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  2. Empire Soldier checking in. Rat smackers r' us.
  3. Still waiting for my free copies. I love when Fat Shark does shit. Those years at game dev pays off :D
  4. Watched a lot of streams. Checked out plenty of tutorials.

    Looks fun. Will grab on sale.
  5. I grabbed it from Green Man with a coupon. I felt good supporting the devs on this one; they seem pretty dedicated to it, and plan on releasing DLC both free and paid for to improve and expand the game. Maps, skins for the classes, more classes, and the big one: new enemies!

    I just want Orks, or Chaos. Man, that'd make this game siiicckkk...
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  6. If they add orks it's a full-price buy. No questions asked.

    The melee gameplay I watched looked so... Beefy. Not so sure about the loot/upgrade system though. No one explained it well other than "they roll dice and you can get more good or bad dice based on performance".
  7. They did an AMA right before the game went Live. They were pretty hush-hush about who's coming out next as villains, but it was clear they have plans to make either Chaos, Orks, or Lizardmen roll down the line. They wouldn't confirm, nor deny. :|

    Combat is simple and satisfying. Click to hit, hold-click to hit harder/more enemies. Dodge by spacebar-moving. Right-click blocks/zoom in. Right-click + Left-click you "push" against the horde. It feels really good.

    Loot is horse shit, because it's RNG. It works though. You roll the dice, hope it lands on... Well, whatever positive integer it is for you, and you get a point to climb the loot scale. Generally, 3-5 lands you a green, and 6+ gets you blue. Your odds of better loot increase with difficulty i.e. 2-3 is green, 4-5 is blue, and 6+ is orange.
  8. Just make sure you grab the loot dice and the grimoires when you can, and loot really isn't much of an issue.

    It kind of encourages you to try out the full range of the classes, which I like. I've got a bad habit from DOTA of picking one and sticking to it religiously, but Vermintide gives you an incentive to experiment more.
  9. I've had many-a-game where we got at least all 3 loot dice, and I still rolled 1. :|

  10. You've pissed off the Fates something proper, man. Better sacrifice a goat or some shit and appease them.
  11. Sounds interesting enough. Always wanted to try a WarHam fantasy game before Total WarHam came out.

    Woo November bonuses!
  12. I have a friend who might want this.

    If he does, we'll probably end up playing the shit out of this thing.
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