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    Please read my rules before sending me a PM! Looking for about two people or so. Only serious inquiries!

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    This is my search page compiled of a bunch of roleplay ideas and pre-made characters. Please send me a PM if any of these plots/individual characters pique your interest and we can proceed from there. This thread will be </font>permanently<font size="3"> open as long as I'm still looking for partners. At the moment I don't have many plots at the moment (working on it!) but I am looking for people who already have some plot they want to RP or are willing to work with me to create a plot! I have certain exigencies that you will need to agree to before proceeding further. Thanks~ <333

    Looking for like 2 people maybe, yea.


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    - Vii -

    You can call me Vii, Vee, V or Cruix. I'm a twenty-six year old female who has a full-time job and currently owns her own residence. Why is this important? To emphasize my availability. Fortunately for any of my future writing partners, my current employment gives me ample opportunity to post during work hours, which means I can post at least once a day during five days of the week. Honestly, I'll probably be able to hash out a few posts a day depending on my work-load, replies or if something else breaks in my god damn house.

    I'm an art hobbyist! I freaking love drawing original characters. All my character art will be done by myself and maybe if you're nice or ask me nicely or just beat it out of me, I'll draw you character art as well! I've roleplayed at Gaia and Deviant art in the past and those places have gotten me into the habit of ramming roleplay doodles down my friends throats constantly. Which brings me to my next thing...

    I'm actually looking for specific people to roleplay with to be honest. I don't want snobs or people with serious anti-social qualities. I'm looking for people I can chat OOC with (GIVE TO ME UR SKYPE?????)-- friends if you will. I swear I'm not scary and I don't bite. I'm like the easiest person to get along with. I even have a skype you can add if you'd like. (SKYPE???? SKYPEEEE ) :y

    So yea! That's some junk about me. Let me smoosh your face, ce'mereeeee.

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    - Restrictions -

    I hate putting restrictions, however I've had some serious issues with past roleplay partners and I'd like to weed out some things before we continue.

    * I don't one-line. Ever. If you one-line ever I gotta drop you like a hot potato lil' mama, sorry. I match post lengths, but give me at least a decent paragraph. Check your spelling and grammar. I won't be a nazi, but please just give me effort.

    * You must be 18+. This has nothing to do with smut or mature content. I prefer people who are older. I have some really bad experiences with younger writers and it's just left me a little weary. Sorry if this seems like an odd request and excludes you! Please don't be offended.

    * Don't ditch me. It's so uncool, just tell me if you're bored or stuck or too busy. I'll understand completely and either shut the roleplay down or try to help you through it. Just don't nope out of the Roleplay without letting me know. Thanks!

    * I don't write smut. I write romantic intimate scenes and that have a few details, but I don't write pornographic material involving skin slapping and bodily fluid sounds. Get my drift? Also, this is important. I joined Iwaku a few months back and opened this thread. I got some great requests and unfortunately didn't get to role play with any of them because I was sorta scared off the site by someone making gross sexual comments to me in the PM. Please, you don't know me well enough to do that PLEASE DON'T.

    * I don't need romance. Of course, I'm not opposed to it happening, (in fact who doesn't love romance???) but I'm perfectly capable of roleplaying platonic characters. However if romance is going to happen, it needs to be natural and still be plot driven.

    * I don't roleplay gay males. Sorry yaoi fans, I don't do it. I will however, play lesbians and heterosexual couples. But I really love lesbians. Lesbiannnssssssss. Oh and I can also play either gender.

    * I can double. I probably will -- or at least throw in 3458985934 npcs when the plot needs a lil' push.

    * Don't harass me. If I do become busy (which I'll try to let you know), don't spam me with 4395849534 angry messages.

    * I DON'T DO FANDOMS. If you try really hard you might be able to convince me to roleplay in a world based on a game or movie (I don't watch anime really). I MIGHT if we use original characters. Mightttt.

    * I throw in lots of twists. I'm the type of roleplayer that will have some stupid heart-wrenching twist waiting for you at every corner. I love to plot themes, add twists and make things interesting. I really need someone who can meet me half way on that. I do NOT WANT a yes man. If you're coming into this expecting me to make 100% of the plot and the world and everything to go along with it, please look elsewhere. I want someone who has an idea of what they want. Don't tell me "I don't care. Whatever u want. It doesn't matter to me." NO. NO NONONONON. iT DOES MATTER WHAT YOU WANT BOO BOO. I want us both to have fun, k?

    * I rate my plots by difficulty. I do this because some of my plots may require us both to do a litttttttle bit of research. For example. Say we're Roleplaying something about ahhh greek mythology. And when it comes time to needed some sort of monster or foe, don't descend Agni the Hindu deity to breathe fire on everyone. Get what I mean? For plots like these I'll rate them 'Hard'.

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    - Plots -

    I'm open to most plots (you know, plots. Real plots. Not studentxstudent bs plots.) I only have ideas for a few themes, but these are a few things I will help brainstorm.

    Fantasy (High/Low)
    Scifi ****hdsdfksdjf (i love scifi)
    Super heroes/villains
    Zombies (or any variation of infectious monster)

    Any of these can be mixed and matched. I probably left out a ton as well. I'll add more as I think of them.

    Themes I WON'T DO.

    - School themes
    - Arranged marriages
    - Slavery (Unless it's a minor theme to a bigger separate plot)
    - Plots revolving around sex or romance
    - Gundam/Mecha

    And here are some of my already thought out plots. Most of these will have my character premade and linked. If you like the plot but not my character, let me know! It'll take like a half an hour to whip up another. If there isn't a character linked to the plot, that means I'm still making the character. You can also frequent my Charahub, where I put all my pre-made characters to fester forever. Looks a little bit empty right now, I know. I'm updating it more soon.

    Train Chasers
    Scifi | Dystopian | Crime / FxF | Medium Level Plot

    Financial crisis, exceptionable dictatorship and inapt resources that only seem to supply the wealthy. Whatever equitable structure that once kept the Luthia in an equilibrium is now gone, ravished by the greed and innate desires of man. The world divided, abandoning the middle and lower class to work on propelling the rich to the future. Once clean and prosperous cities are now slums, driven by crime and drugs. Jobs are notoriously hard to come by, and even when obtained the compensation is devastating. The wealthy sectors, on the other hand, are flourished in high-tech security (to keep the lessers out) and luxuries. Cures to nearly every known disease reside right within these walls, allowing the previous age limitations to be breached by only those who can afford it.

    Of course not everyone conforms to this brutal world. Some defy the law and pave their own paths, despite the consequences. Two women together perform some of the greatest known heists on bullet trains and cargo trucks that transport money, goods and supplies to the wealthier sectors in effort to dent the system and of course, fuel their own agendas.

    Character I'm using

    The Wandering City
    Modern | Supernatural | Temple Raiders / Male x Female or Male (no MxM romance) Hard level plot
    ( This is sort of Tomb Raider/Uncharted inspired. You don't need to have played either to RP it though.)

    Francisco Pizarro, 1524 sought out the rumored Incan empire. After many years of searching, he eventually found the notoriously wealthy empire and returned to Spain to conquer the Incan people. In 1533 Peru had been conquered and thousands of Incas met their end.

    For hundreds of years Spanish soldiers told stories of the City of the Ceasers, also known as the "The Wandering City" that had once existed in Patagonia. According to it's legends, the city held an immeasurable wealth of gold, silver and diamond, however was never discovered by those who sought it out. As the legend goes, the city holds the secrets to many of the most treasured wonders of the Earth. Of course, this place was never found. Spectators and expeditioners conceded to the idea the story was a myth or even an exaggeration of one of many already found forts and cities. However... some could never just leave it alone.

    2014, the exploitation of undiscovered scriptures of Francisco Pizarro, handed down within the family. The writings had breached the public long before the Spanish Government or British Empire could seize the documents. Within the very scriptures, Pizarro described a city of wealth.

    'And the skies simmered, red like a sea of blood casting a feverish glare down upon those who dared to trespass. No living person to be found, just the sentry giants at each wall, towering over the city with eternal stony gaze that overlooked each thoroughfare. But we dared not enter, for not even God's will seemed of worthy regard. My men, those that are left, have sworn to never speak of this place again. Of all it's riches and it's worth, not one piece had been seized and I leave this place with only the hopes no one ever finds it.'

    However Pizarro did leave one clue. On the back of his scripture he left a note.

    " Upon the highest top of Andes, look to the west just as sun rises and pray God for mercy on your soul "

    Now in a giant rat race, people from all over the world are rushing to Peru in peruse of the riches of the Incas, some people more ruthless than others. Already blood has been spilled between the hundreds of eager adventurers, but that doesn't deter thrill seekers from chasing after this illusive myth.

    (Okay, so this is probably going to be a very involved plot. I'd like someone who is willing to put effort into this one. Not all of my information about when/where/how/what will be historically correct. Some will probably be wrong or made up. I'm sorry for that, I did my best. However I don't mind if you add made up stuff as well. I'd love to see what we can come up with together! For this plot I'd like it to start out as two lone treasure hunters (or whatever you want your character to be) accidentally running into
    each other while exploring the mountains. Obviously they'll be rivals, however they decide to band together because of the increasingly alarming number dangerous of cut throat treasure hunters and obstacles in the mountains. )

    Character I'm using

    I don't have one yet, however I'd prefer to play the male and you the female or male.
    M x F romance is an option for the RP
    Not M x M romance, sorry.


    For when I make some more lame ass plots.


    If I seem like super weird it's because I'm a nervous lunatic who isn't a lunatic why did I say that I am 100% sane I swear to godahahahahahahHAHAH

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