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  1. Hello!! So I just thought of a few awesome but open ideas to be put together into one whole plotline!! :D

    I would like there to be at least five people to the group RP. In future, I may accept more, but I don't want there to be a crazy amount of roleplayers when I have something as good as this on the roll with being planned out.

    Roleplay Ideas

    • Neo-Victorian Fashion Style

    • Paranormal Romance Genre

    • Victorian Era (set in 1832-1901) w/ an AH of Steampunk

    • Species include shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, psyhics, and ghosts

    • I prefer werewolves on all fours but since this something more gothic, dark, and horror-like, I want the werewolves that walk like humans

    • I was thinking the main group of "good" guys could be shapeshifters and/or vampires and the main group of "bad" guys could be vampires and/or werewolves. Psychics are mostly neutral but some have joined "the dark side" for various reasons. A vampire's alliance can be switched, as well as a shapeshifters. Since ghosts are practically fog/mist/whatever, they'd have no alliance, but can still be apart of the roleplay.

    • Shapeshifters can be any animal (for the most part) but the majority would be large animals such as panthers, cheetahs, etc.

    • Sparks horror elements (suspense, mystery, and gore between the levels of mild and explicit)

    • The female protagonist's older sister is a vampire but the protagonist does not know this until later on

    • Main protagonist is Victoria (played by me)

    • The antagonist is a male vampire

    • The antagonist falls in love with Victoria

    • There will be main female and male lead

    • The romance/romantic journey between Victoria and her captor (preferably a shapeshifter) is a major part of this roleplay

    • Subplots of other characters will be included within the story (don't worry, they'll have a chance to shine within the RP :3)

    • Love triangle between Shapeshifter x Human (me) x Vampire

    • There will be more plot than sex.

    • Victoria's sister is a slave/sex slave (completely optional between those two whoever wants to play Victoria's older sister) to the antagonist.

    • So far, our roles are Victoria (played by me), Victoria's older sister, main antagonist/male vampire, and the male lead who is a shapeshifter.

    • Shapeshifters can only morph into animals of some sort (but to make it more dark and horror-like, please no reptilian animals or things like turtles, #youshouldcatchmydrift)

    Inspirational Images

    Victorian London (open)
    Black Carriage (open)
    Vampire and Shapeshifters (open)
    Gothic Style (maybe the sisters? I'd be the right (open)
    Possible Minor Female Antagonist? (open)
    Your Typical Living Room (open)
    Definitely some sort of Scene! (open)

    The Basic Character Sheet (things will be added on later as more people join and plotline finally gets closer to being fleshed out)

    Full Name: (preferably a name that was used back in Victorian England- can be other European names as well (like French, Romanian, Irish, etc.)

    Age: (If your character has lived longer than what they look like ( for vampires) then put down the age they look like and their chronological age in parentheses unless your character was born within the Victorian Era and became a vampire later on)


    Species: (the main basis)

    Powers/Abilities: (If shapeshifter, tell me what animal they can shift into and a few of their animal's abilities. For example, a cheetah can run super fast so something like enhanced speed could be put down. Some animals have higher senses than others- if not all, tell me specifically which senses are enhanced, etc.)

    Appearance: (You need human form. If shapeshifter, you need human form and animal form.)

    Personality: (optional)

    History: (optional at the moment if you want to wait until the RP is more fleshed out before doing so. It will be required before we officially start, though.)

    More: (Any random facts you want to share like favorite color and/or drink, etc.?)

    VICTORIA HATLEY (female lead)

    The Basic Character Sheet

    Full Name:
    Victoria Hatley


    Gender: Female





    Victoria Hatley was born in July 1843 to William and Rose Hatley within the city of London. She has an older sister, five years older than her, whom she looked up to during her life as a child. Victoria had no knowledge of the paranormal living within the United Kingdom, at the time. Her education was taken quite seriously, being privately tutored in basic academics, such as math and writing. Victoria also learned day-to-day chores, such as sewing, cooking, and cleaning by her mother. At eight years, Victoria learned of paranormal creatures, for the first time, the emotional and horrible way. Her sister knew of paranormal creatures, but not werewolves, who slaughtered their parents on a full moon. Victoria and her sister were temporarily sent to their abusive aunt and uncle's house for a place to stay and be safe. At the age of 13, Victoria's older sister suddenly disappeared one night, not arriving a few hours after curfew. Victoria's aunt and uncle made an effort to find her, but didn't put much thought into it, forcing Victoria to run away and find her older sister on own terms, no matter the danger.

  2. Ohh sounds interesting dear~

    ^ - ^

    May I join?​
  3. You totally may! Any ideas/suggestions, just let me know here!

    I will be updating this thread frequently with scrambled ideas! :D
  4. Awesome! cx

    So, how will this work? I'm sorry for asking but I'm curious. :D​
  5. Mind expanding on that question? Are you wondering about the mechanics, the plotline, the roles, or something else entirely? :3
  6. Yes that's exactly what I mean. The plot, Mechanics, Roles. Things like that, sorry for asking so unclear before, I just couldn't exactly think of the right words.

  7. That's what this list is for. Helping figure out the plot, roles, and its mechanics, etc. We already know my role (Victoria) but there are other roles up to be taken such as a vampire, shapeshifter, etc.
  8. Alright. I was just asking because at first I didn't… Exactly understand at first. But now I'm alright. Anyways, would you mind I'm a Shapeshifter? Sorry, but it's just so interesting on how they… morph into different forms and can take on different lives if they truly wanted.​
  9. No need to be sorry. I don't really understand why you're apologizing for wanting to be something you're interested in. Remember, the only forms you may take on are your animal form and human form. Also, if you wish (this is optional), you may be the male lead shapeshifter, but that is, of course, up to you. (:
  10. Yes I completely understand about the forms. I was just saying about how they are in most stories~.
    Also, I'm not the best at being a male no matter how hard I try.
    And I was just saying sorry because it's an old habit. xD​
  11. Remember, there's always room for improvement, but let me whip up a character sheet real quick. You can start doing basics like history, appearance (if you use a link I'd appreciate if they weren't celebs like selena gomez, justin beiber, ariana grande, etc.) and name, if you'd like. Personality is always optional (since surprises are fun ;3)
  12. Indeed that's very true.
    And alright. I completely understand. (( Not a fan of them anyways. ))
  13. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of them or not, I'm just referring to celebrities in general, but thanks for understanding. Out of curiosity, have you an idea on how your shapeshifter would fit into the shapeshifting society? Or perhaps be on good/bad terms with the male lead who is a shapeshifter? :)
  14. It's not a problem.
    Anyways, I'm not very sure on how my Character would fit into the society, but yes, my Character would be on bad terms with the Lead male shapeshifter. Lets just say that they… Had a relationship along time ago, and then something happened that made my Char and him break up, so now they absolutely despise each other.
    Honestly it's just an idea, we could always come up with something else.~​
  15. She's your character, not mine. You may very well have it in her history, as long as it's understandable how/what/why it happened, you know? And of course, there's always the person who's playing the male lead to talk to. Not that you need to worry about it now.
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