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You know when we have one of those discussions where some article claims all the evils in the world stem from video games? You know how pissed off we get when they do that? Well guess what, now we have a place to fight back.

Ladies and gentlemen, gamer and non-gamer alike, I give you the Video Game Voters Network.

This is essentially a hub where information on the little crusade against video games is kept for us, the gamers. It gives us a place to speak our voices and let's us keep up to speed on whatever bullshit the government is trying to do to regulate video games, and by extension, smothering First Amendment rights.

Hell, Stan Lee is a member! Yes, the Marvel Stan Lee.

I know there are other people in this forum who share my views. Well here's our chance to finally do our part to take the fight back to the ignorant people trying to mess it up for us! I don't understand isn't this a dead horse? Of course violent media of any kind makes someone more likely to be violent irl. People still care?

Or is there some prop I haven't heard about...