Video Games Defended by Supreme Court Ruling

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The only reason that they had put this law up in the first place was to air their ***** to the wind and try to **** on everyone lower than them.

Yep, a lot of people in the government should not be in it. Ever.

If they make the law so that it censors ALL media the Supreme court could allow it... If the 1st amendment wasn't here.

Anyway, they should just do an even larger campain on the knowledge of the ESRB rating system. It works. It really does.
"The court agreed with the video game industry that the existing self regulatory board, the Entertainment Software Rattings Board, was doing its job--the government wasn't needed."

ESRB. Doing more for the world than the government.
This ruling will hopefully put to bed, or at least seriously hinder, those who would use the US legal system to try and stifle and censor a growing artistic medium. It sets a legal precedent for the the fact that video games are art, that games are defended by the US Constitution. It shows that the critics are wrong, and have been wrong from the start.

Seriously, guys, this is good fucking news. Maybe now people will start to recognise the potential video games have as a form of media and art, as well as entertainment.
As the article points out, the ruling does leave an opening for another stab at this sort of legislation. Alito even describes how it might be done.

Take that Jack Thompson.

Now for you, lazy parents! Stop being twats and parent your kids if you're so goddamn worried.

Anyway, this is especially nice for me because the big reason the Video Game Voters Network (Which you may have seen a plug for in my signature for the past year or so) originally made this their primary concern. So hot diggity damn. Victory for the organization I'm part of.