Vlos Book 1: Cheiftan of light

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  1. Preface

    It is year 2075 and the country that used to be North America is now known as Tarinal, the only remaining civilized country on the planet destroyed by Jehovah, the Christian god, the survivors have picked up the pieces and built Tarinal’s capitol from the ground up. The others built towns and cities but all were loyal to Solitude, the capitol of Tarinal. But none of them knew about the tomb located deep beneath the most unlikely place: a ravaged town known as Ranbo, a tomb that housed a very dangerous man. An ancient being that was brother to Jehovah, but a young girl by the name of Amber would soon stumble onto the tomb and awaken the man. She would be his Mistress and he would be her savoir. But now, Amber runs for her life, away from pursuing arrows and swords.

    1. Salvitore

    Amber ran helplessly, her bow and quiver of arrows, as well as her satchel, bouncing against her leather and iron vest and her dagger bouncing against her leather clad thigh. An arrow whizzed past her head and lodged itself in the moss covered stone of an old and ruined bank, right next to her calf, the raiders were intent on catching her and using her for god knows what. She only knew that she did not want to find out, as she ran through the doors of the ruined bank she heard more arrows impacting the stone and the yells of her pursuers. As she approached another door she felt hope that she could lose them, but that was before the pain lanced up her leg and she looked down at the still wriggling shaft of an arrow that was sticking through her calf. With a final burst of strength she slammed through the door and then let out a shrill scream as she fell into darkness and thudded onto the stone floor, she lay on the floor gasping for air and feeling the pain of broken ribs. She heard the floor crack, it was too weak for some reason and she began to painfully crawl over toward the door but all in vain, there was another sharp crack. The raiders burst through the door she was crawling toward just as the floor fell on one side and she went sliding into deeper darkness, she grunted in pain as she rolled across a stone floor. She trembled softly, knowing the raiders would soon fashion torches to come into the dark to find her she forced herself to stand and then broke the arrow in her thigh off but left some of it in to half the bleeding. She began to move away from the sunlight, and noticed there were actually torch sconces in the walls but the torches had gone out. She finally saw light around a corner and quickly made her way to it, as she crossed the corner she realized where the light was coming from, there were glowing crystals embedded in the walls. She drew her dagger and managed to work a few out, stuffing the small light sources into her satchel but kept one out so she could see ahead of her. She gripped her dagger tightly and continued on, she could hear shouts as she entered a large chamber, hoping that inside there would be a weapon or hiding place she could use. Instead, to her utter dismay she found a corpse, bound in leather straps, slumped against the wall. As she slumped to her knees next to what she was sure would become her companion in this god forsaken tomb, she began to look over him. He had long white hair, a handsome face and strong muscles. She sighed softly at the fine lips, “If only you were alive…you could kill them.” She murmured as she touched the corpse’s face, she heard a chuckle behind her and snapped around as an arrow whistled through the air. It all happened very slowly, she saw the raider grin coldly as his arrow left the bow, sailing through the air and slicing her neck cleanly. It embedded into the wall next to the corpse’s face and she fell hard against him as blood splattered over his face. The raiders were laughing softly and she just gazed up at the corpse, bleeding from the wound in her neck. “We decided that we don’t want you, we’ll take another girl from your town instead!” One of the raiders yelled, they were all laughing as all 12 of them crowded into the chamber, their torches lighting the chamber fully. “Too bad, your awfully pretty.” A raider said as he looked down at her, she coughed softly. Bleeding out slowly through her neck, she saw a young boy close to her age standing a little away. He looked utterly ashamed of what was going on but did nothing to stop it, she hated him for that and let her head thud back as she looked up at the corpse’s handsome face that hung directly over hers. “So…this is it, I’m going to die at 18 and I’m not even married and I’m still a virgin, I never got to experience the pleasure that all the other girl’s say they have felt at the hands of their lovers. At least I get to see a handsome face as I die,” her thoughts were muddled and her vision was getting fuzzy, “he has such pretty blue eyes for a corpse.” Suddenly she realized something, the corpse’s eyes had been closed before. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came, she felt her neck heal closed and saw the corpse’s eyes glow purple until her neck was healed then he leaned down, the resounding cries from the raiders would have made her laugh if she wasn’t on the verge of madness. He gently licked the blood off of her throat and she caught a glimpse of his razor sharp teeth through his lips, he slowly stood then and broke free of his bonds. He flexed his free hands, wrapped in fingerless leather gloves, as he looked at all the men around the room. All at once the swordsmen gathered up their courage and the archers took aim, he grinned. “It takes a man to kill a monster…are you all men?” He said as he stepped over Andra’s prone body, she watched him in a detached way, as if she were there but not really. The raiders all looked at each other and one said, “We are men…and we can kill you.” The corpse began to shudder, then his white hair flipping back as he threw his head back and laughed aloud, when he spoke his voice was a thunderous roar, “You are nothing but piles of living dung!” He said as he continued to laugh loudly, he froze suddenly, an arrow protruded from his heart and he looked at the archer that fired it, all at once the archers fired their arrows into him and one raider pulled his spear off his back and threw it full force at the corpse. It knocked the corpse off his feet and he flew backwards and into the wall. His hands gripped the spear for a moment and then his body went limp, Amber began to cry as she saw her last hope die. The raiders gave one another high fives and laughed, Amber’s head rolled and she just looked at the raiders. Then one hit his friend and pointed at the corpse, all at once their laughter turned to utter shock as a loud ‘squelch’ sounded off the walls and the corpse launched himself off the wall and landed a yard in front of Amber. She gasped, looking at the hole in his chest, she inhaled sharply as she watched the wound heal and then the corpse spoke again, “that hurt…but as I said: your not men.” He said as he lunged at the raiders, who proceeded to scream and run from the chamber. But they never got out, the corpse was blocking there way, having moved with inhumanly fast speed, he grinned at the raiders and grabbed the boy by the throat. Amber suddenly felt sorry from him, the corpse slashed the finger tips of his free hand across the boy’s face. The boy jolted and his head fell back, his face had four gashes down to the bone and that was when Amber noticed the corpse’s long talons. He dropped the boy and proceeded to leap from raider to raider. Either sinking his fangs into their neck and making loud slurping sounds, or slashing them to pieces with his claws. In a matter of minutes the once powerful raiders were nothing but lumps of flesh and blood splatter on the floor, one of the raiders had been torn in half but was still alive and desperately trying to make his waist fit back together. The corpse paid him no attention as he walked to Amber, who had moved into a corner and was hugging her knees. Her black hair hiding her pale skin and emerald green eyes, she trembled all over and it only got worse as the corpse got closer to her. She breathed deeply and decided to die with dignity, she stopped shivering and stood up to face him. She looked up at him and was surprised by him getting down on one knee, placing his right hand on his heart and putting his left fist on the floor as he lowered his head and said. “You have awakened me, Mistress…what is your wish.” She blinked with shock, pressing against the wall she licked her dry lips and said the first thing that came to her mind, “What is your name?” The corpse looked up at her and smiled broadly, “Vlos….Vlos Drakenlake.” 2. Returning Home.

    Vlos followed silently behind Amber, he was content with this Master. She was pretty and young, and he could smell her purity. He licked his lips and his eyes half shut at the thought of deflowering her, but that thought was shattered as he realized that she’d have to ask him to do it and he doubted she could ever love him. Even though he’d ripped 12 men to pieces for harming her, back in Renaissance Italy if you killed a man to protect a woman you were generously rewarded. But now in this year it seemed that saving a damsel in distress only succeeded in the woman allowing you to tag along. “Hey,” he said to Amber, that was a pretty name for a girl, “what year is it?” Amber looked back at the man who towered over her, he must be at least seven feet tall, “Um…it’s year 2075.” She said meekly, he made her feel so weak and small. His eyes glimmered some, “so 2075 years after my brother’s son died on a cross…he decided to destroy this planet, nice job Jehov-” Amber snapped around and covered his mouth before he finished, “Don’t say his name!” she said loudly. His brow furrowed and she felt his jaw set, she pulled her hand away and looked down, “now a days we don’t say God’s name…he might smite us.” This statement about his brother from this girl made Vlos burst out laughing, “My brother, Jehovah wouldn’t dare try to smite me.” He said triumphantly, the girl looked at him in wonder and fear, backing away slowly. “Oh come come now Amber compose yourself,” he said impatiently. The girl shook her head, right…she was supposed to be strong, he said he’d make her strong eventually. She turned and continued along the road toward her hometown, a place that used to be called “Austin” but was now called “Wolfskull” As she entered town she noticed that everyone was lined up against the wall of the court house with raiders pointed loaded cross bows at them. She gasped as she saw her sister and mother and friends with their faces wet with tears. She turned to Vlos, “You have to help them Vlos, please I know you can kill those raiders!” She said with tears welling in her own eyes, Vlos looked irritated a moment then reached into his trench coat and drew out a large gun. Andra knew what a gun was because she had read about them, but there were not many guns left and even less ammunition for them. She recognized the gun as a larger version of a Desert Eagle, sometimes called a “Deagle”, it was solid black. On the slide it had silver words engraved that read “Light’s Bane” and in smaller text it read “50. Cal” and another read “.440mm” she assumed that was the type of ammunition and expected that when he fired it the gun would jump back. She watched him lay the gun along his fore arm and lower his eye to the sight, his blue eye narrowed and his hair fell down like a curtain, she watched his finger tense and the trigger give way. There was a loud crack and a light flashed from the front of the gun as the slide simultaneously slid back, arming the hammer and loading another bullet into the chamber but the gun didn‘t recoil at all. He continued to fire rapidly. The first destroyed both the arrows and the bows of the raiders the second, the third and the sixth bullet killed the raiders themselves. What had seemed like minutes to her happened in seconds, none of the men even fired off an arrow, their heads exploded and their bodies went rigid as they fell back. They went limp and fell like dominos. He then holstered the gun in his jacket again and looked to Andra, “Ladies first,” he said simply as he motioned for her to continue into the town. She turned and ran to check on her friends and her mother and sister, Vlos casually followed her, his hands in the pockets of his black pants, he stopped behind her and her mother looked up at him and her eyes widened. “Who is this Amber?” she said as she pointed at Vlos, Amber looked up and for once she smiled at him, “This is Vlos Drakenlake. He saved me from the raiders that chased me, killed them all by himself. Vlos this is my mother Jessica Myers” He chuckled, liking that she was admiring him. He bowed to her mother, “hello Miss. Myers” said with a smile then he looked to her sister, “and what’s your name little one.” The little green eyed, brunette looked up at him with wide eyes. “M-my name is Andra, I’m ten years old.” He smiled and tilted her chin up. “Well, Andra, keep your family close to you. You never know when they will leave you.” Or betray you and the entire race, he thought bitterly, he began to sink into thoughts of how he would kill and torture his brother for the betrayal but was drawn out by Andra’s mother saying, “would you like to stay in our home Mr. Drakenlake?” He perked up and looked to her, “if it is alright with you Jessica. We don’t have to be formal, call me Vlos.” The mother smiled proudly at him and gave a quick “come on children,” as she started in the direction of their home. Vlos caught awed glances and even a few girls who were licking their lips and undressing him with their eyes as he turned and followed the family of his Mistress. As they turned a corner a large house came into view it was two stories tall and the family quickly moved inside, Vlos paused a couple of seconds to take in the house then he followed them in. He had to duck his head slightly to get through the door, Jessica turned to him and said, “Dinner should be ready soon Vlos. It’ll be a special dinner of beef, carrots, a large bowl of salad and our best wine.” “It sounds absolutely delectable Jessica, I cannot wait.” He smiled at her and Jessica seemed to glow with pride as she left the room and went into the Kitchen with Andra, leaving him alone with Amber. She looked up at him, still smiling, “There is a room across the hall from mine, no one ever uses it…you can stay there.” Vlos suddenly realized there was no mentioning of a Mr. Myers, “were is your father?” He said softly, Amber looked hurt and looked down. “He died in a raider attack four years ago,” was all she said before leading him upstairs to his bedroom. He slipped inside and looked around, the walls were bare but there was a bed, a couple of night stands and a chair. On one wall was a large book shelf that was wonderfully stocked, “This used to be my father’s study but we made it into a guest bedroom after he was killed.” Amber said emotionlessly, “Thank you Amber…give your mother my thanks as well and please…send your sister up to wake me, I must sleep.” He said softly and gently, Amber just nodded and left the room, shutting the door behind her. Vlos sighed heavily and took off his trench coat, tossing it onto the chair along with his tight black tank top. He stood in front of a full body mirror and flexed some, looking at the scars from years past as well as the tattoo, it looked like a dear’s head with a misty body and wings spanning his shoulders. He watched as they moved when he released tension in his muscles. He slid out of his combat boots and stared at his black socks for a moment before he pulled off his gloves, laying them on the night stand and laying down with a heavy thud. His eyes slowly slid shut and he drifted off into a world of dreams.
    He grinned, standing across the Coliseum from a large group of gladiators, “how nice…more to kill.” He muttered softly and the gladiators charged him, he smirked and bolted but never met the Gladiators. Now he was in a candle lit room with stone walls and a gorgeous woman lay under him, for a while they made passionate love. But that lovely memory shattered and was replaced by the screams of 150 children and that same woman. His children…his wife, burning in the sunlight that didn’t hurt him at all, his brother had betrayed him and brought the light of a star close to earth in what his brother called “Genesis” it disgusted Vlos. But at the moment he was crying, holding the burned body of his wife as he looked at the bodies of his children, his babies, so young but their lives cut short. Then he looked to his city, the people burning. He threw his head back and wailed his pain to his burning world, tears staining his face red. His tears of rage were replaced with tears of utter and horrible rage, his wail turned to an enraged roar as he saw his brother flying through the star lit blue sky. He laid his wife down and stood, massive black feathered wings bursting from his back as his claws grew and his skin turned and light purple, then dark purple, then solid black. “Brother!” He roared loud enough to crack the walls of his once happy castle and bringing it crashing down. He snapped awake with a grunt, panting. Andra stood with her hand on his next to the bed, then she crawled up and wiped his eyes, he had cried in his sleep. “Don’t cry Mr. Drakenlake, it’ll be ok. Daddy said men only cry when they are in more pain than they can handle, what hurt you so bad?” Vlos smiled, then gently wrapped his arms around the little girl and hugged her tightly. “He was right Andra, I’m hurt bad…my brother killed my wife and children…I dreamed about my wife…then her and my children’s deaths.” Andra hugged him around the neck and pet his head, being very mature for a ten year old. “Mr. Drakenlake me, Mommy and Amber are going to be your family now. So you don’t have to worry or cry anymore, come on. Mommy has dinner ready,” Andra hopped of the bed and took Vlos’s hand, he slid out of bed and followed her down stairs. Jessica’s and Amber’s eyes were immediately drawn to his chiseled torso but they both simultaneously tore their eyes away as he sat next to Andra with Amber across from him, Jessica served up the food and silver ware and then sat next to Amber. They began to eat quietly and Vlos followed suit, cutting the steak and taking a bite he was delighted at the delicious taste of the meat. All of the food for that matter was delicious and as soon as they were done eating Jessica and Amber began talking about when Amber should start hunting again. Vlos and Andra talked as well, but they talked of a kitten Andra had found, and how cute it was, and Vlos told stories about history. She seemed very entertained, Vlos took complete joy in this and told her stories about the first humans like her and about how hard it was at the beginning for Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, he told her about Lilith. She was delighted to hear it and smiled and asked questions that Vlos answered with a big smile, when he finished he realized that Amber and Jessica were also listening and had stopped their conversation. He looked around with a smile and said, “Well ladies…if you’d like we could go into the den and I could tell you all sorts of stories about History.” They all nodded eagerly and then moved to the living room, it was night time so Vlos lit a fire in their fire place and sat down in front of it with Amber, Andra and Jessica sitting across from him. The light from the fire cast a shadowy light on his face and chest and made him look all the more gorgeous and mysterious, he opened his mouth and a stream of stories began. 3. Arrival and reward

    Vlos awoke with Amber on one side and Jessica on the other with Andra between them, he sighed softly and smiled. “Guess I fell asleep telling stories and they just cuddled up and went to sleep too.” He laid there for a few hours, just thinking. But the girls slowly began to wake up and he finally got to sit up, that was when he heard the rumble of a truck. He got up and walked to the window, noting to himself that the bodies of the raiders had been cleaned up and burned, judging by the pile of charred corpses by the woods with a head on a pike and a sign that said “This town is protected against raiders.” He looked to a group of white trucks that had pulled up, soldiers in white body armor piled out. He saw that the armor could block swords and arrows and you’d have to hit them in the face to kill them with an arrow, but a bullet would take them out with ease. All of the soldiers carried guns and one that was clearly the leader judging by her medals and hat was calling through a megaphone, she was tall and had blonde hair and dark eyes with gold flecks in them. She was also, as Vlos hungrily noticed, very well endowed in her chest and backside and her body had a very nice curve to it. Her voice was powerful and dominate, Vlos made a mental note to try and seduce her and make her submit to him. “We have received news that a band of raiders was brutally slaughtered in this town. We would like to invite the family housing that hero, as well as the hero himself, to the city of Solitude…” The girls were standing around Vlos now, “…they will be provided with room and board as well as plenty of food and drink. They will be allowed free access to all the stores and may take anything they chose, within reason. Please, Hero, come and receive your reward!” He looked at the girls and grinned broadly, he went upstairs and came down dressed. “I’ll go tell her you three are on your way, go on.” They all went up stairs and he went outside, the leader saw him and looked him up and down with wide eyes, lowering her megaphone she turned to Vlos. “Are you the Hero of the town of Wolfskull?” Vlos just nodded, looking over the lean body of the tall woman before him. “May I have your name Sir?”
    “Vlos Drakenlake. Yours?”

    “Helen Smith. Pleasure to meet a man capable of killing 34 raiders single handedly.” He looked over Helen, she had blonde hair and hazel eyes. He also observed again that certain parts of her body were quite…plump, he shook his head slightly and looked at her. “The family housing me is on their way out,” just as he spoke Andra, Amber and Jessica all exited the house. Jessica wore a beautiful long red, Chinese style dress that her husband must have had made, Amber wore a sexy, tight fitting black dress and Andra was in a cute pink sundress. He turned back to the general then looked at the truck, “that is hardly something a hero should ride in.” He said with a grin, Helen nodded and spoke into a walkie-talkie and a few moments later a long black limo pulled around and Vlos smiled, “there we go…perfect.” He motioned the girls to follow him as he sat in the backseat, Jessica and Andra got into the car but Helen stopped Amber, “is he taken?” She murmured softly to Amber, who laughed softly. “No, he was married once but his brother killed his wife as well as his children…I think he has nightmares about it before he wakes up, but last night he didn’t cry like my sister said he did before she managed to wake him up for dinner.” Helen nodded and they both got into the limo, Amber sitting next to Vlos and Helen across from them with Jessica, Andra was comfortably snuggling against Vlos’s side. The front truck pulled out and the limo followed, joined by a convoy of humvees and more trucks. Vlos was drinking champagne and speaking with Helen, “How did you hear of me…it has only been a few days since I was found.” He said while sipping the liquid, Helen smiled and said, “Communications through the World Wide Web are still fully operational. The King’s messenger received an email from the town of Wolfskull’s communication center, he told the King, and the King sent us.”
    “So the world has gone back into feudalism. What happens to be the name of this king?” Vlos murmured as he sat back, putting his glass in a small spot to be refilled with more champagne, when it was full he retrieved it and listened to Helen, “His name is King Arkelm, he is very old. He was alive before God brought his wrath down on us for our evil.” Vlos nodded, catching a glint of gold around Helen’s neck. “What is that around your neck, Helen?” He said calmly, she pulled the pendant from her shirt and lifted it to him. Showing him a cross emblazoned with a star, it glittered softly in the light. “Helen I will tell you something Arkelm cannot know, I am Jehovah’s older brother. I was imprisoned by my brother to keep me from over throwing him. You worship light with a cross that was once a sign of punishment, dishonor and worthlessness. The star you wear over that cross, is a sign of death to my people…my brother destroyed our race to further himself, and let me live in sorrow and self hate until the year 2012. Then he trapped me and starved me of blood, this caused me to go into hibernation until I smelled blood once more. Thanks to Andra I have woken up, I obey her every order…no matter what and I will not follow anyone else’s orders. But there will come a day when I will destroy Jehovah and rebuild my race. Now what do you think about me?” Over the course of his speech Helen’s face had gone from smiling, to frightened. She didn’t know what to think and her mouth opened an closed as if she had no Idea what to say to him, finally, she managed to open her mouth and just as a sound came out there was an explosion. The truck in front of them flew up into the air and landed a bit away, a blue light descended on the car and other humvees. “Raiders, they have found a rocket launcher…thankfully our force fields can stop that.” Vlos glanced around, “But they won’t last for ever Helen…let me out and I’ll show you my real power.” Helen looked unsure, then she flung the door open and there was a rush of air and Vlos was outside. She slammed the door shut and all of them pressed against the windows to watch, even the driver and other soldiers in the humvees and remaining truck were watching a single man go against what seemed to be 50 raiders. He turned and looked at the front of the gorge, it was blocked by a massive metal sheet and so was the way they came from. He turned and lifted his hand, the rock face behind him shattered to dust and he lifted his hands to the cars and forced them inside it. He turned back to the gathering force of raiders and drew his pistol as his claws came out. The raiders surrounded him, laughing and talking about how foolish he was. There looked to be maybe 55 of them, he lowered his head, smiling coldly as his white hair hid his face. The raiders raised their bows and smiled coldly, “You’ll just shoot each other in the faces.” Vlos said laughing, the soldiers looked at each other then grinned and dropped their bows and drew a sword, even through their confidence they were glancing at his gun in want and fear. There was a long silence, nothing moved, no one seemed to breath then there was a grinding sound as one of the Raiders moved his foot and all hell broke loose. They charged forward and Vlos’s gun went of several times as he leaped into the air and landed with a thud a few yards away. The soldiers that were shot fell dead or twitching horridly from their wounds and blood loss, there were 45 left and a few were retrieving their bows and reading their arrows Vlos spun his pistol on his finger and raised it. The men shrank away immediately, “Drop your weapons or I’ll kill you all like I did the ones you sent to that town,” all but one of the raiders dropped their weapons the one with the largest sword stepped forward. “You give my men orders…and they obey you without question. I am their leader, Octane, and you’ve inspired fear into men who fear nothing…not even the soldiers in which you ride in convoy with but you are something else. So
    thing we cannot kill, where I our Chieftain I would bow to you but I will not because I am only a great warrior. My Chieftain, Gondali, united the Raider tribes, he uses light in his sword and arrows…you are shadow. Your gun pierces our flesh and armor and cuts down multiples of our men in one blast. You killed ten of my men in just a few shots, I will leave with the remainder of my men and tell the Chieftain of you. The Chieftain will know how to kill you.” Then he and his men turned and ran, leaving their dead to rot in the dirt. Vlos chuckled as he pulled the cars out of the ridge, he walked silently to the cars and got in, gazing at the amazed faces of soldiers and then the girls. All except Amber who smiled in the knowledge of his power. “They have never retreated before…they always fight to the death.” Helen said in wonder, Vlos just smiled as the convoy began moving again. He sat back and chuckled softly, “He isn’t human like us,” Andra said as she crawled into his lap and let him hold her. He pet her hair and stared silently out of the window as they pulled up to a train station. “Come, we must ride the train now.” Helen said as she got out and they followed, Vlos watched them load the vehicles onto the train and then climbed in with the others. “This will take a few days as we are all the way in Texas and we are headed to New York City. So you may all get into individual cabins or you can share if you like,” Helen said with a playful wink at Vlos, who chuckled and watched her hips sway sensually as she walked to her cabin and went in. He was about to follow her when Andra gripped his arm, “Mommy said it was ok if I stayed in a cabin with you…don’t abandon me for her.” He looked at the little ten year old who seemed to admire him with all her heart and sighed, “Andra…I will join Helen only for an hour tonight…then I will Join you,” Andra sighed and looked down then looked up, “Fine but I’m picking a cabin with only one bed.” Then she scampered off to do just as she said she would. Vlos just grinned, Amber shook her head and Jessica looked helplessly at Vlos then after her daughter. When Amber looked to Vlos to comment she caught the corner of his coat disappearing into Helen’s room. She sighed and ushered her mother back to find a cabin. 4. Train Ride

    It had been an hour since Vlos had entered Helen’s chambers to find the beautiful general naked and waiting, he had followed suit and after and hour he left her panting and covered with a nice blanket of sweat. He, however, had neither sweated or climaxed while she had done the latter twice, it took much more than an hour to bring his body to it’s adequate height. He retrieved his jacket and shirt and slipped on his black pants, he grabbed his boots and socks and looked over his shoulder at Helen. “This was only a social call, do not expect me to love you.” He said with an indifferent voice, Helen just smiled “I’d have it no other way Mr. Drakenlake.” She said as he disappeared from her chambers. Her bedraggled hair fanned out like a halo as she laid down and covered her body, soon drifting into sleep. Meanwhile Vlos joined Andra in their chambers and she looked up with mock scorn, “Your 2 minutes late Vlos Drakenlake, how do you expect to make up for this inconvenience to my bed time?” In response he grinned and crawled under the blankets next to her, cradling her body tightly against his. She cooed softly and snuggled against him, “This works…you’re a great best friend Vlos.” She said with the cute voice of a ten year old girl, his response was whispered into her hair. “The same to you Andra Myers, I hope you keep my nightmares at bay.” The little girl smiled and gripped his muscled arms in a tight hug, “Don’t worry, Vlos, I’ll protect you.” She said, he nuzzled her and began to hum a lullaby to her. In minutes she was asleep and he dosed off with his body curled around the tiny form of his new, and only, friend.

    He was awoken the next morning by that same tiny form landing squarely on his chest after leaping into the air, with a gasp he woke up and groaned as he rolled out of bed and landed on his hands and knees in an effort to catch his breath, when he finally did he leapt onto the bed, pinning Andra down and providing her with a healthy dose of tickle torture which by the end had her squirming and laughing loudly as she tried to explain that he wouldn’t wake up no matter how hard she tried and that breakfast was ready. He finally stopped and chuckled as he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the main sitting room where a table was now ready and food had been set up, he chuckled softly as he sat her down in a chair and took up residence in the chair next to her. The other three were already seated and eating and both Andra and Vlos followed suit, gently nudging each other with their elbows and feet under the table. Constantly giggling and chuckling under their breath. Finally breakfast was over and Helen, looking well rested, pointed out that the back of the train had a balcony that they could stand on. She also stated she had things to do and wouldn’t join them. Vlos grabbed a couple of biscuits and nudged Andra’s butt with the toe of his boot as they made their way to the back of the train. She giggled and punched him in the stomach, he chuckled as she sucked in a breath and let out a drawn out “ow” as she rubbed her hand. They finally reached the caboose and watched the scenery zoom by as Vlos munched his biscuits and pointed out places where towns had once been and told stories about his adventure. One such story was very interesting, “Well you see during WW2, I was a U.S. soldier, we came into this Nazi concentration camp. I was busy with kicking the asses of a few Nazi soldiers when one burst through the door and shot me in the Jaw with a shotgun, by the Black Stars it knocked my head sideways. But the looks on their faces when I glared at them with a top row of razor sharp teeth was priceless.” He imitated the horrified and stupefied faces of those soldiers and the three women, as well as the guard after getting over his shock, burst into laughter. “Well when I was finished with them and my jaw had reformed we helped the Jews and others get out of the camp. The general told me to go on ahead to the next camp and work my magic, I was part of a very secret squad known as the “Raven Kings,” we were in there before even the Navy. We killed like the monsters we were, I was teamed up with a werewolf and a fallen angel as well as fae, all of them knew what I was, they called me “The Emperor” which is fitting since they are my creations from the result of Lilith’s womb and my magic. But anyway we found Hitler and I stopped him from killing himself, instead I swallowed his soul and the werewolf ate him. We then continued our conquest, killing a path through all the German Nazi forces….it was good times and nothing could stop us, unfortunately the Werewolf died when a German stabbed him in the throat with a silver knife. The fallen angel and the fae disappeared…I assume their dead now. It’s too bad, they were good people.” He said with a smile, his stories continued on into the evening and never grew boring despite the fact he hopped from one time period to the next. The girls and the guard listened with interest as he spoke, finally he stopped just as the sun disappeared under the horizon. At the same time the train pulled to a stop, Helen came out of the train car and told them they were stopping for fuel and would stay in the town for a couple of days. If they wished they could go into town. Vlos had picked up Andra and bolted off the train, disappearing into town. They wandered around for a while until Helen found them and gave Vlos a bag of money, telling him to feel free to buy whatever he pleased. He immediately went to the black smith and looked around until he finally had to commission the blacksmith to make him a custom blade, after paying for it he took Andra to a toy store and bought her some toys. He then took her to a clothing store and bought her some dresses, then finally some candy. Then they returned to the train, on the last day, after having all the fun they could, Vlos took Andra to get his blade. The blacksmith presented it to Vlos with a proud grin, it was crafted from rare Ebony ore, the blade was 5 feet long and solid black. The top half of the blade was made for slicing cleanly through flesh and bone, the bottom half was serrated for painfully hacking through bodies. He twirled it, gripping the black leather handle. Watching the golden hand guard glistening in the light, he had gotten a discount because he was famous, he’d gotten the thing at a fourth of its price, he was glade to have a blade. This way the raiders would no longer run and they could play with him, he thanked the black smith and reached into his coat, he dropped a heavy bag on the table beside him he looked at the blacksmith with serious eyes, “Inside this is a statue of a clawed hand clutching an eye, set it within your house and forever you shall be protected by the power of shadow.” He then turned and left, sliding the blade cleanly into the sheath on his back. He picked Amber up and carried her to the train, they sat down and played chess and told jokes as the train started to move. Helen told them it would be just a couple of hours before they reached Solitude. 5. Hero’s Welcome

    As the train approached solitude on their final day on the train the girls and Vlos were looking out the window to see the city. Vlos smiled as they came toward a New York City that looked just as he had remembered it, save for the fact that half the city lay in ruin while the other half was alight with neon and what seemed to be a huge Block Party. Vlos turned to Helen who was sitting in a chair, still eating breakfast and asked if it actually was a block party. She answered with a no and that it was a welcoming party for him and the family. He raised a brow, “Wow…even as a war hero way back in the Grecian days I wasn’t greeted in such a way.” He murmured as they pulled into a train station full of cheering people, as the doors opened and Vlos and the girls exited the train they were swarmed by people who were almost immediately blocked by soldiers, the audience; most of which were girls, were screaming and cheering and holding out note books for him to sign. “Your culture doesn’t have many celebrities does it?” He whispered to Jessica, who shook her head with a laugh. He sighed softly and followed the soldiers through the crowd and to the limo, which was being unloaded along with the other vehicles that were being unloaded, the military vehicles drove off and the limo came to Vlos and the girls, who quickly clambered inside and took their seats. Helen sat down next to Jessica and Amber sat next to Vlos, Andra sat on Vlos’s lap. “So where are we headed Helen?” Vlos said as the car pulled out and started down the road through time’s square, he noticed the big screen there had a live image on the screen. “The Empire Hotel, best hotel in the city. You get the top floor,” Vlos assumed which building was The Empire Hotel before he even saw the Empire State Building. He smiled some and as they got out and went inside he got the keys to the penthouse and took and elevator to the top floor, when they got off he was ushered into a hall with a long row of doors. He followed Helen to the end of the hallway and unlocked the door on his left. Jessica and Amber unlocked two other doors and then the four split up and went into their rooms to look around. Amber and Jessica got great rooms with big beds and nice views, Vlos and Andra got a room much larger than the other two, with a bigger bed and two computers. They also got a weapon rack and a walk-in closet for both Andra and Vlos. There was also a door labeled, “Scenic Overlook” which Andra, after changing into black pants and a hello kitty shirt, and Vlos quickly climbed, they came out onto the viewing floor of the Empire Sate Building. A few of the telescopes had been repaired and the view was rather spectacular. Vlos and Andra stood and watched the city party as the day wore on. Andra was looking through the telescope and Vlos was just looking down, his eyesight was far better than any human’s so he could see easily, he paused as if in thought then grabbed Andra around the waist and leapt off of the building. Andra clung to him and screamed, shutting her eyes until they hit the ground with a loud thud, leaving a small indention and cracks all around it. For a moment the party goers all stopped and backed away, until they noticed it was Vlos and his little friend Andra. Then everyone started partying again, Andra was giggling softly and Vlos put her on his shoulder as he proceeded to move into the crowd. People, mostly women and teenage girls as well as a gay guy or two, ran up to him and asked for his autograph on note books or much more intimate places. Though they censored their personal questions for Andra, Vlos caught the full meaning and began to chuckle. Turning down the girls one by one, he signed notebooks and once, while Andra was preoccupied with something else, signed a blonde girl’s left breast with a tattoo needle, much to her glee, it wouldn’t ever come off now. An old woman standing in the door way of a clothing shop saw Vlos walking down the street past her shop and yelled to him, he came to her and she shook her head as she looked him over, “Well for a hero ye sure ain’t dressed real modern are ye? Come in me shop boy and ol’ Aggy’ll get ya some real fine clothes that’ll fit yer style.” She said, apparently her English was terrible, as she turned and waved him into the shop, he shrugged and followed her inside, taking Andra off his shoulders as he went through the door. Ol’ Aggy, as she had called herself was busy walking around the shop getting different clothes, despite the fact that she already had a considerable bundle of clothes in her arms. When she finished she lump all the clothes into Vlos’s arms, “now you go on in that there changin’ room and try on them clothes,” she said and with that Vlos was turned around and pushed, with much difficulty on her part, into the dressing room by a little old woman. He tried on a lot of clothing, he didn’t really like any of the t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts. He hated the blue jeans but liked the black pants, as well as a belt with blank dog-tags hanging from it. He selected a black button up shirt and a black hoodie and took them out to the woman, “These will probably need to be resized Miss Aggy.” He said with a polite smile, “Well boy I know that fer sure…your bigger en some o’ dem Africans we get commin’ in here sometimes, they get ‘bout, oh, 6”4 or even 6”10 if they be raised right. I got plenty o’ clothes just yer size in the back, it’ll be less work iffin’ I just get those resized. Be out lickety split.” The old woman said as she walked out of the room and into the back, Vlos sat down and began to chuckle softly. Suddenly, as if she’d remembered something Aggy yelled “And get yer damn hair cut for Christ’s sakes boy!” Vlos burst out laughing and Andra, was giggling softly as she hopped onto the bench next to him. It only took that old woman ten minutes to come back out with Vlos’s chosen clothes as well as some other, black, clothes. “I dunno what ya like the color black fer so much but I gots a bit more clothes the same style as ye picked. Short sleeved button ups…no sleeved button ups. Oh and I took the liberty of takin’ that black hoodie and puttin’ some stuff on et’.” She held the hoodie up, showing off: “Vlos ‘Salvitore’ Drakenlake” along with a crest with a shield bearing two swords stabbing through a horned skull with a snake running through it’s eyes and mouth. Vlos grinned and took the clothes into the changing room. He came back out with the hood up, sleeves rolled up and the jacket unzipped. He was also wearing the new pants and belt he’d selected, the pants had red thread going down his left leg in a tribal manner and on his right leg a card bearing the Ace of Spades, The Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Diamonds were all under the lining of the pocket. He smiled a bit, his bangs covering his eyes. “How do I look?” He said to the two in front of him, “Cool,” Andra said with admiration, “Like a model fer playgirl mansion.” Said Aggy as she began to cackle, Vlos gave her a sack of money, transported his old clothes home with a bit of magic and left the store laughing to himself.

    6. Club BBB

    A couple of days after his run in with that old woman at the clothing store Vlos had begun to wander the city alone. People smiled and waved but the excitement of his heroism had calmed out of their system, multiple times Vlos had been asked to visit the temple of Jehovah and multiple times he’d angrily turned them down. Though one day, as he wandered the streets in the rich district of the city a woman in a suit approached him, she was very sexy, she had a round face and was better built than even Helen, her straight black hair hung down to her mid back and she had bright, golden eyes. “Vlos Drakenlake?” she said to Vlos, who was wearing that custom hoodie and a pair of simple solid black pants. Vlos looked down at the man, “Did you get that from the back of the hoodie? Or the fact I’m the tallest man you’ve ever seen?” He said to her with a smirk that showed his sharp teeth, “I uh…um,” she stammered, Vlos smiled a bit more, “Don’t be shy hunny,” he said with a tinge of seduction. The poor Asian woman blushed at his words and looked down, adjusting her glasses she looked up and tried speaking again, “I was sent by the king to ask you to come to his palace and have a talk about the raider problem our country has.” Vlos shrugged, why not it’ll give me something to do and perhaps I can give this cute suit the time of her life. He thought with a shimmer of his blue eyes, “Sure I’ll come with you…but first you have to tell me something.” He said with a smile, her eyes widened and she looked up into his eyes “W…what?” He leaned down so he was face to face with her, their noses just inches apart. “I want you to tell me who you like more, men or women and if you’re a virgin or not.” His eyes glimmered and he smiled at her, she blushed furiously but didn’t back away from his face. She only hugged her clipboard to her chest and whimpered as she opened and closed her mouth in an effort to speak, finally she managed to find her voice, “I-I-I prefer men…and um…I…uh I’m not a virgin…n-now come along.” She wasn’t used to someone being as direct as he was, she was used to a round about way, as she turned around and started toward her red S.U.V she felt Vlos’s arm wrap around her waist and pull her close. His warm breath met her ear as his hair fell just within her sight, “we can become fast friends if you like, mademoiselle” even though he was so direct and blunt with his intentions she felt a wave of pleasure and arousal. She whimpered and said, “if your using magic to seduce me you’d better stop…it isn’t fair.” He chuckled softly and nipped her ear, “I would never do that, I’m just doing what you like…I can read it in your body language, you love a direct man. One who takes charge and maybe even…dominates you, am I right? Don‘t lie to me.” He spoke with a soft growl under his voice and the little woman was all ablaze with tingles and butterflies, he knew that from body language? That…that’s impossible, well he is superhuman and maybe even has super human…ah, no! I promised my self no more dirty thoughts. She thought all those things as if her mind was one of those heavy machine guns mounted on a helicopter, but even so she answered him. “Y…yes your right, Mr. Drakenlake, OH MY-” She squeaked out the last words a little loudly because he grabbed her bum, which turned her on even more. He didn’t let her finish, he just spoke with a more pronounced growl into her ear, “good girl…now get in the truck and drive somewhere private…or I’ll do it and you’ll be punished.” She shuddered and, lost in her fantasies whispered, “y…yes Master…” he pushed her forward by her bum as he let go and said, “Get going little slave.” I like this one already…been a good long time since I got one of the S&M girls I like them…I like them a lot. I think I have sex with a lot of women…does that make me a pig? Nah, I’m no pig…65 years unconscious in a tomb can make a man very horny. He thought to himself, he followed the blushing girl to the S.U.V and got in the passenger side as she sat down, she drove through town to a slightly deserted street and into an ally. “Good girl…now get in the back seat and strip to your underwear, I’ll be with you shortly.” She nodded shyly and he caught her by the hair, giving a pull he growled, “I can’t hear you.” She whimpered and gave the expected response, “I’m sorry Master…I meant to say ‘yes, Master’ it won’t happen again, Master.” How punctual…she’d make a fine slave…if only my heart wasn’t given up to another…I’d could have a damn few slave girls. He thought to himself as he let the poor woman go and got out of the truck, he put up wards around the truck so it couldn’t be seen on the off chance a passer by came through and, just in case, he put a ward that would cause the person to walk through the truck without disturbing him or the person, neither would know the other was there. Then Vlos took off his jacket and threw it in the passenger seat before opening the back door and getting inside to find the girl sitting shyly on her knees in the back seat wearing black lace underwear and her black stockings. “I-Is this ok?” She murmured, he looked at her sharply. “What did you say?” She realized her mistake immediately and fixed it, “Is this ok, Master?” He chuckled softly and righted himself so he was facing her. “Wash your mouth out for not speaking correctly…then we’ll move on.” She blushed more furiously than ever before and moved to him.
    They spent 5 or 8 hours in that back seat, her doing his every command and he…well he had his way with her in everyway. By the end of it they were both laying in the back seat and the girl, whose name was Yoko, laid on top of Vlos with her head under his chin. They both were panting since they’d just finished the last of an uncountable amount of sex and Vlos was petting her hair, Yoko was content and downright happy with this encounter, Vlos was too but he was lost in thought as he pet her head. He was pondering about Andra, he’d given his heart over to her yes but the little thing was much to young to receive it in the way she deserved…could he really go eight or nine years on the off chance he might occasionally hook a girl. Besides that, Yoko was a pretty nice girl, Vlos had felt guilty about 4 hours into it and they had stopped and spent an hour, with her sitting on top of him as that was they’re current position, getting to know one another. He liked her, not just because she was a kinky S&M girl but because she was passionate about her career, as a secretary; life, and values. Although she had admitted that she felt a little ashamed at letting her values slip up with him, he told her to put away that shame and forget about it and that he was sorry he had simply jumped her with what she liked. She had assured him it was ok and she wasn’t really feeling shame now since they had gotten to know one another. Then they continued, now he turned his head and looked out the window at the ally way they were in, Yoko looked up at him and frowned. “Something wrong Vlos?” He just sighed and said, “Is it right to give up your heart to a girl you have to wait nine years for?” Yoko shrugged her bare shoulders and slid up his chest, sending tingles through both their bodies as her breasts pressed against him so her soft lips could find his jaw line. “It’s a pretty big commitment…how old is she now?” Vlos answered truthfully, and Yoko smiled. “Well I doubt you are bad enough to do the things you did to me with a child…but still, waiting that long and rarely making love isn’t…well I can’t say unhealthy but it’d be pretty bad.” He nodded, then turned his head and lightly kissed Yoko’s lips. For a girl he just met he was pretty attached to this one, he pulled her tightly against him and whispered into her ear. Her mouth opened in a massive smile as her eyes got big, her toes curled and she bent her legs at the knee as she hugged him around the neck with a happy squeak and kissed him deeply. “Of course Vlos, I can’t believe you asked me to be your girlfriend!” Vlos just smiled and kissed her again, a little passion in it. They paused after the kiss broke and pressed together in a more passionate kiss, passion mounted and another good amount of hours were spent ’rocking the boat’ as some say. When they were finally done for the second round, Yoko and Vlos began to get dressed. Yoko brushed her hair and fixed her suit and after she was done gave the already dressed Vlos the brush, which he used to get the hair that was now very messy because of Yoko’s, passion guided, hands. He brushed his hair out straight and they put on their shoes as they got back in the front seats, Vlos’s hand began to creep over the consol just as Yoko’s like minded hand did and they found each other in the middle. Their fingers intertwined and Vlos let down the wards as the car backed out of an ally way cloaked in the light of mid afternoon, she drove for a little while until they got to Grand Central Station which was now renamed, “Palace of the King”, and they got out and went inside. They found their way through the halls and to the King’s office, Yoko still had a slight blush on her face as they entered the office and the king, a red headed man in a black suit, leaned forward in his seat. “I knew it would take a while to find him but I didn’t think it would take this long, Yoko.” She looked down and murmured, “Sorry, Sir.” Vlos stared at the man, who now looked at him and looked him over, “Did you and Yoko…do some things I should know about?” Yoko looked up, her eyes wide as she hoped her new boyfriend would lie to save her. “What’s it to ya, fire crotch?” Vlos responded with a wolf’s grin, the king’s eyes narrowed and he spoke through clenched teeth. “Because it is against the rules for the king’s secretary to have intimate relations with a contact such as yourself.” Vlos put his hands on the table and leaned close to the king’s face, “Look, fire crotch, you fire her…you die. If you don’t believe me you just damn well try to fire her and I’ll make your little palace fall to the center of the earth with you in it.” The king sat back in his chair and let out a ‘hmph’ then said, “Fine…I won’t fire her for breaking the rules. You and I have bigger things to deal with anyway, Yoko please leave now.” She turned to go but was stopped by a sharp words from Vlos’s mouth, “Stay Yoko. She will remain in this room because she cares for my well being…be that she is my new lover and all I can’t let her leave the room when things such as, a risk to my life, is to be discussed.” The king’s lips curled into a snarl and he gripped the arm of his chair, “Fine…she can stay. Now let’s get down to business, you of course know of our raider problem?” Vlos nodded, “Good. Now Mr. Drakenlake, I would pay you a great deal of money if you led my army, along with General Helen Smith, into war and destroyed these ruffians. If you die then I’ll give the money to your loved ones. Do we have a deal?” Vlos considered a moment then nodded, “We have a deal,” they shook hands on it and then Vlos turned and left the room. Yoko stood a moment and watched desperately after him, “Take him home Yoko…and then get back here.” Yoko nodded and quickly followed Vlos, who was waiting in the truck. They shared a kiss and then drove away, she dropped Vlos off and let him know she had to go back to work. Then drove away, Vlos started down the street. On into the night as clubs began to open Vlos was approached by a man wearing a purple button up shirt and black jeans, “Hey Mr. Drakenlake, Tom Botinac, I’m a big fan of yours!” He said with a Chicago accent, Vlos stopped and looked at him. “You are?” He muttered with irritation, “Yes I am, Vlos, and I’d like you to come to my club tonight with me…we just got a new girl and she is quite the prize.” Vlos sighed, a strip club, “What’s your club’s name Mr. Botinac?”
    “Club BAB it’s a great club I’m sure you’ll love it, come with me and I’ll show you.” Vlos shrugged and followed Botinac down four allies and to an old building with a neon sign above the door that said “Club BAB” the man led Vlos inside and immediately Vlos knew something was wrong. A strip club had poles…and this place just had a stage, just an old theatre with no chairs, though the empty room was full of men Botinac led Vlos to the front of the room and had him stand in the front row as he went up stairs to the D.J. booth. His voice went through the room out of the speakers, “Welcome gents to club BAB. We have a new patron, Mr. Vlos Drakenlake! Give him some applause,” the men cheered, seeming to be glad to have a celebrity in the mix. The curtains opened and a naked girl stood in the center of the stage in nothing but lace stockings with her hands bound behind her back and a group of naked black men and a table, at first Vlos didn’t recognize her without her glasses but he suddenly realized that it was Yoko and she was terrified, she couldn’t see and, like Vlos, had no idea what Club BAB did. But they soon found out, because Botinac’s voice exploded out of the speakers as the black men grabbed Yoko and bent her over the table, “This girl’s name is Yoko and she is here because she made some very powerful people angry at her. So we at club BAB are gonna teach her a lesson about respecting higher authority. Because at club BAB we will,” the crowd joined in now, “BREAK THAT BITCH!” One of the men started toward her and was stopped by a hand pushing him out of the way, Vlos stood there with an emotionless face. Botinac went wild, “WOW! Mr. Drakenlake seems to wanna help break this bitch how remarkable!” The crowd and Botinac cheered, and Vlos’s face turned into an enraged snarl as Yoko screamed out his name and one of the men moved to plug her mouth with a certain long piece of flesh at his hips. There was a flash and a the man looked down in shock as his member fell to the floor, Vlos didn’t waste anymore time and turned his claws on the other men. Ripping them to shreds, Botinac and the crowd, after a stunned silence, made a break for the door and ran smack into a wall of hardened shadows. “How dare you, Botinac! You condone rape and so does your audience…now all of you will die and later so will your king.” Vlos leapt onto the balcony and blood splattered as he tore Botinac into little pieces, then he leapt off the balcony and started on the crowd. They screamed in fear as he tore off limbs, tore out hearts and tore bodies in half in his rampage through the crowd.

    7. Death of a King

    By the end of his anger no one but himself and Yoko were alive, his poor lover shivered on the floor of the stage. Calling for Vlos to help her, “It’s ok baby I’m here.” He said soothingly as he cut her bonds and wrapped his jacket around her, it fit her like a dress and hung down to her mid thigh. After he zipped it up she hugged him tightly around the neck and began to audibly bawl into the hollow of his neck, “I’m so sorry Vlos I didn’t know the King would ever do such a thing to someone, I didn’t even know about this place till tonight I’m so glad that terrible man made the mistake of inviting you here.” He made soothing sounds and stroked her hair as he held her, “did they rape you before they brought you out, Yoko?” She didn’t answer vocally, her voice was stolen by sobs but she shook her head and he was glad to know she hadn’t been violated. He lifted her and took her back stage, where he found her suit, underwear and glasses. He gave them to her after shutting the curtains so she couldn’t see what he did and then walked out the back door with her. He spread his wings and flew high above the city and to the Empire Hotel, long before he got there Yoko had stopped crying but she still clung tightly to him even when her bare feet touched the cold concrete of the scenic overlook. “Stay here a moment…I need to go explain some things to Andra.” Vlos said as he disappeared into the penthouse, Yoko just nodded and sat down. Wiping her eyes and looking at the moon, Andra was sitting on the bed waiting for Vlos when he came in. She smiled and said, “Your back! Come on mister you owe me some cuddles, and a good night’s sleep.” Vlos sighed and gently sat down on the bed, “Andra I need to ask you something,” Andra nodded and got serious, “What if I wanted to get a girlfriend?” Andra looked down and bit her lip, “I dunno…I guess I’d be a little jealous of her since she would take your attention away from me and…and it‘s not fair because I thought you‘d be with Mommy!” She said with tears in her eyes, Vlos sighed heavily and rubbed the back of his head. “But Andra your mom is…she’s already had a husband. Just because he is dead doesn’t mean I have the right to move in on her, besides…I met a girl tonight and I really like her.” he finished with a heavy sigh. Andra crossed her arms as tears ran down her face, “I wanted you to be my new daddy…but fine, I don’t care, I’m gonna sleep with mommy because you and your meany girlfriend will take up to much space in the bed.” With that she got up and stormed out of the room, Vlos just sighed heavily and went upstairs. Yoko looked up and he smiled as he picked her up and carried her down stairs, he put her in bed and then went to Jessica’s room. “Miss. Myers?” He murmured, Jessica came to the door and looked at Vlos. “What did you do to my daughter? She’s crying like she just lost her da-….like something bad happened.” Vlos looked down and away, “I brought my new girlfriend home…she got upset because she thought I was going to get together with you and be her new dad.” Jessica suddenly got a look of understanding and let out a heavy sigh, “I’ll talk to her about it…go on now, that girlfriend of yours looks pretty upset and in need of you.” Jessica nodded to a point behind Vlos, he looked back to find a red eyed and sniffling Yoko standing in the hallway waiting for him. “I expect you to explain to me why she has your jacket on and why she looks like she just got done crying her eyes out.” Vlos nodded and the door shut behind him as he walked down the hall to Yoko, he put his arm around her waist and walked her back into the room. They laid on the bed and covered up, Vlos took his jacket off of her and dropped it in the floor next to the bed. Then he got up and dug through one of the duffel bags he had put his old clothes in, he pulled out a tank top that Yoko could use as a night gown and gave it to her. She pulled it on and a small smile crossed her face, “You make me feel so tiny and cute Vlos,” She said with an almost innocent voice. He smiled ever so slightly and pulled her into his arms, as he laid down and covered them up. She snuggled against his body, her head under his chin just like in the S.U.V and after a moment whispered “Tiny, safe, cute and loved.” He smiled and kissed her head, then laid one big, black feathered wing over Yoko soon after both of them drifted off into a deep and content sleep.


    The next morning was met by the two lovers up and Vlos getting ready, Vlos summoned up his armor. It was night black plate armor made purely of obsidian, one of a kind armor for a one of a kind warrior. He sheathed his sword onto his back and left Light’s Bane on the bed, Yoko was dressed in her panties and the tank top. She turned the T.V. on and the news flashed up the reporter was speaking, “…Over 50 people were ripped to shreds in this blood bath at an underground club known as Club BB or, Club Break-a-Bitch, owned by a man by the name of Tom Botinac, his remains were found amongst the dead.” The reporter paused here, “Ladies and Gentlemen watching this morning…please if your children are watching turn them away, the security footage your about to see is extremely violent.” Vlos froze and heard Yoko gasp as the screams ripped out of the speakers of the T.V. like the cries of the damned, the reporter’s voice sounded over the video “The man you see here, killing without remorse, is our hero Vlos Drakenlake…he appears outraged about Club BAB’s activities and took law into his own hands. The girl on the stage was identified as Yoko Asaro, a secretary of the King‘s. Drakenlake seems to care for her and it is rumored they are in a relationship and that Yoko was given to Club BAB by King Arkelm for breaking the rules of a contract of business. It is also rumored that Vlos will be or is seeking revenge on the King, I don’t know which of these rumors are true. But if both are, the king should be running for his life. This is Solitude News bringing you the latest news and the hottest gossip.” Yoko looked at Vlos, her eyes wide, “You killed all those people…because they were going to let me get raped?” Vlos just nodded, not looking at her, he saw her arms wrap around his waist from behind and he placed his obsidian clad hands over hers. “Gut that damned King like the pig he is Vlos Drakenlake…or don’t you dare come back to me.” She said with cold hate for the man who gave her up to be raped, Vlos just nodded and said “It will be done Yoko Asaro.” She let him go and sat on the bed, as he went toward the stairs Andra came in. Looking a little humiliated, “Mommy said I should get to know your girlfriend Vlos and see if I like her. She said I was mean to you last night and that you need a woman in your life, she also said she couldn’t be with you because it just wasn’t right for her to make you our dad…she would like it but she thinks it would be bad for me and Amber if our mommy got old and our daddy stayed young.” Vlos nodded, “Ok Andra…I understand, this Yoko Asaro, my girlfriend. Yoko this is Andra Myers, my best friend in the whole world.” Andra seemed to brighten up a little bit, Yoko smiled at her. “Well I hope I can make as good friends with you, Andra, as you did with Vlos.” Andra blushed some and they both went and sat on the bed, they waved to Vlos and he disappeared up the steps. He got to Grand Central Station in a matter of seconds, using his enhanced sight he found Arkelm running from his room toward the basement. Vlos let out a dragon’s roar as he folded his wings and let him self free fall toward the building, he reached terminal velocity and smashed through the roof like a missile. He slammed through floor after floor the floor until he slammed into the basement right in front of the stairs Arkelm was descending, Arkelm let out a scream of fear and ran back up the stairs. Vlos was in no hurry and walked up the stairs, he found Arkelm trying frantically to get around the massive hole in the floor so he could try, in vain, to get away from Vlos. Vlos caught him by the back of his shirt and lifted him with a snarl, turning him so they were face to face. Vlos’s lips were gone and his skin was night black, you could only see his shining white teeth and a pair of solid red eyes, when he spoke his voice was a chorus of agonized screams meshed together to form words. “Lets go to the roof Arkelm…you’ll find the few from there, of your city to be rather…spectacular.” He leapt up and landed on the roof, he summoned up a rope and threw Arkelm onto the ground, pinning him there with his foot. He then hog tied the poor King, went to the court yard of the station to rip the flag pole out of the ground, he jabbed the flag pole into the roof of the building at an angle and then suspended Arkelm from it. By then news helicopters were capturing this even from all angles and the police were showing up, Vlos hovered just in front of Arkelm’s face. “Your lucky Yoko asked me to end this quick or else I’d kill you nice and slow,” he grabbed Arkelm by the face and ripped the flesh off. The now faceless man’s eyes fell from their sockets and hung by the string of nerves. His lipless mouth opened in a agonized scream that ended when Vlos jammed his claw half way through Arkelm’s neck and gutted the man from mid-neck to crotch, the blood and guts fell out like a sickening waterfall. The intestines, stomach, liver and other loose organs fell out and slapped the ground with a sickening splatter that made the already gagging officers lose their breakfast. His lungs and heart however hung by the esophagus and veins and arteries. Vlos flew to the center of the courtyard, covered in blood from head to toe, and brought forth hundreds of thousands of shadow creatures. They all looked like angels with black feathered wings, black hair, red eyes and wearing black armor, their faces were concealed by hoods and masks. There were so many it blotted out the morning sun. Vlos’s voice boomed, “Today starts a new era! There will be no more crimes against women, rape, abuse, mistreatment of willing slaves, even verbal abuse and mistreatment will be met with one of these Angels appearing behind the abused woman ready to kill on her command, however if she is being raped the Angel will immediately go for the kill. These Angels are going to be assigned to every living woman on earth…she will name him, these Angel’s are sentient beings. They feel everything you do, the only difference is they will never get sick or die. Oh…one more thing, some of these angels…might fall in love with their Mistress, if they do…the Mistress will gain eternal life if they love the Angel back and agree to be eternally bound to him through a marriage ceremony where the woman plucks one of his wings and presses it to her heart.” Finished with the mortals he turned to the Angels, “Go forth my soldiers…you are drawn to a single woman in this world, find her and protect her. Today starts the life of the Black Thorn Guardians.” The soldiers raised their fists in the air and shouted, “Oorah!” Vlos responded with, “Kill the unworthy men that walk this earth to harm the women you guard, slaughter them in the same way I have slaughtered Arkelm. From this day forward, rape will no longer exsist. Black thorns, I tell you now, some of the women you will guard have already been raped. I want those of you who get a woman who has been raped to go back into time, change that. Kill him and then return to the present time, purge her past of rape. What say you?!”
    His soldiers responded “Never die, never hesitate, kill the unworthy! Oorah!” Vlos raised his own, clawed fist in the air, and shouted “Oorah!” With his soldiers, and all at once they vanished into black mist. Without another word Vlos flew away, headed to the Empire Hotel to be with his best friend and his lover.

    8. The Arena

    It had been a few days, the crime rates for women dropped but still occurred and Vlos actually grew bored. He remembered something from his past, the coliseum, a huge arena where criminals were kept to fight one another for riches and fame. Vlos realized how much entertainment this would be for everyone and sent a telepathic message to his soldiers to take the criminals into captivity, he had some more summoned soldiers go and quickly make what had once been the stadium for the New York City Giants, into the Solitude Coliseum. With their super strength and speed, as well as vast number, made what would have taken days only cast over 12 hours. When it was done there was an armory, vast amounts of individual cells and the foot ball field had been removed and replaced with flat dirt. In the center of the dirt field was a deep pit with a grate over it, twelve pillars lined the field in the space of ten yards and there was a mote, it was not filled with anything but air and seemed bottomless. There were several stores selling liqour and food as well as things for children, just in case, Vlos had spent the twelve hours of that day in bed with Yoko or having tickle battles with Andra and Yoko. Jessica and Andra however were off in the city finding things to do with all the money Vlos had now that he was King of Tarinal, Grand Central Station had been refurbished by his magic as a black castle. The large double doors led to the throne room, a massive eighteen foot tall spiked black throne decorated with skulls, there was a throne half that size next to the other that was designed the same. On a usual day, Vlos and Yoko would be found sitting in their thrones with their hands intertwined Yoko was dressed in a spider silk black dress that did a great job of showing her curves and voluptuous body. Vlos wore his obsidian armor and let his hand rest atop the butt of his massive katana. But this day, the moment Vlos received the news from one of his soldiers that construction was done and a good few hundred criminals had already been captured, Vlos and Yoko had immediately started on their way toward the arena and Vlos ordered his soldiers to spread the word of his arena. Vlos and Yoko arrived in a few hours to a coliseum slap full of people cheering and drinking, “I had not expected this kind of arrival on the first day.” Vlos murmured, Yoko giggled softly and the leader of Vlos’s soldiers spoke up. “Well they don’t like criminals and absolutely hate raiders…and we caught a few raiders attempting some very naughty things with unwilling girls.” Vlos and the soldier chuckled coldly and Vlos and Yoko took their seats, the announcers’ voice boomed over the speakers, “Welcome to the first match of our brand new coliseum! The fighters you will see today are monsters, abusers of women from both past and present. Each has been given a selection of weapons and issued leather armor, the fighters will fight solely for us…they will never be free and their only reward will be more comfortable living conditions. Get comfortable ladies and gentlemen because the first fight is a big one. 20 men will battle to the death, last man standing wins!”
  2. I didn't read, nor will I with the lack of paragraphing, it's far too difficult. The intro I have a few problems with as well. There is no country known as North America, that's a designation of the continent. Also this is near future, a lot of new names for cities, towns and countries without any connection to the past only a generation or three back does not lend itself to the suspsention of disbelief.

    That all said, you've written quite a bit and I wish you luck in your draft and redraft process.
  3. Thank you. I could actually fix a all of those problems rather quickly. A few dates changed and word fixes, I let my mind wander when I write and sometimes the wrong words drift in. Thank you for your input, I'll fix it first on here then repost the fixed one.