Vikrla Estate: The Most Dangerous Signups

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  1. Please PM me for more questions.
    Full Name:
    Age:(if youwant to ignore JUST THIS proceed down)
    Birthday: (I like knowing this and there is no need for a year, don;t put it.)
    Family Branch: (If tho cannot decide we will for you no biggie.)
    Related or asked to join:
    Species (Remember that your base is vampire unless you are a maid or butler Also, please don't put former human, the related or asked to join takes care of this tag):
    Vampire powers: (All of them have it DO NOT go over bored! Three AT MAX!)
    Personality (at least a paragraph):
    History(keep it to the family story line, thank you):
    Appearance: (Anime pics or realistic anime only please!):
    There should at least be three pictures, The vampire form, creature form and your close to human form. If you cannot find three, as me and I can help a LOT if I still cannot help you a picture two. it's okay.

    PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR MERDORCO OR MARY'S POSITIONS! THERY ARE MINE! Also, branch leaders are taken too, it will be explained in the Rp once we get started.
    everything about the house and how you will be living will be on the RP

    My Characters

    Mary and Mardorco will not be played much. Just a warning.
    • [tab=Mathis Aayame Annรจ]
    • Full Name: Mathis Mikamia Riku
      Age: 15at the age of conversion

      Birthday: 2.Novemember
      Gender: Male
      Family Branch: Mathis
      Related or asked to join: Related to Mathis Coyoty
      Species: Neko-vampire
      Vampire powers: Like his mother, Mikamia can read minds and has power over the elects of Water and Fire. Also can completely manipulate weather in the sense he can make you your own personal rain cloud. (unlike his mother... XD) Personal rain clouds.
      Personality: Mika in his human form and Mika in his demon form are as different as a person with MPD. He is very social in his human form, talks to people a lot, has friends without even trying and is incredibly loving and kind. He is sweet and adores to be around large mass of friends, however he hates strangers... thus the friend making ideals. So his demonic form is the opposite, he is severely anti social in this form, he is cold and withdrawn. He only harvests love for his sister in this form because even though he hates it he understands his sister more in this form.
      History: Mikahmia and Aayame were born within seconds from each other. They though due to possibly their gene pool or maybe Mika having dipped his toe in the wrong pool would up having the "major hate in vampires" trait. He grew up with Aayame and his other siblings happily though. Until Aayame somehow changed into a vampire early. By this time Mikah had learned to accept being a cat, but he could not handle Aayame's change. He begun from that point on hunting the poor girl trying to end her life no matter how close they were before all ties up until then were severed.

      The two continued to fight until Mika was asked to join a hunters academy where he was actually trained in hunting for the creature that was his sister. He hunted her and though skilled as she if not more let his guard down or something and managed to have the girl change him into what she was. Scared he hid himself from society for a few years, but infuriated again after deciding not to hide any more he begun hunting his sister once more. He is still known as the best hunter of the academy he was a member though he is no longer a member (being what you hunt... yeah really tends to do that to a person Not a good mix XD) He is famous for his hunting, to the humans he is seen as a animal hunter, and to the creatures he is a vampire hunter, and only hunts vampires.
      Other: He and Aaya do NOT get along, they get into fights all the time. Both hold grudges against each other and both seemingly like most siblings cannot be in a room together for more then thirty seconds without going off at each other. Their fights are VERY bloody usually leaving if not one but both hospitalised for several days. His hunters academy still sees him as a member and always will but basically kicked him from the program though he still hunts vampires.

      Close to human (open)

      Demon (open)

      Cat (open)

      1-he ONLY looks like this when he assumes his cat form within his demon form. Its sorta like a form within a form. [​IMG]
      2- When he takes his cat form... and this is rather OFTEN he will look much like this. (I luff Turkish Angoras... XD)

    • Full Name: Mary Kirghiz Vikrla
      Age: I think she is technically ageless now XD

      Birthdate: 17.Marz
      Gender: Female
      Family Branch: She pretends to be a part of no group since she owns the place but fits into the Mathis group nicely (shh we don't tell her)
      Related or asked to join: She made the place!
      Species: Mary was the first hybrid vampire-wolf cross

      Vampire powers: (I said she was THE only Mary sue allowed, and she is. o.o Sawrry)
      Personality: Mary comes off as cold and protective. She is strong though, she loves her family and stands up for them. Always assuming her vampiric from she oozes power and Authority, most no one seconds her and or bothers her in the early morning because without her cup of coffee she is the scariest woman alive. A single glare from her can nearly shut you up, and she does not threaten you, she can put the fear of god into you even if you do not believe in one. (For the record she does not believe in a god) She like a for mentioned is sweet kind and loves her family, she plays with the children and interacts with most everyone that belongs to the family. She is engaged and strong, nearly nothing can break her.
      History: Mary's history starts around the 20th century when she and her boyfriend were taken into an institute and mutated. She accidently though found out she was pregnant and though mutated she ran from the institute and potentially away from the vampire boyfriend of hers, she ran back home to her coven and proceeded to raise her newborn child there. But unfortunately Mary was threatened to the point that she was forced to return her daughter to the girls father. Upon defying death after finding out his promises were completely empty, mary scratched herself together for yet a second time and started the building of the house all the while searching for her daughter. At last Mary's efforts paid off and her daughter was returned to her... but with some minor social and physical changes
      Other: (Zephyr is her father, if you know Zephyr... RIGHT!?)
      Close to human (open)

      Her demon form (open)

      The only thing that really changes is her eyes which change colours also this is Jack's vampire cat form. Also, her hair is not brown it's black.
    • Full Name: Merdorco Jade Vikrla (His mother wanted a girl XD kidding)
      Age: Coven members have learned never to ask him this: he changes his answewr every time...
      Birthday: 7.Marz
      Gender: Male
      Family Branch: Vikrla (one of the rarest pureblood vampires still left on earth)
      Related or asked to join: Related by marriage to mary
      Species: Blueblood vampire

      Vampire powers: he has mind controlling powers, (because it is god modding otherwise I will ask before preforming this action)
      Personality: On the outside Merdorco is cold, unloving, and lonely. He though is not quite that, on the exterior he looks childlike which makes him feel like he should act more adult like and acts as if he his voided of all emotion, he sometimes slaps his coven members when they act out of line. He is the assertive type that one does not argue with, and if you do you often get a hand to the face and his "no, and don't waste the time it takes me to pretend breathe to say that again." Statement. He is calm, and surprisingly loving, Mary has only seen this part of him though and often likes to. He is quiet and most no human has ever heard his voice. He like Mary stays in his vampiric form so there is not much changing. appearance wise. Having kids he gets over protective over his single surviving daughter Lyorah. He is strangely a jokester and a good lifelong friend,
      History: Merdorco comes from the same bloodline as Mary, stepped down few years and branched off with a few less added preservatives. He had a daughter with another pureblood female but ails she left him. Slightly feeling as if h was left alone he packed his bags and started moving around with Lyorah. Years passed, hundreds of moves later he found mary, mentally corrupted herself she took him into her house and slowly he fell in love with her. Being of higher ranking Mary had to ask for him to marry her but he did, and now he lives at the coven and runs it just as good as Mary does it. Merdorco's family owns a lot of car making companies across Britain and Germany.
      Other: One daughter Lyorah Vikrla
      Demon and human (open)
      Demon and human (open)

      He does not have a demon form. As his demon form never developed. (A flaw with this family)

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  2. Full Name: Evangeline Akira Dracul
    Age: 17
    Birthday: January 28
    Gender: Female
    Family Branch: Mathis
    Related or asked to join: Asked to join
    Species: Former Human
    Vampire powers: Transmutation, animal communication, pyrokinesis
    Personality: Evangeline is extremely sadistic. She often sits by herself and appears to be reading, but more often than not, she is silently going over in her mind how she plans to kill anyone she can't stand as well as a few she can stand. Despite her silence, she is trustworthy and does know how to talk. She just chooses not to most of the time. She prefers alone time or time with a single friend rather than being involved in anything involving a group of people, and she refuses to change her ways for anyone or anything. If you don't like her for her, she couldn't care less because she'll just think of a way to kill you too, but despite her love for plotting murders, she knows that she is unable to go through with them in order to say in the coven.
    History: Evangeline grew up in New York City in a middle class family. She was the youngest of five children and the only girl. When she was three years old, her father left her mother, only taking her oldest brother with him. When she was ten years old, her entire life-and then after- changed. She was out at the store, picking up some groceries for her family, having a slight feeling someone was watching her. She began to walk back home when she was simply stopped, bitten, and taken in. She's been in the coven ever since, though she's still completely unsure of who it was that changed her. She had heard stories of humans being victims and say how they never forget their attacker's face, but she did almost instantly and never understood it. After being taken in, she discovered her abilities and her sadistic side that she realized had been there the whole time without her knowledge.
    Other: She loves to sit in her room and either read or play her violin or piano.
    Close to Human (open)

    Demon (open)

    Animal (open)
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  3. ~:Full Name:~
    Giovanna Luna Mathis
    Geo, Luna, Ghost Girl
    Appears 18
    November 18
    ~:Family Branch:~
    ~:Related or asked to join:~
    Asked to Join
    Nine tailed Fox-Vampire
    ~:Vampire powers:~
    Geo has the power of flight, meaning she can lift herself off the ground and hover or soar at any time.
    This is one of the things that lead to them thinking she was a ghost because she uses it when she goes for
    walks or she is just fighting.

    Geo uses Cryokinesis to freeze her opponents where they are using Water Manipulation
    and also to create objects of ice, and if she gains more power, or improves them
    a lot, she would be strong enough to create blizzards.

    Water Manipulation
    Geo has basic control over water, and she can make it flow from placed to place
    and bend at her will. She uses it with her Cryokinesis to freeze people in
    and lock them in place.

    Geo is a solitary girl. She likes to read books and draw, and sing. She doesn't really hide herself
    away from anyone, but she is so pale that more often than not people think that she is just a ghost. She doesn't
    get along well with some of the family members, being kinder and not liking to kill as much as others.
    She finds joy in music, and other things, and often stays inside her room because no one
    really understands how she feels. She is often lonely and sad though she continues
    to keep herself locked up in her room.

    Geo was born into this family. She was very close to her parents, but they both ran away when she was young. Left
    alone, she was asked to join the house because she had nowhere to go. She was always alone since then
    and she had never been more sure she would always be alone.

    She has a brother
    Close to Animal (open)


    Nine Tailed Fox Form (open)


    Close to Human (open)

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