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  1. Dragons have invaded the village of Foxwood. A single ship of Vikings have survived. Six very different people are left to find a new way to live.

    Six person RP prefer equal number of male and female players but its not needed. Must respect others.

    -Character Sheet

  2. I'll get a character sheet up by tomorrow afternoon. Friday at the latest.
  3. Nina Blade


    Good hearted, strong, watchful, caring

    Both parents where killed by a dragon, made fun of becouseof her hair and eyes. A swordsman and marksmen who hunted for her own food.
  4. Name: Bjarke (Also called Brown Bear) Brynjar
    Age: 26
    Personality: A bloodthirsty warrior with a lust for battle. He holds great value in family, honor, and the code of man.
    History: Born to an unwed mother, his father a random man in the village. He constantly went to battle alongside the men of the village once he was of age, he became a very brutal force on the battle field. One of his greatest feats during battle was when he managed to impale a man with his own spear then plant the other end in the ground while hoisting the man into the air. When the dragons attacked he was one of the few who tried to fight them but knew there was nothing he could do, no matter what he threw nothing managed to fell any of the beasts. He hopped on the boat as the village burned, watching his people suffer brought anger to him and he thirsts for vengeance against the beasts.

    Appearence (open)
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 180lbs

    Weapon(s) Of Choice:
    His Axes (open)
  5. Great. Welcome aboard.
  6. Thanks for having me.
  7. It might be wise to post this in some of the other tabs, like fantasy since it has dragons. Also in the interest checks and looking for players sections.
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