Victorian era rp/family fight

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  1. So... I had this in mind for a while. My center of characters would be a set of twins that I will be playing, Levell and Rianne Kingsley. Basically, my partner can be anyone from family to friends or a random character. My main focus is the big fight between Levell and Rianne for the inheritance of their father's business. There's a lot of pressure to get married and such. So I was thinking that the two characters my partner is going to be will be involved with either Rianne or Levell or both. Idk just write if interested ><

    My short bio for Rianne and Levell is here:
  2. I know we rp a lot but I'm interested lol
    Uh, as either a nanny/governess or a personal maid to both. Although my character would be 16 if that's alright with you?
  3. Oh god I forgot to watch this thread of course of course that sounds great I'd love to use my fucking twins
  4. XD otay :3
  5. So do you want to be their maid?
  6. Sure :3
  7. Okay I'll start the thread. Basically Rianne and Levell are in a relationship (different than the one in the rp with Megan and Zach) where they fuck hard and argue all the time afterwards, almost as if the sex is about anger.
  8. My char is just gunna be like....oh....well....I'll just be over there....0.0 xD
  9. She's going to see them fucking and I tell you it's loud and rough and leaves marks xD
  10. She's just gonna walk away. She won't be able to look them in the eyes. She'll just shake her head all confused and walk away xD
  11. Lol they're hot tempered and Lana is like fuck you this my house bitch xD
  12. xD but it's their house haha
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.