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  1. Welcome, please, do not be afraid, this game is your life now.

    The year is 2067 Virtual Reality games have become a large part of many peoples lives, and the newest game have only made people wish to stay there, be careful what you wish for. Virtual Life, A game where anything is possible, magic, myths, gods, anything, has come about. The story takes place on the launching day of the game, and how the players struggle to survive a world where death is around every corner, and leaving is only a pipe dream. Of course, the players have a chance to leave, by beating the game in one of the FIVE main quests. Once a player beats the game, everyone may leave.

    Virtual World Info:
    The game holds infinity amount of skills, and all having to be used like you are in the real world, only improving with practice, none require to be equipped, all can be used.. No visible HP bars are seen, making death based on the person's wound and how fast its taken care of, death in game means death in the Real World. Pain can be felt in Virtual Life, as can exhaustion and hungry and thirst. The currency of Virtual Life is Tel, round purple metal coins. There is no inventory system, so clothing is changed like dressing in the real world, and you can only carry what you can hold. Items vary in size and what they can do. The game also haves events and a day and night system.
    There aren't any type of vehicles, and also the setting is futuristic, but quests can lead you to other Non-futuristic places. (Like back in the past, to a dungeon, plenty of things.) There are also monsters and such. The population in the game, including NPC's is 1 billion. Also, the gear needed to play the game is called Nionet (Ni-o-net) and its a helmet. There will be FIVE ways to beat the game, and they will be said in the role play very early on. The game calls the planet Eden.

    City of Newcomers

    The largest city in Virtual Life, and the starting city for new players.

    1. I recommend making three characters, but it is not a requirement.
    Spelling and Grammar needs to be decent and readable.
    This role play will be consistently moving, and fighting, i will need details in posts, feel free to make your own places, monsters, items, anything truthfully.

    Character Sheet:
    Screen Name: What players see when they look at your avatar.
    Name: Full name please.

    Nicknames: Anything that people call your character(s) besides there real name.
    Appearance: Your character Real Life Appearance. It must be human. picture or description
    Avatar Appearance: Your characters Avatar appearance. Picture or description
    Age: 12+
    Birthday: Year, mouth, and date.
    Bio: Background of your character. A paragraph at least.
    Race/Species: Human, Witch, Demigod, Alien, and whatever else.
    Weapons: Whatever weapons your character uses and holds

    My Characters will be posted by the end of tonight.

    Edit: Feel free to add to the character sheet.

    Edit: I would also there to be romance in this.
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  2. Screen Name: BenrRoseConner
    Name: Benjamin Conner Roseweck (Rose-Weck).
    Nicknames: Ben, Conner, and Rose.

    Avatar Nickname: Forbidden Prince

    Avatar Appearance:

    Avatar's Demonic Appearance:
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March 24th 2049.

    sexuality: Bisexual

    Bio: Benjamin was rich his entire life, always having the nicest clothes, the best gaming systems, and anything he ever wanted. Being spoiled did not rot his soul, but inspired it to helping others. Sharing the money he always got, Benjamin would regularly donate to charities, and help his friends and strangers with the remaining amount of money. As he aged school only got easier for him, making him turn to video games for excitement. As Virtual World games came, Benjamin only dived deeper into the gaming world. Spending 1000's of dollars on virtual reality games, Benjamin finally hit a beta that he fell in love with, Virtual Life. Benjamin was one of the 100 players to be in the beta for Virtual Life.

    Race/Species: Demon



  3. Screen name: mr Mustang
    Name: Arnold Adlersfl├╝gel
    Nicknames: Arnie, bro, Mustard
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Avatar apperance: [​IMG]
    Robot armor- [​IMG]

    Age: 19
    DoB: September 23, 2048
    Sexuality: straight
    Bio: Arnold grew up with a pretty normal family and a pretty normal life until he met his best friend, Magnilda, in elementary school. He and would go do the most dangerous things in their neighborhood, so by this time they knew each other pretty well. A few years and many accidents later, Arnold went abroad to college, leaving his daredevil of a friend and family. In his freshman year he got a girlfriend and told the news to his family and bff. This got Magnilda a tiny bit jealous, but didn't say. He kept in touch with her until the Virtual World, seeing this as a chance to get even better touch with his best friend and bought it and told her to buy it also. Useing her older brothers wallets.
    Race/species: human
    ice and fire dual swords- [​IMG]

    assorted guns and light dagger- [​IMG]
    Name: Magnilda Heinrich
    Screen name: smileyFacEs
    Nicknames: Maggie, smiley
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Avatar apperance: [​IMG]
    Bioshock armor- [​IMG]
    Age: 17
    DoB: July 12, 2050
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Bio: Maggie lived with a very poor family that was struggling to live in their apartment. Her father worked at her school as the janitor and her mother secretly worked at a very shameful job, I believe it should be obvious she working as a prostitute, and her brothers worked at either a store or a bouncer or dj at a nightclub. While Maggie was a sad, depressed little girl because she was always getting in trouble for something she didn't do or kids would bully her for not having clothes that would fit her and her hair was always in tangles. Her mom told her and her five older brothers, they were moving because her mom scored a job with a modeling agency. Maggie was ecstatic, of course, but when they moved to their new house and it was the first day of being transferred, she already had problems. And a group of girls decided to beat her up at recess. And she did get a few scratches and some hair pulled from her head, but she decided on killing herself by jumping from the roof. But that did not surfice, because Arnold was up there and reading a comic. And he kept on asking her why would she kill herself, after telling him of course. And then started the weirdest friendship ever. And when he got his girlfriend in college, she was super jealous but didn't say, because she saw who happy they were together and didn't want to stir up trouble. And when she heard about Virtual World, she wanted to join with Arnie. And she used her older brother's credit card to buy the beta and join Arnold. And it cost quiet alot.
    Race/species: witch

    The Screaming Broom- her broom that she uses with her usual clothing. The brooms bristles are very sharp and hard and can cut pretty good. If you drag the bristles on concrete, or other hard things, it releases a scratching noise, like long nails on a chalkboard. But i bet they don't even know what that is.

    Zodiac summoner magic: both used with either outfits, this is used to summon any Zodiac spirit at her beck and call. But the more spirits she summons more than two, it take more and more energy. And they can only stay for a limited time.

    Bioshock staff- a staff only able to use with the Bioshock armor, it can be used to make machines malfunction, by sending a temporary virus. And, if user is powerful enough, it can manipulate machines.
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  4. I can post my characters now if you want, then we can start the RP, or i can post them tomorrow.
  5. I'm in no hurry, so go ahead and post you're characters.
  6. Screen Name: KCsarah
    Name: Sarah Violet Underwind
    Nicknames: Vio.
    Avatar Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 20
    Birthday: April 1, 2047

    sexuality: Pansexual

    Bio: Sarah was only sixteen when she first played a Virtual Reality game, and fell in love with them. As she continued to play, she eventually started to try VRMMORPG, and fell deeper into the gaming world. Growing up with only 2 friends, and smarts that could get her teachers jobs, she tried to get into the beta of Virtual Life but was rejected. Standing in line for 3 days, Sarah revived a copy of the top selling game, Virtual Life. She was recently dealing with her two mothers break up when she started to play Virtual Life.

    Race/Species: Human


    Double bladed Dagger:

  7. My last character is hidden, so he will not be having a CS made. Ill make the ICC today.
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