Vocaloid High

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  1. A vocaloid high school rp! Feel free to play utauloids if you want.


    Kaito walks into the school, a bowl of sea salt ice cream in his hand. He heads to his locker and grabs what he needs for class before leaning against it to finish eating his 'breakfast'.
  2. Gumi comes stumbling into the school in the last second, mentally cursing herself for letting herself sleep over. She had slid into her boy uniform and on her way into class she ran directly into Luka. As Luka helped her up she flushed deep red and grabbed her things, muttering a 'sorry' as she continued into class. She was not going to admit her crush on Luka just yet. Even if Rin and Len seemed to know it, always nudging at her about it, and for Rin's part, teasing her. Her and Luka were roommates but rarely ever saw each other (apparently their work schedules caused them to almost always miss each other) and barely ever talked because of the piling up of homework. Over the summer, Gumi had went to stay with some relatives out of town for almost the whole summer, and hadn't gotten to see Luka in the while she'd been gone. When she had come back, Luka had gotten glasses and started going with the ponytail hairstyle. It suited her damn well, but was Gumi going to admit that, no.
    When she finally reached her class, she sat down with a bump and let out a sigh of frustration.
  3. Kaito threw his bowl in his locker and turned to go to class, bumping into Miku. He blushed and helped her pick up her books. "Sorry about that." Miku smiled. "Its okay. You're blushing." She giggled. Kaito blushed deeper. "N-no I'm not. I'm just not feeling well."
  4. Gumi waited for the lunch break and on her way out bumped into Luka. She blushed furiously. "I-I'm sorry I didn't watch my s-step..--" Luka cut her off with an invitation to eat lunch together and they went to the roof to eat. They sat together and she blushed again when the taller girl's hand found hers. Looking up at the face framed in pink hair above her, she smiled calmly. "Do you wanna go out for dinner tonight?" She heard Luka's voice ask and nodded before they reluctantly let go of each other's hands with a promise to meet later as they parted in the hallways.
  5. Miku laughs. "Liar." She smiles. "Meet on the roof for lunch." Kaito nods. At lunch he heads up, sporting Miku looking at the cityscape. "Hey Miku." She turns and smiles. "Hey. Lets eat." She pulls out a leek sandwich and takes a bite.
  6. For the rest of the lunch break, they met in a quiet corner of the school yard with a lot of trees. Gumi couldn't get out of her nervous and fidgeting state and in the end, Luka had to kiss her to make her stop stuttering. It didn't help but Gumi was surely happier than she was before. As the lunch break ended, they went to their respective classes, Gumi with wonderful butterflies in her stomach and probably red cheeks because Rin wasn't slow to point out her blush. It just made her blush more but she avoided the topic. Not everyone needed to know that she was the one getting one of the most popular seniors and that they were living together. She'd just be hated by guys and girls alike (yeah, Luka just attracted everyone, really. Just like Miku)