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    Anthony sipped is coffee lazily, his head shifted down towards the table as if he was using the magic of a Ouija board. Yet there was the cafe' menu instead and he eyed it as if the words were foreign to him. And for a demon it was. Demonic peoples relied on old Latin and German languages. However it was a simple solution, all demons had the power to gain knowledge of a language by contact. But it was very suspicious in how they did so, they obtained knowledge of a language by lip to lip contact, seeing as that was the most important in how humans communicated. Nevertheless Anthony's family had been kissing plenty of people over the years. A black tuxedo over a dark blue shirt was his choice of clothing. It made him stand out to what his human form already did. This coffee shop had gotten him more stares and gossip started faster than a fire in a overly dry forest. Some human women even whistled as he walked in. He wasn't used to this passive contact, the whistling, he never got in Germany. Even on the ship passage here, he never got whistled at like he was a canine. Language that he never understood, he should have kissed one of the humans searching him.

    "salve Tony, formose, Americae tempestas operor vos conueniant?" The familiar language flowed like water into Anthony's ears. The empty seat in front of him was taken by a skinny, blonde haired man. Tony knew him as Gino, or Giovanni his Capo. A tan tuxedo covered his shoulders, a white shirt underneath. Most people stared at the both of them, speaking a dead language and both in business suits, it was a sight to see. Tony's family was a family of over 3hundred demons. Some family by relation and some by respect. Tony's father was the master or leader of a Mafia family. Germany was overrun by werewolves when Tony's father fallen ill forcing them to leave and fluster to America. A few other Mafia families lived and controlled old time New York city. But the Corleone family, which Tony belonged too, was slowly running out the human families and the mythical alike out of town or crushing their existance. Tony was involved either way,

    Tony gave a smile towards his friend, nodding his head in respect "hoc lingua humana est dolorem. Possem ire insanissimum. Habuit missionem pro me?" but his question went unanswered. Giovanni nodded and swiped the menu from Tony's side. Seeming to be looking for someone "Sed nunc relaxatis" his eyes scanning the menu as Tony let out a growl in protest but made no move to steal it back.

    ((salve Tony, formose, Americae tempestas operor vos conueniant?"(hello Tony, lovely america weather do you agree?)

    hoc lingua humana est dolorem. Possem ire insanissimum. Habuit missionem pro me? (This human language is a pain, I might go insane. Have a mission for me?)

    Sed nunc relaxatis (However now we relax.)
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    Alex woke up late that morning. She had no reason to make herself get up early. She had all the time in the world...literally. Being a vampire had its perks at times. So instead of getting up, Alex curled back up into a ball and let the sun bathe her in warmth. Unlike the old legends the sun didn't hurt her it just get irritating after a while. Those old stories were made up by vampires like her great-grandfather Dracula to make the humans feel safer. Little did they know. Alex was on the verge of falling back asleep when her stomach began to growl. It wasn't from lack of food but lack of blood. Alex had not fed in a while and it was that time again. Alex groaned as she rolled out of bed and into the bathroom to get dressed. So much easier to get a willing blood donor when you look irresistible she thought smiling at her reflection. And yes vampires have reflections too.

    With a final look at herself in the mirror Alex checked to make sure everything was perfect. Her makeup was done to perfection, jeans hugging every curve, and a blouse that showed just enough cleavage to keep man looking but not enough to leave nothing to the imagination. She smiled and flipped her curled hair once more before walking out of her apartment and down the street. She decided on going to a new coffee shop she had seen to scope it out. Alex left her car and decided it was a nice day to walk. When she reached the little shop she walked inside and found a table near a corner. She didn't even notice the two men in suits. She was too busy looking for breakfast.
  3. Geo lifted his head and gave a short barely audible whistle. Humans would not have heard it, only the trained ear and some form of enhanced hearing could. Tony lifted his head slowly from his waffles, he loved waffles, they never served waffles in Germany. Only a form of crepe which tasted bland to a demon. Half of it was already gone, just the waffles themselves were left, stained red and soggy from the whipped cream and strawberries. Which where the first things Tony ate, but he set his fork down and followed Geo's gaze "Est quod eam?" his gaze turned back to Geo once he got a nod in response then back to the target. Watching her every move and analyzing it, seeing how she walked and what she wore. His blue eyes hidden under his fedora, she was attractive from behind, but every human woman looked good at the front. All this makeup, women wore it like masks, it sickened Tony. In his own opinion all women were attractive, everyone having a certain quality that Tony, were he human, would enjoy. They had no need for false comfort caused by cosmetics. It only lead to disappointment. They never allowed makeup in Germany, Tony followed in his fathers footsteps that all women are beautiful without false masks.

    "Sibi nomen Alex, magna neptem Alucard. Sed hunc quidem non est homicidii quam ut ipsum a possis. Quae lamia est ut cernis, et amore prosequi non facile sperat. Scientes autem vobis est, job mos adepto fieri. Idque serio. Si umquam vobis necessaria omni tempore. Intelligitis?" Geo asked taking sips of his coffee and staring at Tony. Tony looked back and gave a nod "Intelligi"

    ((Sibi nomen Alex, magna neptem Alucard. Sed hunc quidem non est homicidii quam ut ipsum a possis. Quae lamia est ut cernis, et amore prosequi non facile sperat. Scientes autem vobis est, job mos adepto fieri. Idque serio. Si umquam vobis necessaria omni tempore. Intelligitis? (Her name is Alex, great granddaughter to Alucard. This is not a homicide but we need you to get as much information you can from her. As you can see she is a vampire, gaining her trust and love might be difficult. But knowing you, the job will get done. Be careful. You have all the time you could ever need. Understand?))
  4. Alex sat at her table sipping a latte when a semi attractive human male came up to her. She could tell he was the cocky type but heyy when you needed blood as much as she did, most anything would do. She smiled seductively at him and he seemed already to be under "spell". They began having a nice little conversation about meaningless things. Just when Alex was about to ask him if he wanted to travel somewhere more quiet she heard a whistle. Frowning she asked if he had heard anything but he replied no. Strange she thought...guess there are other beings here besides human. She didn't bother to look around the shop but continued to talk with him.

    A few minutes later she heard someone speak Italian. She didn't understand what they were saying but she did could recognize the language. Alex was starting to be creeped out. She was tired of playing games now. Alex was ready to eat and leave. She looked at the stranger and used her vampiric powers to control his mind. She made him follow her hand-in-hand out the door and down an alley. She made quick work of biting him and taking enough blood to survive. She licked the wound and left him there to recover. The stranger would only have a slight headache and be a little confused ,however, all memory of her would be gone. Alex began to walk down the street searching for some of her favorite stores. When she became slightly panicked she also became a terrible money waister.
  5. Tony followed for a short distance, coming up to the man who lay back against the brick wall. Drops of blood dripping down his neck from where the bite wounds where. For a vampire she knew not of how to hide her marks. Tony knelt down and grasped the mans head with his hands. Tilting his head left and right as if to examine him. The man groaned in protest which was fully ignored, Tony gave a sigh, apologized and with one quick turn, the man's neck snapped. Why did he apologize? He knew not of why he did it only that it needed to be done. Reduce the population and all that jazz, now to find the vampire woman. He poked his head from the alley way and looked around finally giving a sigh once he spotted her waltzing into a store. How would he get her to be at least interested in him? He needed to think about this for moments. He leaned against the wall and furrowed his brow, he needed to think of something.

    (sorry it is short. I don't feel well enough to time alot)
  6. Alex's great-grandfather had actually left quite a large sum of money. Alex's parents ,when they were still alive, didn't spend a lot of time with her. Instead they just sent her money to keep her quiet. Alex got used to it but since then she grew and addiction to shopping. However, Alex trained herself to only shop when panicked and today was one of those days. Alex walked around the store picking out cute things to try on. Her mind was temporarily distracted by this even though she had a feeling that someone was following her.

    (It's fine!)
  7. Anthony had hatched a plan while he followed her and it was relatively simple for a well trained demon, he would brush up or run into her by accident. Surely in public with blood in her system she would act normal even if someone where to bump into her. He would make the illusion of him running after his dog which was an apparition. This was tricky and could fail in many ways, but when you are on a ship for weeks on end with nothing to do but listen to elderly people tell stories of when they were fighting for Germany in World War 2, you slowly start to go insane. What else were you supposed to do when you needed entertainment. Tony was very young when he fought for Germany under Adolf Hitler, the genius he was. Germany would have been better off if Hitler had listened to the mob, they would have been more successful. But that was in the past and Tony had no intention in dwelling the memories of war. His plan was well thought out, make the dog, bump into the target and transfer the virus that would give her dreams of him. He would study her then for days and see her methods of transportation etc. And just be there when she thought about him. Simple and yet difficult. He would have to try, but he needed to speak some English......he looked around to find the most unsuspecting person. He still had to keep his eyes on her, but language came first.
  8. Alex left the store with about four bags full of clothes. She felt a little better now and even had a smile on her face. It was funny to see the men that worked in the store try to offer her help even though they knew how often she came there. One of them had the audacity to flirt with her and ask for her number! Alex didn't go for human guys so she simply laughed and declined. Now ,however, she walked outside of the store and started walking down the sidewalk again. Alex was ready to get home and prepare herself for a night out. She needed to have some fun.

    A cute college student was also walking down the street at the same time. She was bored of studying for her final English exam so she decided to go out for a walk. Along the way she walked right past Anthony. But retraced her steps when she realized she passed by a handsome guy. She smiled. "Hi i'm Amanda and you are?" she said. She waited patiently for his response.
  9. Anthony gave a smile once she walked past him, he pretended not to notice her, glancing at the occasional store. He understood shops very well, but eyeing some lingerie stores he tipped his head slightly. They definitely didn't have stores like this in Germany, or they did and he never took notice since he wasn't exactly a lady killer, but he was in looks. He never understood it. When a regular human woman retraced her steps and spoke to him, he stopped and turned on his heel. Facing her with a smirk on his face, she was bold he had to give her credit for that. But he couldn't speak English so him responding to her might never work. Until he had a plan and decided to go with it, his old plan still in affect. He came forward to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close and pressing his lips to hers, waiting until he got the right information from her. This was the right girl and as soon as he got all of the English language, he removed his lips from hers. Using the hand he was holding her and gave her a pat on the cheek, a devilish half smile on his face "I'm out of your league sweetheart. Having a brittle mind like you do, only makes you seductive on the outside, but is your personality?" he asked, liking how the language rolled off his tongue in a sensual fashion. He turned on his heel once more and began to walk down the street once more. Now that he had touched a random woman, she would have dreams about him. He made them extra sexual just for her, she was lucky. She was also lucky that it was just a test run on his abilities.
  10. Alex decided to take the long way home as to enjoy some more fresh air. She walked past a guy that she saw at the coffee shop earlier. He happened to be kissing some girl. Alex rolled her eyes at their public displays of affection. That sort of thing wasn't something that she enjoyed watching, so she hurriedly walked past them. Alex enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her skin since her body didn't make any natural heat of its own. Yes, that part of being a vampire was true. No heartbeat and skin as cold as ice. Although sometimes Alex could generate enough body heat to pass as human but that took too much energy. Alex arrived at her apartment building and went up to her penthouse to get ready for that night.
  11. Anthony still held the woman who he had kissed, he had also sucked all of her energy during that kiss trying to obtain the language. But his eyes were locked the vampire he was supposed to kill once she passed him. His eyes bore down into her skin, that cold lifeless waste of flesh. He was born with the hatred for the species, they over threw Germany during world war 1. Tony remembered that war very well, but under WW2 Tony found his home under the rule of Adolf, or rather his family's rule over Adolf. He would see her again he was sure of it. She would probably pick some club and dress all fancy like she belonged there when she knew deep down she was no more good in this world than death. She was worth more dead anyways.

    A small sexual moan fell from the woman he kissed, she was limp in his arms and it was clear she was aroused. Tony rolled his eyes and quickly led her into a alley where he kissed her once more, apologized in Latin and snapped her neck with a short movement. His body moving out of the alley and getting lost in the crowd.
  12. Night fell and Alex was ready for a night on the town. She was dressed simply in a black, figure-hugging dress paired with her favorite red pumps. She didn't do much in terms of make up, she decided for a more natural look tonight and the same went for her hair. She curled it a little but pretty much left it alone. Alex waved for a taxi and one stopped almost immediately. Alex rarely went to normal human clubs but today she was feeling more thirsty than ever. Probably due to the fact that she was still uneasy about the prospect of someone following her. She had the taxi man take her to one of the most popular clubs in town and got out. Alex walked straight to the bouncer and was let in almost instantly. She smiled as she heard the groan of the other people who had been waiting in line for hours. Some times it paid to know people. Alex headed straight for the bar. "Martini please." she told the bartender.
  13. Tony waited, he would arrive at midnight. He had the exact location of his target and a group of demons had been positioned there. But he wasn't supposed to kill her even though he wanted too with everything he held dear. All demons wanted to kill vampires, it was natural. But he had to gain her love and if he got her to touch him then he could work his magic and drive her dreams insane. That was the purpose of following her to a human club where so little interest was held for demons. She must have been thirsty and this is where all the freshest blood can be obtained, night clubs. For this appearance Tony decided to wear a plain tight dark blue shirt, dress shirt, with his normal attire black jeans. No hat. He would arrive with one demon and they would separate. He had a workable plan for this act and he had to make sure that it would work.

    A large man gaurded the door and Anthony stared him straight in the face. Demons could rearrange a human's mind, though for other demons it was worthless. The man let him in and Tony was almost pushed in every direction by dancers. He had to locate the woman and that was it. His plan would come into action. Or if she spotted him out and decided to introduce herself first.
  14. Alex tapped her foot to the beat of the overly loud music. She sipped lightly at her drink and looked around the club. She could smell the scent of fresh blood filled with lust and energy. Clubs were always the best places to get blood. Not only were the victims more than willing when they thought that they were going to have some fun but the blood was always filled with some sort of strong emotion. Alex noticed a man in a dark blue dress shirt and black jeans. He didn't really seem to be enjoying himself. She wondered why he was here then. Probably some over happy girlfriend dragged him here she thought laughing. But besides the fact that he looked like the club was the last place on earth he wanted to be, he also seemed to have something off about him. She smirked. What the heck can't hurt to just talk right? she thought. Alex left her seat at the bar and walked over to him.

    "You don't seem like you're having much fun." Alex said.
  15. So his plan had worked, he never really had a happy face on when he was working. And this was work and he had never been a fan of parties. Germany had better rules about clubs, he didn't know they revolved around getting into someone's pants. That's why clubs were there was it not? So humans could feel the emotion of pleasure without other emotional ties. It made sense, if you were a human. But here his target was and she was speaking to him, his plan would work but this seriousness had to go. For now, he would use it too his advantage."No, my friend ditched me for a mini skirt. But I am his ride home so I'm forced to stay." The English language rolled off his tongue like melted chocolate. Holding an accent that was a mixture of more than one. The music ringing in his ears and the base shaking his bones. Silence would be perfect at the moment, the distance from his bubble and the humans was far too short and it made him furious. But his face forced a small gentle and harmless smile as his eyes watched her, examined her.
  16. While Alex waited for a reply she studied him out of the corner of her eye. He wasn't bad looking in fact he was quite attractive. Alex was so glad that her vision was better in the dark than a human's for if not she wouldn't be able to study him. She got received a strange vibe from him that didn't seem right but Alex couldn't put her finger on it. So instead she pushed that thought away. Alex almost melted at the sound of his voice. She was always a sucker for a man with an accent. When he smiled at her she returned it with one of her own. Also glad at this moment for having retractable fangs. "Hmm...such a shame. Well i'd be more than happy to keep you company until he returns...if you'd like." she said. Alex could feel his eyes examining her but she ignored it and took another sip from her glass.
  17. Tony shrugged, but his mind was focused on the one thing that he could do. Give her the dreams she was intended to have to keep her interested. She thought of him as a meal, she thought of him as a human or else she wouldn't be speaking to him so he had to move fast. His face softened and he tilted his head towards hers. Grabbing with his hand and lifting up her chin and softly pressing his lips to hers. He could feel the fangs beneath her lips, how stupid did she think he was? He wasn't going to fall for her shenanigans and the next time she went to sleep the day away. The sexual dreams he had placed into her mind would torture her till she decided to meet him once more. He could use some blood, but he wanted only hers. She was his target after all. And with the dreams given to her, he released her lips and moved to whisper into her ear in his chocolate voice "Maybe next time" ‚Äčand he slipped from her view and got lost in the crowd. The demons who had been observing Tony do his deed left behind him as if he was a king. They escaped down the streets.
  18. Alex couldn't help herself. When the stranger had touched her chin and tilted her head, Alex's fangs extended by themselves. After the brief kiss she was left in a daze. After a few minutes she blinked her eyes to find that he was gone. Realizing that she had let a complete stranger ,and a possible human even though she doubted that he was one, kiss her revolted Alex. She wiped her lips and drank the rest of her drink in anger. She was absolutely furious and if she didn't get out of the club fast there would be no more club. Alex walked outside and let the cool night begin to work its magic, calming her down. By the time she reached her penthouse she had mostly forgotten the stranger except the tingly in her lips was a constant reminder of what happened. Alex reached her door and when she finally got it open she went straight to her bed to sleep the memories away.
  19. Tony walked the streets alone. The other demons had wanted something as a reward for staying in the club and following him like lost puppies. A few had lost their heads and the others left with missing limbs, Tony was not one to be giving rewards to those who didn't deserve them.The sunset slowly rising over the trees in the area and shining on Anthony's face with a gentle tingling feeling. His blue eyes seemed gold under the light of the sun's rays. But he blinked the sun away as he slipped into an alley where the remaining darkness had decided to hide. He felt nothing on his lips from the vampire, only the memory which had already seemed to lose its touch on him. With a cough, he pushed himself against the wall and rested in the darkness as the few drunks and prostitutes continued their runs. He was in the very corner of the alleys darkness, staring them down like a hawk. His eyes never leaving, Tony rarely slept, he had been unable too ever since he left Germany. And lucky for him he never aged, his fatigue never showed on his face, he couldn't feel it, but he was sure that it was there.
  20. That night Alex had the strangest dreams ever, which was weird because her sleep was usually just blackness she rarely ever dreamed. She saw the mystery man from the club. He walked up to her and began to whisper in her ear. Alex knew what language he was speaking but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She seemed to have heard it somewhere before. The stranger started kissing her neck and from there the dream became explicit. Alex woke up in a cold sweat to find that it was still dark outside. She was thirstier than ever too. Instead of changing clothes she left the dress and heels on and almost ran out of her penthouse. She searched the streets for someone, anyone that could feed her hunger.
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