INTEREST CHECK Very odd ideas xD(Didn't know what else to put xD )

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  1. Ok, as the title says I do have different/odd ideas. I was wondering if anyone one would be interested.

    This is the first one:
    When the female goes to visit her brother an asylum, she finds that he speaks in different accents and languages and has paintings all over the walls. He has inverted crosses carved into his arms and bottom lip and just acts completely strange, like it's not even her brother any more. she has a feeling that her brother did not simply snap and kill their mother and father and other sister, instead she comes to the conclusion that he was made, that he is possessed by something evil. She takes this to the church and they say the only way they can approve any sort of exorcism is substantial evidence that he is indeed possessed....


    This one:
    It's based sort of off the addam's family. Two siblings parents die tragically in a car-semi truck accident. They have to leave all that they know behind, friends, home life ect to go live relatives that they have heard about by their parents, but never seen. They even have to relocate to a new country too. Once they move to said country, they ask for directions to how to get to their relatives house and every one they ask seem to be reluctant to give them directions, except for one "brave" cab driver. They soon find out why no one would give them any directions, because their relatives live in a spooky creepy old mansion....and that's just the beginning....
  2. I'm quite interested in the second one
  3. Ok, well since you are interested in the second one, I was going to be playing the odd relatives and ask my rp partner to play the siblings, but it doesn't have to be siblings it can also be a only child too. I mean if this is ok with you. If not i can tweak it xD
  4. I think it'd be easier for me to have it be one child. I can do more than one, but I've found unless it's a large group of people rping sticking to one character is best
  5. ok, that is find with me. I am used to playing multiple characters. So what age group do you have in mind for the child?
  6. Whatever works for you. It is your idea, after all,so you can pick. I'm fine with any age
  7. ok. about around 16? And gender wise you can pick, i'm not picky about it.
  8. 16 works. Can I play a female? I'm not very good at playing males, to be quite honest XD
  9. lol sure go right a head xD lol The only problem would be is that the first post would have to start with the child going to the mansion. That is the only problem xD
  10. That's fine with me :) I don't mind starting it
  11. Ok :D thank you :D
  12. Want me to start it now? And when does it take place?
  13. It's present day, in what ever foreign country you like and sure if you want you can start it now.
  14. ok, just need to comment on the first post. Inverted crosses are not satanic symbols. the inverted cross is also known as St Peter's cross, who requested his cross be inverted because he said he did not deserve to die in the same manner as jesus christ. The inverted cross is a sign of ultimate humility, even in agonizing death. This is a lot more important than it sounds, because in judeo-christian lore, Humility is the first of teh seven heavenly virtues, and is a counterpart to the first deadly sin of Pride/Vanity (and that sin's crown prince is Lucifer, the fallen angel who was too proud to bow down to God). So yeah, the inverted cross, stading as a symbol that is completely opposed to lucifer and his pride, is about as far removed from a satanic symbol as you can get.

    just needed to comment because it's a personal pet peeve of mine when i see that mistake being made.
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