Voltaire: Brain Devouring Musician Fiend

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  1. With love for October, and Halloween, I feel it would fit best to make this kind of thread. n.n I shall honor Voltaire with this, and share his music with those of you who would care to lend over some attention.
    I think his most popular song would be Brains! from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on Cartoon Network. -nodnod.-

    And, loving him dearly and all of his other songs, I have to admit I think that song is my favorite. >.>
    But then there is the catchy and amusing Vampire Club. .

    And When You're Evil is psychotic and rather enjoyable for me.. <3

    I encourage anyone who enjoys the violin-humorous-creepy-minor scale filled-type of genre to check more of his stuff out.
    I think he is wonderful.
    And he really gets me in the mood for October. I have been listening to him allll day since I am doing a Zombie Walk in a few hours. ;D Which I shall have pictures for later, no worries.<3 Gonna make myself look creepy. 8D yays.
    Also, Marilyn Manson is nice too. BUT...
    Look him up more.<3 And talk back with me on what you think!! :3 I'm excited to see if anyone else might find him as lovely as I do.<3
    n__n Happy October!! <3
  2. God Thinks is probably my favorite song by them.
  3. Voltaire was a wicked philosopher first! even if he was a damned frog.
  4. n.n
    I saw comments, and this made me happy this morning.
    I gots three hours of sleep. o.o....think I'mma not go to my 8am spanish class for the first and only time. Me eyes burn with a tiredness from a million hippos in the sun.

    I'm very glad someone enjoyed him! >:3
    Voltaire was a frog? o.o
  5. The philosipher Voltaire, was french, hence the frog comment.
  6. [video=youtube;bTyiddyIe9k]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTyiddyIe9k[/video]

    Singing that to our kids at night when we finally get to that point in our life.
  7. n.n
    Frogs are cute..
    * -*;

    I loved that song when I heard it. n.n The dark still scares me though.
  8. frogs are arrogant bastards! unless they're not......
  9. D:<