulty managing.

    “You have a meeting with the High Regent this morning to finish your preparations for your trip to Sedi’lar. Are you – nervous, or thrilled to be going?”

    Only he would ask her such questions about emotions, “I’m neither. What comes my way in this trial, to succeed in my testings, or fail; I will be quite content and continue my studies for the next season.” She stood from bed to dress for the day as her father nodded at her response and watched her.

    “Just keep in mind who will be judging you. The Holy Regents are not easily fooled by any veil you’ll have to place before your heart. You’ll do good to never forget.”

    She finished dressing without a hitch, giving her father a thankful hug for another one of his pep-talks before leaving for the Lumatorium for her morning meditations.
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  2. Through darken realms, and war swept lands they wandered; a fox and his pup. From the troll infested moors of the south to the monolithic frost tipped peaks of the mountain ranges that splits the world. Theirlives were not an easy one, ulfric himself had no trouble finding acceptance, but it was his beloved daughter who wasn't so lucky. Since the passing of her Mother the old man watched over her, teaching her the way of blade and bow; as well as the laws of the land. But there is one thing that all his training couldn't prepare her for; the hate of men.

    Being a half breed few people found it in their hearts to accept her for the child she was, instead viewing her as damaged goods or spoiled blood. But one day, such petty troubles fell prey to a grandeur one. On her eleventh birthday, one year and some tendays ago; her elven powers awoke. The fox was no expert in elven customs or history, he was good at many things but academics was never one of them.
    And so he did the only thing he could, he wandered with his child searching for a tribe that could enlighten them. But bigotry does not fill the hearts of mortals alone, even the immortal fair skinned elves can possess hearts equally as frigid and shriveled as their mortal neighbors.

    It was this plight that brought them to the heart of the woods. As always though, the ripples of a single action could transpire into a towering tsunami.

    The tall pines trees creaked, as leaves rustled to the winds harrowing call. Reminding the old ranger of days sweet, not so bleak. When life was not corroded nor decayed in anyway. Through the ravenous unknown they have wandered, sneaking post Gnoll, Orc, Troll and men alike. But nothing on their journey could prepare them for the adversities that lied in wait within this visage of tranquility. Behind the rugged old fox could be seen a small child, boots weighed heavily by the mud of the road. Yet despite her tiny and petite frame she pushed onward, her partially pointed ears the only hint of her heritage.

    Beams of light glistened through the gaps of the trees, as the joyous song of birds seeking love echoed pleasantly. The green grass, lush array of wild flowers, and the spice of spring in the air. They all spoke of a land blessed, a land that compared to the other regions of the realm, seemed safe. But security was the greatest deceiver, often leading one to their grave if they should fall to the spell now woven about them. This fine tapestry, this warm scenery could be liken to makeup. Though it beautified the scene, it's only true purpose was to distract from the hideous challenges that crept within it's borders.

    "Oi Pa!" The young girl whispered, birthing an arch of the brow from her old man. "Yes my pup?" He replied, she never did much like the term of endearment pup much, but refrained from expressing so less she offend her father. "How much longer? My feet are heavy, my legs sore, I think the Gnolls follow us no more." She replied, assuming the group that almost discovered their location as the cause for the haste, she couldn't of been more wrong. "My little pup, close your eyes and rely on your senses. This be not the land of Orc and Gnoll, this harmony is that of the Elves...the people of your ma." He paused, granting her a moment to muse over the land and it's exotic sounds and smells.

    "Here no sane Orc or Gnoll raiding party dare to venture. For the elves are far too keen to permit such foul dealings from sneaking up on them so easily. And Gnolls prefer to avoid conflict." He boasted speaking matter of fact like, but his daughter Tyliah retorted with a potent observation of her own. "Then what of the orcs?" Ulfric now sighing, knowing an orc war party knew little fear. "Do you see the trees behind us resembling a blazing torch?" Ulfric's response confused Tyliah, "N-No?" She stammered; unsure of his meaning. "Then we are safe." With that being said silence stirred between them once more.

    By now the elven scouts would have noted their course, a human and a half breed far from the safety of their own walls. Whispers would soon drift between the guards, as they pondered what manner of girl and man could sneak past the Gnoll and orc hordes of the mountains. Let alone without any grave injuries...but the question that followed was more important. Not what, rather the why?
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  3. The Lumatorium

    There were several council members called that morning about the news reaching them from the outer gates. Two people, a human and a young half-breed, had breached their protected boarders and were casually heading towards Giyyora. Several of the more skilled guards were able to pick up on their purpose - to seek a suitable Elven teacher for the halfling. They've dealt with others seeking such assistance with ill return, always sending them someplace else. To preserve the purity of their village it was necessary to keep such problems out of their forest; hence, the magical boarder surrounding the woods. The Sufas built it, using the six towers of magic to sustain the web around their entire encampment. This was powerful, ancient magic created by the strongest Sufas in their village, and blessed by their High Quessian Regent, Mother Lyth'bel. They should be hidden from such ordinary beings. Yet, there they are...wandering through their forest.

    The Council of the Lumatorium are stunned - and one member, slightly on edge.

    "And there's nothing odd within their auras that you can see, Captain Prosch?" Elder Ceridwen questioned the Captain once more, who shook his head to the inquiry.

    "No, my Lord. The girl definitely possesses the blood of our kin, but other than that I do not see anything else that strikes me as a threat or a cause for concern, except for the fact that they just stepped through the web without the use of magic. It was as if they were already residence, woodland creatures of this very forest that scurry through our walls uninfected."

    "Animals are cleared to cross the web untouched, yes; which only indicates to me that they possess other - abnormalities within their blood." Everyone hushed as the Senior Elder spoke. Although Lord Archet was blind and far too grumpy for such an aged Elf, he was still the wisest of the Council members.

    "We must seek to know what they are. Allow them entry to our village. When they arrive, see to it they are warmly welcomed and bring them to the Lumitorium quickly without delay. If they are not a threat, then we shall allow for this man's child to be cleansed of her taint. If they are not to be trusted, we shall send them off in order to protect our own." Other members of the Council nodded in agreement while a few waved to complain. But, Lord Archet paid them no never mind.

    "The world around us is not as it use to be. Abominations of blood and flesh have taken over the countryside, altering natives into monsters that haven't been seen since The Night's Calling several decades ago. All creatures there were abolished by the workings of powerful Elven magic until there were no traces left of these beast. Now, they're slowly returning....right under our noses, before our eyes; unseen, undetected. We must remain safe, or our numbers will fall once again, and all Kin will have to return to the Axion once more."

    As the Elder Lord spoke, Quessian Lyth'bel seem to be lost in thought, listening to another set of voices from a distance away. She held answers no one there would want to here, and solutions that can work for all; but she knew this Council would never agree to her ideas. That was fine. She had her ways, and things always fall just as fate expressed. But, there was just one thing she knew should not fall - should not be 'expressed'... She quietly stood up and began to head out of the room. The other Council members were use to seeing their High Quessian Regent step away from a meeting. After all, her callings come from a different leader, and she must abide to them regardless of who stands before her. Her obedience to their Mother Quessi is her sacrifice for their village's continuous blessings. Therefore, no questions followed her.

    She rushed to the medical ward on the lower floor of the Lumatorium, knowing her pupil will be working there at this hour tending to the sick. She felt the need to send Shai'ahn away...at least until these strangers were done with their business there. Her trials are close at hand. She has a pending appointment to travel to Sedi'lar soon to complete her training as a Quessian. Perhaps, it was time to speed things up a bit. Getting there early will only make the young Quessi stronger and better prepared for her trials. She wasted no time in finding her student, knowing the strangers were about to enter their village.
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  4. Ulfric didn't like the smell of this village, something about the way the guards peered down at them carried a rancid odor about it. The men looked upon both him and his pup with disdain, yet somehow kept at bay their desires. Undoubtedly these men were ordered to stand down, and bite their tongue. Even the citizens, whom dawned no uniform, and appeared as harmless as the petals of the blossoms of May seemed disturbed. Tyliah's eyes were far too busy to take note, instead opting to admire the visage of their architecture, their market stalls and even their clothes. This world was not like the shanty tribes they had wandered into before, this was indeed a grand settlement; perhaps one of the few left. "Pa! This place is so beautiful!" She cried with admiration and sincerity. The guards felt their chest swell with pride, the Elven folk were a proud lot, bordering on elitist. They put stock not into their fair skin, unmatched beauty, immortal blood, archery, magic and scholars. But also in their architecture; for it was a direct reflecting of their traditions and custom; as well as how far they've come as a people. "Indeed pup." The rugged middle aged man replied, offering her a half hearted smile. Luckily she was far too embellished in the scenery to take note of the weariness plastered on his face.

    Finally one of the guards approached them, offering a simple customary bow. Ulfric followed with one of his own, purposely bowing lower less he birth offense. "Pray tell, what business does a man and a half breed have in our fair city?" He barked as tactfully as possible, purposely reserving his questions regarding how they slipped through their shield so easily. Tyliah could only look up at the man, offering him a warm smile; something the elven guard refused to return. The naive innocence of a child blinded her thankfully, her optimism and allure with their way of life obscuring the ugly reasoning behind these subtle actions. But her father was not so easily fooled; it would take more than a bow and honeyed words to pull he wool over his keen eyes. "We 'ave come from beyond the misty peaks, traveled against de storms, crept pass de Gnolls and fought our way t'rough the orc tribes of the stone..." But before he could reply the guard cut him off, "I do not care for your life story good sir; I only wish to know your reasons." Lacking the grace and cunning nature usually associated with their kind. "Oy ma pa and b 'ere lookin' for help." She replied, the guard holding his gag reflex, A elven child, Albeit half; with a southern accent. No doubt proof positive of the taint within her blood.

    "What makes you think it can be found here?" He replied matter of fact like, his bluntness hitting the child in the face like a boulder. "Oi, no need to be so callous mate. I t'ink you s'ould learn and use t'em manners. If ya don't wun to help us den say so; and we will be off on our merry way. W'at we seek is 'elp (Help), t'e child 'ere powers are awakein'; and t'ere ain't not'in I can do to 'elp her."The guard laughed, he loved listening to humans talk as if they were equal to the mer. But alas he had his orders, instead mocking his belittling as nothing more than a joke. "Some'tin funny?" Ulfric questioned, arching a brow. "No, nothing at all. I am just shock you didn't get my sarcasm is all. You may pass...but wait here until an escort arrives. There are some here who wish to speak to you first; we have been waiting for you." Tyliah smiled, barely able to contain her excitement, while Ulfric felt as if these elves were planning something foul. But whether that be his healthy sixth sense, or paranoia he didn't know. Ultimately he'd be force to go with the flow, and ride the spiral to see where it ends.

    Meanwhile the other guards whispered among themselves; doubting his claim of fending off the orcs. The tribes of stone were a tough bunch, their war parties capable of rivaling the most seasoned elven ranger. The old fox understood the motives behind their idle gossiping, it was not hate birthed out of bigotry, rather a fear of the unknown that compelled such actions.
  5. Rarely does an Elf become ill, but if they do, they are well cared for at the Lumatorium's infirmary where they are treated and rehabilitated. The Healers are also known to travel to other villages of other races to assist in healing their sick, but rarely does one travel to their village for healing. Although the Elven Healers are devoted in maintaining good health throughout the lands of this world, they still maintain a certain segregation from the other races. But, there's always a few exceptions.

    Shai'ahn's personality was graciously accepted by all who awaited her blessings in the infirmary; for her heart, they believed, was more open and accepting than the other Elves of the village. They knew she was a Quessi, and meant to maintain an open mind to differences, but there's never been a Quessi known who was so accepting the way she was. This difference she's worked far too hard to mask. Nevertheless, before the sick and dying, the very young and the very old, or those from other races; Shai' never felt the need to hide. They were - safe.

    "So, how are you feeling today, Renie?" Shai'ahn folded her robe beneath her as she settled on the edge of the bed where a young male Avian rested after his morning exercises. "I've heard from Sufu Proust that you've been working extra hard to return to the skies. Your progress is stunning; you're actually surprising him, which is a rather difficult feat."

    Renie smiled with a nod, "Well, that is my intention. I do not believe in his prognosis, and therefore aim to prove him wrong. I will fly again - real soon, and return to my research.... just with more caution this time."

    Shai's eyes rose towards the young man's wrapped left wing with keen eyes. After three months of healing and rehabilitation, it was looking stronger and fuller that it was before. She recalled his story - how in the mist of researching and experimenting with a new weapon design with his colleagues in his hometown, the contraption backfired in its shooting test and took out his shoulder. The Healers in his village were not able to assist him, so they carried him all the way from the cloud encrusted mountain tips of Neialon to Giyyoria to ask for assistance from their Healers. Avians are possibly the only race known that holds the Elves respect and permission to enter their forest. There is legend that they are related somewhere between the history scrolls hidden in someone's library. No one has confirmed this, but the Elves believe it so; therefore, respect the Avians well enough to not cause harm or start wars. That was enough.

    After conversing and praying over a few more residents, Shai'ahn prepared herself to bless the entire building. She stepped outside and began the Rites of Rejuvenation just when a tiny, strong hand wrapped around her forearm and whipped her around. "What is the meaning... Oh!" Surprised she was, when she shouldn't be, Shai' gasped when she realized it was her Sufa who had broken her concentration. "I'm so sorry, Sufa Lyth'bel. I was preparing to concentrate on blessing...."

    "Forgiven and forgotten," the old Mother Quessi cut, waving her free hand to ignore her student's apology. "There's no worries about that here. I have need for you to follow me back to your home. I've received word from the High Quessian Council. They've moved your testing up. You must leave now in order to make it to Sedi'lar in time."

    Shai'ahn was stunned, but held back her emotion as taught. "Why would they do such a think without giving us enough time to travel? It's unlike them to be so inconsiderate."

    "It is not our place to judge what they did, just follow their orders. It's now or never, child. We must get you there on time, or you'll have to wait till next year to test." The Mother Quessian dragged Shai'ahn through the streets of the large village, taking her in an almost around-about manner through the lower streets, circling the main avenue. Her home was faster to reach if they traveled through main.

    "Why are we going out of the way? Is there something else you wish for me to see?"

    More of what I don't wish for you to see," her Sufa mumbled silently to herself. "The main street is congested today - too many visitors for the Solstice. It's faster this way."

    Shai'ahn became suspicious. She knew her Sufa was an peculiar Elf, one that has powers beyond everyone's imaginations. It's strange because she's far too scatter brained to hold so much. But, there's more to this Quessi than seen at first glance. One must peal away all the layers of cloaks and shields in order to see what's really going on inside of her - to see all the mysteries and histories unfolding within her present no one else on the planet is allowed to see. Since her Sufa was misbehaving and avoiding telling her what she should know, Shai' perked her ears to the crowd to seek clues. There was talk about two people entering the village, but she wasn't sure if they were expected visitors, or just a few lucky wanderers. Other than that and the festival, that was the majority of the talk she was able to pick up from the streets.

    The two reached her home quickly, and Sufa Lyth'bel automatically began to help Shai' pack for her trip. Shai' did what she was told, but when the time was right she sneaked away to look for Hael. She found her in the courtyard surrounded by the few houses on her block.

    "Do you happen to know what's going on in town today? Mother Quessi is acting strange towards me, telling me I must leave for my testing now... I believe it might have something to do with someone entering the village unannounced..."

    "I've heard it was a man and his daughter, but I don't know why that's a problem," Hael exclaimed. "They're heading to the Lumatorium to meet with the Council now. I don't know if that has something to do with Mother Quessi's behavior, but you never know with her. She's strange..."

    Shai' gave Hael a scolding look for her last comment, and thanked her with a hug. She returned to her room to finish packing and to receive a few task from her Sufa about what she needed to collect before leaving.

    "I have a few more things to pack as well, and we'll be off. I expect you to stay indoors. Do not leave your home, understand?"

    Again, confused, but she did not argue. When Sufa Lyth'bel left, Shai' crawled out of her window and headed towards main street, keeping herself hidden in the crowd to avoid her Sufa. Something was going on, and she wanted to know what that was and why it forced her Sufa to behave like she was. The wave of people were heading towards the Lumatorium - obviously wanting to learn more about the two strangers as well.
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  6. The court of the elves stood as testament to their wisdom and grace, but all of this was but a mask. A guise dawned by the mer folk to obscure from their ugly nature, a culture birthed in elitism giving way to bigotry. For far too long the great elven houses have sat in a state of torpor, the world revolving without them soon to leave them in the dust. Locking oneself from the world had it's benefit, Ulfric couldn't deny much. But like everything in this beautiful world of ours, a negative aspect came attached. Tyliah was awe stricken as she felt the elven blood within her stir, a sense of pride had settled within her tiny heart. For once in a very long time; the child felt at ease; as if she were home.

    The armed escorts led them through extravagant hallways, sealed off by ornate doors and enriched visage hailing from the lush array of flowers adorning the scene. The armor of the elves had no equal, balancing weight, defense, grace and aesthetic appearance. Their weapons suffered from a bitter duality; picturesque in nature while upholding a savage purpose. In silence they pressed onward, through gaped jaws and countless thresholds. Before entering an open room, where several high noble men and women awaited them. Their gaze like a serrated blade chewed through flesh and wrought with it a sense of uneasiness. Their inquisitive stares however were justified; few ventured this deep beyond the mountains. And those that did, seldom came with peaceful intentions.

    Standing amongst them Ulfric bowed, his daughter matching his level of social etiquette; albeit acted out of ignorance. Tyliah knew nothing of politics, or even their own humble culture. She was a killer, her innocence deflowered far before most children. On the road shes been raped, assaulted and held prisoner. Yet through this swarthy obstacles the young child's heart remained ever vigilant, ever burning. In her eyes was not the spirit of a child of dust, like her father. Rather it was the lineage of immortality, the seed of elven kind. Body of man, but soul of mer. Though her father was also an enigma; he appeared human but his energy was anything but mortal.

    Deep inside this corporeal shell of a man, slumbered a terrifying spirit. The senior elves could sense it, though it's identity or intent proved far less tangible. A gentle breeze entered the room through an open window, as the spice of spring filled their lungs. The tranquil imagery brought about by the surreal landscape of their home was welcoming. But Ulfric had to remain firm, had to remain alert no matter the web of lies this land may weave. For behind it's lush fields, it's tall and ancient trees lurked evil. For no realm, no matter how blissful in appearance, is without a blight or two.

    "My name is Ulfric, and the young girl you see before you is my beloved pup Tyliah." He paused, before standing upright once more. His words were poised with a sense of melodious harmony, serenity that stood in complete contrast to the power locked deep within. "We have traveled far; my daughter as you can all sense by now is half mer and half man. A union many of you frown upon...I can not sway your minds, the heart of man or elf alike is never so easily manipulated. But I can beg of you, not as a father, not as a man, not as a human. Rather as one sentient being to another...show compassion and mend my child. Her blood and soul are torn, and with each passing eve she slips further, and further into madness." His words bold, his dialect eloquent. For a man of the wylds, a ranger and hunter without proper education he seemed well versed.

    Tyliah was confused, her father's words eluding her grasp. Though she seemed seasoned for a child, her mind and heart were still riddled with the foolish preconceptions that stem within all children. "My ma died, she no longer is here to guide me. My pa tries to help, but I am tired of causing him pain." She spoke, as eyes once carefree now were filled with genuine tears. "The voice speaks to me; it sings the song of ages. The trees reach out; the birds try to guide me, but I feel disconnected. I feel lost; alone and without purpose. I try to scream; but the words are swallowed." She spoke, unaware of what it was she claimed.

    Many elves sought to be one with the planet, but few could ascertain such enlightenment; not without hundreds of years of dedication. But before them stood a child, who without knowledge of their ways referred to a great deal of secrets kept from the race of men. This would undoubtedly would fail to sit well with them; evoking either anger or confusion if not both. Ulfric understood the odds were against them, that ultimately his daughter may lose her sanity. "But what is worst is the lady of shadows...She comes to me at night. She watches, and smiles as she speaks. Her words are not like the trees, her words are cold and rough. I do not like her, I ask her to leave but she never does..." This last part would alarm most, the lady of the shadows was a reference to winter.

    An entity bent on blighting the world of light, to give way to a new evolutionary chain....A religious figure some elves deny, whilst others embrace.
  7. ((Sorry that this is completely not up to par. I've been sick and struggling to get well in the mist of maintaining the workflow of my business. I'm slowly getting better, but still worn out and stressed. I don't want to lose this RP, so I'm posting something decent to keep things moving.))

    Shai'ahn quickly moved through the crowd and made her way into the Lumatorium. With her status as Quessa, it didn't take much to get past the guards despite the already crowded council room. She kept herself safely hidden on the balcony, behind Lyth'bel's sight. The woman did not go to her residence to pack like she said she would. Her mentor had returned to her place of honor with the other Elders to listen to the two strangers' accounts.

    They were unique looking, Shai' noticed, but familiar in a sense. She's seen their structure once before in her time. When she was young, her parents traveled a bit. She's seen many races and cultures, some she wished to never depart from for they were not only beautiful and intriguing, but diverse and accepting. The man standing before the council, Ulfric, seemed wild, yet controlled; almost feral in a sense. He looks like one who knows the lands, who feeds from its abundance like a wild beast rather than a domesticated one. But his daughter, Tyliah, she held Shai's attention more than anything.

    Her aura was - blended, just like hers. And her thoughts were blurred and disoriented... It was strange, but well known to the young Quessa because she's felt that same twisted emotion - lost, abandonment, confused; not knowing exactly where to fit into this world. When you hold two souls, they both conflict with each other after a while, especially when one is strongly devoted to the earth. When that one is called to serve, to govern, to teach, or to raise honor, the other does not understand the reasoning and will fight for it's freedom. Shai' knew this emotion very well, but there was something else that was familiar to her senses - a light touch from a very special being.

    Shai' has always been told to maintain her secrets, especially around other Elfkin, for they will not understand her blend or how special she really is. She's never disobeyed this, and for her and her father's safety in Giyyora, it was best to remain silent. But, something told her there was a deeper reason why her mentor wanted to rush her out of town today. A whisper spoke to her, raising her awareness to something she was not meant to hear and see, according to her Mother Quessa. But, due to the desires of another, Shai' was in exactly the right place at the right time.

    "The voice speaks to me; it sings the song of ages. The trees reach out; the birds try to guide me, but I feel disconnected. I feel lost; alone and without purpose. I try to scream; but the words are swallowed."

    Shai'ahn's tears fell in rhythm with the young twisted thing telling her tale to the witnesses around her. With this clarity, the young Quessa was suddenly thrown into Tyliah's tears, deep into her sight so she could see just why this girl's words hurt just as much as her tears use to when she was that age. She saw the girl's struggles, her heartaches, her pains and guilt. But, not only that. Shai' also heard something that has been lost for ages, a song she's been familiar with for a long, long time. A whisper spoke through her from the girl. It was one that held a mystery she's never been able to unlock. It held laughter and gentile happiness every time it uttered a word, but deep down it was in mourning, sorrowful for something Shai' just did not understand. It always beacon for her, asking for her help in song and verse, but when Shai' was younger her father told her to never listen to the voice for it might not be the right one. She never understood what he meant until another voice called to her as well, singing off key with delightful verses that seem to warm her bones. But, they only froze her from within until she could no longer feel heat or cold.

    "But what is worst is the lady of shadows...She comes to me at night. She watches, and smiles as she speaks. Her words are not like the trees, her words are cold and rough. I do not like her, I ask her to leave but she never does..."

    The young Quessa gasped. This girl speaks of things she was once told to never reveal - but, she's ignorant of this... innocent... She's never had someone explain the reasons why one must hold back their hearts from such shadows. But the worse of all is the danger that may come if she allows for the wrong voice to enter her heart.

    The entire Council was in an uproar, all except for the Senior Elders who remained motionless, holding the young stranger and her father in their eyes to analyze them intentions fully. The two speak of threatening things, but they were truly unaware of this. They honestly seek help, but to allow such - hostile souls - within their domain was unheard of. Besides, who would take on such a dangerous stranger to house and train in their ways, to teach control and structure?

    "You speak of things you clearly do not understand that you should not know," Lord Archet spoke, more amused by the situation than anyone else. "You speak of voices, of shadows... There is no one here who can stop these so called - voices, or wipe away the shadows that haunt you in the night. Clearly, you've come here to entertain us with stories and gain our empathy with the tearful eyes of a mere child."

    A few others voice their agreements, but Elder Ceridwen calmed them down with his omnipresence as he stood. He gave a glance to Quessa Lyth'bel, looking for her assistance in this. She did not stand, nor did she remove her eyes from the young stranger to acknowledge the council leader. She was lost in thought and scurrying. It was obvious that the future plays in her mind daily, teasing her with events that should never occur, and she held no means to stop it. Shai'ahn was there. Her hardheadedness was going to get her killed - that's what the old mentor regrets. She's failed in keeping her student safe. Now, she must find a way to keep her away from the young Tyliah. There might be a chance left... If they are not able to release from the binds holding them away from each other, then perhaps they will remain safe. Perhaps, the Whisper will sing to two other worthy souls to search for her.

    "We will allow you and your daughter to rest for the night in our village. By morning's light, our decision will be made. Enjoy your time here. Our people will see to your comforts. Now, who will be so kind as to allow these two to stay in your home for the night? Our inns are full with visitors for the upcoming Solstice. Therefore, we need a volunteer."

    The entire room and packed courtyard was silent. No one spoke up. Lyth'bel connected to Shai'ahn's heart, placing a block against her to hold her compassion from stepping forth to aid them. She began to stand up to volunteer for this, being the spiritual leader of the village it was accepted for her to go out of her way for strangers. What Lyth'bel did not realize, Shai'ahn's compassion wasn't what drove her from her seat. It was not what cause the young Quessa to almost fall from the balcony with a shout to volunteer her home. What drove her forward was her need to know more... All her life, she was told to hold back, to not speak of the things she did not understand - to hide her other half from everyone. Here was a young girl who was never told these things. Not only did she need Shai's help in understanding her dual bloods, but Shai' needed her help in understanding the whispers...

    "I accept to volunteer my home and hospitality for these two!"

    Quessa Lyth'bel jumped to full height and turned towards Shai'ahn above her. "That is not necessary, young apprentice. You will be leaving soon..."

    "Which is reason why I volunteer my home - for the night." Shai'ahn attempted to read her mentor, wondering why her aura seemed to brighten with an intense urgency. "If the Council decides for them to stay, then they may reside there until my return. If they are still there...," she took a deep breath, "Then I also volunteer to mentor the young Tyliah for two season. That will give her enough time to..."


    Shai'ahn gasped and stepped back in shock. Quessa Lyth'bel's demeanor was controlled, but her voice was lost to frustration and desperation. "You are not of rank to tutor someone with such uniqueness. That is just uncalled for. I will be managing any instruction the girl may need, if the Council allows for it."

    Elder Ceridwen, also shocked at the Mother Quessa's behavior, nodded and announced his approval of the situation and a reopening of the Council for the following morning. As the crowd dispersed, Shai'ahn made her way to the floor to meet the two strangers. She was quickly stopped by her mentor who attempted to move her back from them.

    "Shai'ahn, you're making a terrible mistake. You should not even be here."

    "What mistake am I making, Sufa? How will I know a mistake is before me if no one tells me what it is? We are taught to aid those in need, regardless of our sacrifices. I see no sacrifice needed here, except time and patience; the same sacrifices you've given for my training within the same situation."

    Lyth'bel pierced her lips in a flat line. She recalled that moment when Shai'ahn and her father stood before her back door, asking for her aid in hiding Shai's mixed blood from his Elfkin. To return home after so many years, toting a halfling child, was not the way he wanted his homecoming to go. Back then, there was no sacrifice, except time and patience. But now, Lyth'bel knew why this introduction was dangerous, a larger sacrifice no one wanted a young Quessa to fulfill before her time...she has to refuse.

    "We will discuss things tomorrow. Right now, I need you to return to your home and pack. I will take them to my home for the night. Time is wasting now!"
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  8. --Two months ago.--

    Those who tread where light dare touch, where blankets of crisp blue skies veil the heavens. Would soon find themselves facing the error of sins past. Long ago; before the annexes of history and the recorded songs and dance of the mer. A people were cast deep into the heartless stone, to perish in the thick darkness of the earth. But rather than fade, they endured and became one with this planets heart. Why they were betrayed by their surface kin remains unknown, lost to the tides of time. But what does matter, what can be seen is the storm forming not over the horizon, but beneath our very feet. Within this world of stalagmite skies, vivid and lush mushrooms and darkness an intricate city could be found.

    Their architecture void of the elven nature inspired buildings, or mans cosmopolitan and hardened walls. Instead the design of their home was gothic, composed of mythril and adamite with interwoven web like designs. But much like their cousins, they too met often to discuss the events around them. Within a large chamber, blue hued magic fire illuminated the otherwise swarthy shadows. As women gathered and rooted around a large oval table of stone. Unlike many, unlike the elves and mortal races. They perceived the weaving of the darkness, and the harmonious murmurings of the planet.

    "Shia, why have you gathered us here?" Matron of the 44th house barked, her outburst at first only meriting a stern glare from Shia, the head Matron of the 1st house.

    "Burliah, stay your tongue. If this was not hollow ground I would tear it from your unsavory lips!" She hissed, as all 47 houses embraced silence.

    "The darkness is stirring, the earth cries. Something is happening in the surface world." She explained, the faces of all those in the assembly contorted, as a brow furled. "A child has been born, half mer with the blessings of both moon and earth. She is the lunarine; offspring of both night and day. Reincarnated in the flesh of us lesser beings. Lolth, Goddess of our world has revealed this much. She fears this child will undo our power, and re balance the structure of both our world and the world of sun and sky."

    Those gathered murmured among themselves, finding these claims to be grand indeed. And those wise enough to simply listen, instinctively reached for their glasses of wine. The words of the head matron of the first house was law, she carried the most favor with Lolth. And as such was viewed as her mediator until such a time as their treacherous spider queen deemed her unnecessary or inadequate. From the Ceiling an Illithid descended, it's slender and robe covered frame doing little to distract from it's octopus like head and slime drenched tendrils.

    "The pale Queen agrees with Lolth." His voice watery and otherworldly. The Drow understood how important these Illithids were as allies. But even they themselves seldom trusted their kind lightly. For in the end they both wanted the same thing...complete control of the Underdark.

    "And what is it Lolth desires? What plans has she mustered?" Berna'drie, head mistress of the 30th house so casually replied. Knowing their baneful queen to never speak without a web having been woven prior to making a threat known.

    "Berna'drie, a good question indeed. A weaver has already been dispatched." Shia's words though seamlessly harmless evoked a void. As the troubled matrons looked at one another with grave concern. The Weavers were special assassins trained by the clerics and Lolths dark apparitions to become organic weapons. Rarely were they ever used; and the few times they've been utilized in Drow history, it has been just before a disaster.

    "What an Ill omen." Berna'drie replied, before returning to her wine.

    "She has been in the world of sky for many weeks now. I am certain by now she has found a solid trail."

    --A week prior before Ulfric crossed the ranges.--
    Show Spoiler
    Character portrait.
    The lavished furniture and ornate rugs of the manor were stained, streaks of crimson decorating the once egotistical scene. As a large man, plump from both wealth and gluttony cowered against the corner. Standing amongst the group of dead guards was a figure adorn in obsidian armor. A suit that did little to flatter or reveal the identity of the attacker. In this strangers hands were twin scimitars, each poisoned with the blood of mortal men. "I'll pay you whatever you want, just don't kill me!" The magistrate begged, his cries falling on deafen ears.
    Elegantly the trained frigid killer stepped over and between the bodies, her very movements a waltz of death. As if her entire body, mind and soul had been conditioned to snuff out a man's life. Standing but a few feet from the tub of lard the being paused, giving him a moment to take in the face of the creature that would be devouring his life. "Where is the child...half mer, half human, Traveling alone with her father." The voice was muffled by the mask, but audible enough to reach his ears. What sort of foul beings was this? He could only wonder, and in his panicked state the magistrate blurted out loud, "Why would I tell you? You'll just kill me anyway...you killed my men without hesitation or remorse. As if they don't matter!"
    The killer paused, the stench of death still hanging heavily in the stale warm air of the manor. Indeed his words proved concrete, his observations beyond a doubt true. Was this bravery? Could this act of bravado really be birthed from such a disgusting creature as this corrupt politician? "I remember those who have fallen by my blade. It is an extension of my arm, thus part of my flesh. By forgetting them I am wronging both the dead and myself. For the dead will never forget my face; albeit shielded by mask." These words caused his heartbeat to slow down, as what felt like ice entered the magistrates veins.
    "They crossed the mountains...I don't know why. The only thing up there is that blasted Elven city." The obese man replied, finally accepting the cards he had been dealt. "Will you do me a simple favor? If you are to kill me; may I see my attackers face?" His request was odd, never before has a target begged to look upon the weapons face. Still the killer saw no harm in it; and for his cooperation was more than satisfied with abiding by his request. Casually the mask was removed, giving way to golden colored irises and long cascading streaks of red hair. But what stood out the most was her dark skin and elven ears.
    The man had heard tales of her kind, of the Drow. A race of mer that lived beneath the earth said to creep from the shadows to kill and drag children into their world. Like most humans, he had assumed such whimsical tales to be fairy tales. Myth's created to scare children and keep them in their homes at night. The last thought that ran through his mind before having his head removed from his shoulder was how beautiful and fair her face was.
    Blood sprayed every which direction as her crimson scimitar cut through flesh, and snapped bone in half dislodging his head. In silence she watched as it rolled across the floor, open yet lifeless eyes peering up at her through the flickering light of a fire. Quickly she fastened her mask and stood among the dead, to pray.
    Ulfric despised their bickering; it was an all too familiar sight. A harrowing tale of how the old world and that of the new world clashed over ideals. But he could do nothing but remain silent, only to offer his daughter an optimistic gaze. Tyliah on the other hand seemed enamored; being drawn to the manner in which they spoke. She found it to be hypnotic and almost mystical in nature. As oppose to the brutish dialect of the people she knew back home. Her father on the other hand was not so amused, having lived within an elven community before he understood the game. Though their words were honeyed and their culture beautified; it was all but a facade.
    A mask worn by the elven people to hide and distract from their more unflattering components within their nature and society. It was worst than that of any human, it was more like a snake slithering in the grass. Or a pig wearing makeup and dawning a beautiful dress. No matter how hard they tried to beautify themselves; in the end they were just pigs. His military training paid off this time, as he managed to keep his bearing and such destructive thoughts buried deep within his heart. "I am only human; I know not of this woman you speak of. Nor the song of the tree's and wind." Ulfric blurted, thought in truth a few might see a bit of deception, or rather denial in his words.
    He was indeed a mortal, a child of dust. But he had an affination with the natural world, the likes of which was unheard of within his kind. Even the most stubborn and blindest of Mer could sense this much. For within his aged body was a spirit, a spirit that was neither man nor beast. An entity that at best hailed from another realm. "Thank you ma'am!" Tyliah replied all too enthusiastically; offering the kind woman a bow as she offered them her home. The old man on the other hand was so embellished in thought he had almost missed the offer until such a time as his pup blurted her comment. "Indeed, such generosity is rare. Especially to one of my birth." He replied, speaking of course of his race.
    Within the court they'd both wait, remaining silent as much as possible and refraining from speaking unless the need proved absolute. For both Ulfric and his daughter understood the fragility of the situation. And both feared that their actions or words could sway the already shifting minds of the council.
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  10. Scanning the room, all eyes were on her still as the crowd slowly cleared out. Shai'ahn's unorthodox uproar was not a common site for the other Elves, except those who have seen her loose herself once before; which there weren't many. This was dangerous... Elves do not hold emotions to lose them, but Shai was not the norm. She bit her tongue, holding off on debating further with her Sufa in such atmosphere. Instead, she bowed to her instructor and the Council who remained to watch the situation unfold. She sent a silent request of forgiveness for disrupting the session. Then, she bowed to her Sufa's new guests and left the Hall.

    With her student out of harm's way, Lyth'bel turned her attention to the two newcomers with a much brighter, warmer smile than the others surrounding them. "I am Sufa Lyth'bel, Quessian High Regent of Giyyora. I will be pleased and blessed if you partake in my hospitality. I will insure your comfort and safety here."

    She gave Ulfric a serious nod, reading the hunter's natural manner to give him respect for his kind he probably felt he will never gain from her own. Then, Sufa Lyth'bel dropped her eyes sweetly to Tyliah, flowing through her smile a motherly comfort she felt the young girl truly needed at this time. "And I'm one who knows what comes from shadows. I'll keep them at bay for you, young one. You will rest well in your stay here, I promise." Sufa hid her concerns well in their eyes, but she feared for the young halfling just as much as she feared for her own.

    Leading the newcomers through town held no pomp as before. The villagers had returned to their duties without concern for what they now understand. Still, all eyes remained flat if seen, or averted to other things when they passed. Lyth'bel frowned at them; such should not be, even from the Elves.

    Her home was large; yet, simple. Her office was there, as well as her living quarters, and she's recently added an extra room for meditation and tutoring after hours with her young over-achievers.

    When the group entered the home, they were greeted by a woman younger than the Sufa who was dressed similar but with colors more vibrant than the Regent's more mellowed, Earthen tones.

    "Ebrithil Alastriona, I would like for you to meet, Ulfric and Tyliah. They will be our guest for their stay here in Giyyora."

    Ebrithil bowed humbly to the two before questioning Lyth'bel about their stay. "Do you wish for them to stay in the guest room?"

    "No," Lyth'bel shook her head. "Let's prepare a place for them in the meditation room. The aura there is strong and comforting. I feel the cleansed area will serve a positive purpose for our guest tonight."

    Ebrithil nodded and left the room, working on the request. Lyth'bel turned back to the two and clasped her hands delightfully. "Ah, now let's work on you two. I know you'll want to freshen up after such a long trip. I'll show you to the bathing room and seek out fresh clothes for you to wear. Then, we can all work together on a well-made dinner." With a tilt of her head, she glanced towards Tyliah. "I bet you there's a craving in your belly for a favorite meal. Ah, your aura can't fool my eyes, dear one. Tell me what you would like, and we'll bring it to life."
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