Vocaloid Fans only. No haters.

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  1. Is there any vocaloid fans out there? Or am I the only one which I know I'm not. If there are, Come talk here to talk about them. Who is your favorite vocaloid? Mine is a tie between SeeU and Galaco. Can you name all the vocaloids? I can't sadly. :( But I can name alot of them. Just talk about vocaloids here.
  2. I don't really think the "No Haters" Part was needed. But eh. Luka is pretty good.
  3. I like Len and Hatsune Miku dark append, but the UTAUloids Meiji and Zuiga are my favorite singing softwares <3
  4. It'd be kinda ridiculous if people didn't already know I was a huge fan of Vocaloids. I mean, just look at my username, Hatsune Candy, if that isn't a sign of true Vocaloid obsession, then I don't know what is.

    Also, if it wasn't obvious, my favorite is Hatsune Miku. I can't really explain why she's my favorite, she just is, maybe it's because blue is my favorite color. OR maybe blue is my favorite color because of Miku, it does make her look really good in my opinion. Speaking of, I just absolutely love the different kinds of outfits she wears, they're all so amazing~ The best outfit I've seen her in is the one from Love is War, which is the one in my avatar, it just looks soo good!
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  5. Miku is an amazing vocaloid as well. I like her as well. :)
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  6. R34 Miku

    That's now I found out about it all.

    I regret nothing.
  7. Oh man, I love UTAU >.< My favorites are probably Sekka Yufu and Yokune Ruko. Oh, and Indegone Peng because korean :3

    As for vocaloid, my favorites are SeeU, v flower and Luka.
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  8. I love them all, but mostly if they have a trusted side. I love the dark/creepy songs.
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  9. VY2 for life.
    He always sounds so bored xD
  10. Gumi. Im out *walks out rooms backwards with hands up*
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