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  1. Here's the scoop:

    I've been itching to play an antagonist for a long while now, and I'd go so far as to say that I am pretty darn good at playing villains. If you're creating a group RP which requires an antagonist, or have a pre-established group RP which could use one, I'd be happy to comply.

    I do:

    • Fantasy, modfan, modern, horror (with reservations), sci-fi, and historical.
    • Male and female villains.
    • Dynamic villains (starts bad and becomes good or vice versa, motives change, etc.)
    • Practical motives.
    • A wide variety of personalities and character types in general - just ask!
    I don't do:
    • Libertine, liberteen, yaoi, or yuri - makes me uncomfortable. Sorry.
    • Fandom roleplays (unless I am very familiar with the fandom, but I wouldn't bet on it)
    • One-on-ones.
    • Motives that rely heavily on revenge, perverse, or psychological problems.
    • FNAF, creepypasta, and the like. I don't imagine there is a whole lot of this on Iwaku, as many of you are adults, but I just thought I'd make that clear.
    • Teen angst and domestic roleplays - in other words, roleplays about high schools, homes, and workplaces, where the plot is dependent on the various antics of characters running around in a closed-system. I enjoy these types of roleplays normally, but the villains associated with these sorts of storylines are usually notoriously lame Regina-George types. Won't do it.
    • Jump-ins (usually - try to impress me).
    • Roleplays any lower than intermediate. I'd like to take part in a well-made RP - frequent grammar problems and one liners will make your work look pretty unappetizing.
    Alright, I think that's about it. If the villain needs any specific characteristics, let me know. No need to PM me - just post right here.

    Uh, have at it or something.
  2. Heya, Snowday! This doesn't go here. This is the one on one requests. Group roleplays are in a completely different part of the forum! I'm not quite sure where to move this to, but I can find out for you, if you like.
  3. No joke. I've been trying to figure out where to put this for awhile, and I saw a few group roleplay requests here, but I wasn't too sure. Don't go out of your way, but if you have any suggestions for where this might go, that'd be great. Thanks!
  4. O.o There definitely shouldn't be any group requests in here. If you see any of those go ahead and report it so someone can move it to the right area.

    I'll take this to the staff, and see where they think the appropriate forum would be.
  5. This looks right - Thankee much, Peregrine!
  6. No worries! Good luck on your search.
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