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Visual aids

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Do you often use visual aids like pictures, charts, maps, etcetera , to help organize or explain your world, or do you write out long lists or blocks of text?

    Do you think one is better than the other?
  2. I use visual aids whenever possible because I like them and other people do, too! I don't think they're strictly necessary, but they do add a nice little something. I am fond of maps in particular.
  3. Personally, I do both. Text is important given that this is a text-based system. It would make no more sentence for an artist to rely on a paragraph to explain their creation than for a RPer to rely on a picture. Commentary from an artist can lend insight and clarity to an artwork, however, so there's no reason that a supplementary visual piece can't make things come into focus RP-wise, either. ^^

    I'm also a cartographic geek. Human Geography is only making me worse by giving me fancy new vocabulary. My sociomilitary place-of-interest flat map is almost done, but I forgot to take curvature into account so my scale is screwed up big time. :c It's not such a big deal in my climate zone map, but I'm worried some of the Northern cities might be too close together now.

  4. I couldn't say this any better.

    And also. Would you mind sharing given map? Sounds nice, and I also need a little help with actually drawing places. I have a map around here somewhere.
  5. @Arkik
    I don't have a scanner, so best I can do is snap some pics on my phone. Unfortunately, the files are too large to directly upload, so I'll need to go through a freewebs to do it, so it could take time. Or I could text/email the pics directly to you, if you'd feel comfortable sharing. It would save me the trouble of having to sync my phone and all. XD
  6. Sure just gimme a second. :3


    If you want I can send my *prototype* map of my world if you like.
  7. Boop, here's mine.[​IMG]
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