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  1. This thread will be where each player places their trainer for the role play. This is a continuation from a previous role play which had been started, but never finished since the site crashed. Currently, the old players or pre-approved players, will be the only people to join, but once I figure out how many of them are still playing, and get an understanding of the general flow and workload, I may allow more to join.

    Previous players, please post your characters again below. Main information should be name, age, region, Pokemon on self, background story, and images. Please note that this information should be edited as the story progresses.


    With a new mostly unknown region found, professors from all regions have sent a groups of trainers, of their choosing, to go explore and obtain information for them. In addition to that, countless raffles have sent other trainers on their way to start their first journey. Those who hadn't already acquired a pokemon to start with were given one by their professor, if they had been chosen by one to go, or by an elite trainer who had also been given an opportunity to go to the new region.

    The trainers last left off boarding the ferry in Snowpoint City to head to a recently inhabited region.

    By the start of this game, it is expected that all players are on board the ferry.

    • Dequan Jackson
    • Jimmy Abate
    • Dashe Melos
    • Leon Regal
    • Anne
    • Ariadne
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  2. Name: Leon Regal
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 11"

    Personality: "I could just sit here and stare at them all night."

    Leon is a stargazer. He loves to watch the night sky and has many hopes and dreams for the future. He has always been partial to celestial pokemon lore, psychic, dark, and ghost pokemon. Leon is generally an outwardly happy and sometimes shy person. He can become emotionally unstable in certain situations. During this time, Leon's own psychic abilities come out but he has not tapped into that power as of this post. This is not a state which he can control when he first experiences it and will probably first occur in a time of immense emotional stress.

    History: "Someday I'll see the stars like you do."

    "Leon! Time for supper! Come on inside now honey, you've been out all night." Leon's mom yelled from the window.

    Eight year old Leon laid in the grassy field staring at the clear night sky. He never knew why the stars held his attention so much, but he simply loved looking at them. He knew every constellation there was and could tell you their exact position at any given point during the year. Sometimes he would make his own constellations and name them after the people he loved...

    Sabrina for his mother, this was the brightest and most beautiful constellation he had ever traced. It wasn't any given shape, it was every given shape combined with swirls and peaks that pointed to the brightest stars. His mother hadn't always been so beautiful and nice. She told Leon often of her desire for power and how he may have latent psychic abilities. "These abilities can drive you to terrible lengths," she would always say, "Please keep a straight head and realize that there is more to life than power." She would then go on to explain how a boy named Ash and his haunter snapped her out of her power hungry state. It was some years later that she met Leon's father...

    Constellation Ethan. This constellation is shaped like a pokeball, showing that Ethan was a great pokemon trainer in all aspects. Ethan was from Johto and met Sabrina while she was traveling Johto. They met in Olivine City Harbor on a Friday night and exchanged telephone numbers to arrange pokemon battles. Every sunday Ethan would visit Sabrina and battle with her. Eventually the Sunday meetings turned to more than just a battle. Battle days became days out and days out became dates. In time, the two fell in love and were wed. A year later, Leon was born. Ethan always taught Leon about pokemon, how to care for them, love them, and train them, though Leon was still to young to own his own pokemon, he was still learning a lot. He often played with his mom's haunter...

    Constellation Ghost. This haunter was the reason Sabrina was a stable human being today. He traced out two haunter hands side by side and a grin right above them. Sabrina was out of her mind at the time Ash came to battle her for her gym badge. She was merciless and defeated him with ease. She hand no emotion and cared little for his or his pokemon's well wasn't until this haunter came and cheered her up that she gained her lost personality and emotion back. She was no longer an emotionless void of psychic ability...she was now a normal human, capable of love, compassion, and happiness. The haunter chose to leave Ash to stay with Sabrina, and he's been with her ever since.

    "Leon! I said get in here! Dinner's going to be ice cold and Mr. Mime made your favorite dish!" Leon sat up quick and darted for the house. He ran to the kitchen and plopped down next to his father.

    "Sorry mom! I was just looking at the stars." Leon said in a rushed sentence.

    Sabrina smiled at her son as he sat down at the dinner table. "You and those stars. I'm glad you have an interest in them, they really are wonderful."

    Ethan nodded. "You know, son, there are pokemon that live among the stars. Maybe you'll meet one someday."

    Leon nodded excitedly as he stuffed his face with grilled beef..."I wilf mee one omeday!"

    An eighteen year old Leon kisses his mother goodbye. "I've got to find one of those pokemon, mom. I'm going to find one, you'll see. I promise to keep in touch!" He shook his father's hand. "Thank you for all of your teachings, dad. I know they will come in handy."

    A tear streamed down Sabrina's cheek as her son walked away. "It's ok hun. Every boy has his day. I left my home too when I was around his age. It will make him a better person, I promise you. And just think, he's not gone forever" Sabrina laid her head on Ethan's chest and wept. He wrapped his arm around her and watched his son walk down the road of life.


    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Ralts (Stella)

    Gender: Female
    Level: 01

    Height: 1'2"
    Weight: 12.8 llbs


    Synchronize- When a Pokémon with Synchronize is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned by an opponent, that opponent will be inflicted with the same status problem.

    Hidden ability Telepathy- A Pokémon with Telepathy avoids all attacks used by its allies in Double and Triple Battles.

    1 Growl
    2 Destiny Bond (Egg move)
    3 ???
    4 ???
    5 ???
    6 ???
    Personality: Gentle, loving, kind and friendly. Loves to dance and be free.
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  3. Trainer Card
    Basic Information

    Name: James
    Nicknames(s): Jimmy
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 12 (?)
    Birthday: 8/13
    Star Sign: Leo
    Hometown: Cinnabar Island - Kanto
    Class: Trainer


    Hair: Medium length, shaggy yet spiked straight brown
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Build: Thin
    Clothes: Black and Red Cargo Style Pants, black and red jacket, grey muscle-t, black and white Donverse
    Accessories: Thin square sunglasses placed atop his head, A golden necklace from Cinnabar island


    Likes: Warm climates, islands, fire pokemon, flying pokemon, battling.
    Dislikes: Snow, Rock Pokemon, overly annoying people.
    Favorite Food: Spaghetti
    Favorite Possession: Sunglasses
    Favorite Pokemon: Charmander
    Favorite Other(s):
    Hobbies: Running,
    Dreams: To Become a strong fire type trainer and to defeat Blaine in battle.
    Personality: Happy Go Lucky

    Family and Friends

    Friends: Sean Mason, DJ
    Family:Diane, James, Kelly

    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Charmander (Smores)
    Charmander (Smores)

    Gender: Male
    Level: 01
    Ability: Blaze - Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinch.
    Height: 2'0"
    Weight: 18 llbs
    1 Outrage
    2 Dragon Pulse
    3 Growl
    4 ???
    5 ???
    6 ???
    Personality: Smores seems to be extremely loyal and very clingy to Jimmy.

    Defect: This pokemon's colorization is slightly off. This Charmander's claws and lower arms are a blackish color.

    Back-Up Pokemon:
    Favored Type: Fire
    Battle Style/Strategy:

    Pokemon League status:
    Pokemon Championship Battles:
    Grand Festival Ranking:

    Moved from Kanto to Johto early on and was given an egg from Blaine.
    Goldernrod city is his current home town.
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  4. Trainer Card

    Basic Information

    Name: Dequan Jackson
    Nicknames(s): DJ
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 12
    Birthday: 3/29
    Star Sign: Ares
    Hometown: Golden Rod
    Class: Trainer

    Hair: Short length usually never gets longer than two inches, but when it does it curls. Black in color
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Build: Semi-muscular and broad
    Clothes: Wears clothes that are comfortable and semi stylish, though comforbility is the utmost important. Almost always wearing a T-shirt.
    Accessories: An orange back back that really stands out


    Likes: Food, Challenges, Talking, Exercise, Rain, moderate Climate, Optimism
    Dislikes: Extreme Humidity, Ranch Dressing, condescension, Pesimism
    Favorite Food: Alsmot anything
    Favorite Possession:
    Favorite Pokemon:
    Favorite Other(s):
    Hobbies: Running, Eating, Cooking
    Dreams: To be recgonized as a Legendary something
    Personality: Optimistic

    Family and Friends

    Friends: Sean Mason, Jimmy
    Family: Elaine Jackson, Reggie Jackson, Regina Jackson

    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Shinx (Blitz)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 01
    Height: Average 1'8"
    Weight: Average 20.9 lbs, 9.5kg
    Heart of Conflict - When the pokemon is in a situation where there is another pokemon of the same gender they are infused with the burning desire to win. The opposite is true when it is the opposite gender, and the pokemon will hold back.
    Guts - The pokemon is unwavering even when faced against unimaginable odds. While under the influence of a status effect the pokemon taps into an unnatural power that it may even not know it had itself.
    Personality: The baby Shinx really has no personality at all right now other than being shy; not that you can blame him. His personality will greatly change depending on who he is surrounded by. If he stays by DJ's side, he will eventually end up acting like him.
    Defect: The pokemon has a small tuft of white hair that is uncommon amongst its kind, likely from one of the pokemon's parents.
    Ice Fang
    Night Slash

    Back-Up Pokemon:
    Favored Type:
    Battle Style/Strategy:


    Pokemon League status:
    Pokemon Championship Battles:
    Grand Festival Ranking:

    DJ Actually used to live in Goldenrod where he met Jimmy and Sean
    After positions for his parents opened up he moved to Olivine.
    DJ actually went to school in Goldenrod for a long time despite living so far away, so he is still very good friends for Jimmy and Sean
    Due to Professor Elm being so tied up DJ was unable to get a starter from his home town, Professor Elm sent word to one of his elite trainers that would be voyaging to the new land, and to prepare an egg for the young trainer. After receiving the Egg it hatched while on the trip.
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  5. Name: Dashe Melos
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 5"

    Starting Town: New Bark Town
    Personality: "Jehuty isn't REALLY my Pokemon. That's insulting, honestly. He's my best friend before he's a Pokemon."

    Being the son of a prestigious Poke-Scientist and Poke-Archaeologist, Dashe was used to Pokemon and their influence on the world. Because of his family's strange habits, he was bullied and picked on. The other younger kids feared his growing scyther, and would pull pranks everyday until Dashe hated school and nearly all of humanity. However, in middle school he was bullied less, and thus able to develop more socially. Modern day Dashe is reluctant to open up to others, and thus more reserved than a typical teenager his age. He fumbles with communicating sometimes, especially around women. Though, when he is able to keep his slight social anxiety in check he can be cynical, perhaps pessimistic, but very loving and loyal. He feels strongly most, if not all Pokemon should be treated with more respect. Because of this, he doesn't view his scyther, Jehuty, as his Pokemon, but rather his equal and friend (funny enough, Jehuty doesn't seem to mind too much).

    Likes: Rainy days, snow, the cold, sleeping in, his family, Pokemon rights, Team Plasma, his best friend Jehuty.

    Dislikes: Other large imposing Pokemon, Team Rocket, Team Magma/Aqua, Team Galactic, the "New" Team Plasma, fire, dark caves, Eelektrik and Eelektross (unbeknownst to him), being alone


    Being out in the tall grass was anything but quite. You could hear the sounds of life all around you. You had to.

    "Be sure to watch this area. Don't focus too much on the top." Dashe's father said. He was a tall pale man with dark hair and glasses. It was easier for him to just stay in his lab coat than to change every few hours. He was pointing out the area Dashe should be watching with the tip of his shoe. "Occasionally peer over the top for anything big, but you're going to want to focus on this area. If a pokemon gets your legs, it could be deadly." This was Dashe's first experience being out in the tall grass, a habitat for pokemon. Dashe was only six years old.

    "Pokemon are deadly Dashe. They have multiple ways they can take down anything they preserve as threats. Many are very territorial. But we as humans posses different set of traits besides sharp claws or teeth. We have our combined human ingenuity. Humans are the only species that comes together to exchange ideas and pushes forward. We create technology, shelters, and tools of war." As he said this, he pulled out a small orb. Every child knew what this was. It was a pokeball. A tool for capturing these beast. "You might be too young to understand Dashe, but this is a dangerous world. You have to be strong." He said with a smile, looking at his son before turning back to continue trekking through the grass. Dashe was silent with fear.

    "Shh... Do you hear that? Listen." His father said, turning towards Dashe but not looking at him. Dashe closed his eyes and tried concentrating. After a moment, he heard it. It sounded like something was moaning in pain.
    "D-dad... Is that normal or is it crying?" Dashe said, pulling on his father's coat.
    "It sounds like it's dying. This is perfect. Dying pokemon are the only way to ensure a safe capture!" He said, sounding almost thrilled. Dashe felt his stomach drop.

    They came unto a clearing from the tall grass. Laying there was something Dashe would never forget. Writhing in pain, laying on it's back was a scyther. It's arm blades swaying in the grass as if to reach onto something, but the only thing it was doing was cutting up the soft earth.

    "Is it-"
    "Oh wooowww!" His father said, walking closer to it. "It's a scyther. It's one of the large bug Pokemon. It seems to be trying to lay her eggs..." He said, walking until he was just outside of the scyther's reach. "... But it seems to be having complications."
    Dashe wasn't sure wither he should approach or not. But he saw his father lift the pokeball with his fingers and with a soft motion, dropped it on the pregnant scyther. It bounced once, and violently opened. The scyther turned red and see-through, and then was devoured by the ball. The ball hit the ground, violently rocking back and forth.
    "She's a fighter... but..." As his words ended, the rocking seemed to cease as the red dot in the middle faded. "... She's too weak to break out. I'll analyze her at the lab and see what I can do."
    "Are you going to save her?" Dashe said, walking up to his dad.
    "I'll try."

    Dashe waited outside his father's lab for a few hours now. He sat against the building, forbidden to enter for fear he'd touch things and break delicate equipment. His father is a gene therapist, and a good one at that. He'd treat pokemon all over the world with rare and exotic conditions. His mother was a researcher for ancient ruins. She was passionate about discovering the secrets of the world. They lived comfortably in a small town. The town held Mr. Melos's lab, and was accessible to a train where his mom took to whatever place she needed to go to. Dashe wasn't to familiar with their work, only that they were important people, unlike his other class mates. His dad owned a Blissey, which helped him with treatments, and his mother had a Ratata for protection when she traveled around the world. Today was suppose to be the day when his father helped him catch a pokemon.

    "Dashe, wake up." A soft warm voice said, waking him up. Dashe had fallen asleep outside the lab. The sun was setting and the evening breezes grazed the town, making him shiver. It was his father but... He wore a soft, fake smile. Unable to hold back his disappointment and regret. He softly opened Dashe's hands and placed a small warm capsule in his hands.
    "Whats this Daddy...?" Dashe said, looking at it closely.
    "It's the only surviving embry-I mean, baby that the scyther was going to have,son. The mother didn't make it, nor this one's brothers and sisters. I had to get it out or it'd die too."
    "This is a... baby?" Dashe said in wonderment. He couldn't see it, but it still felt warm.
    "Yes, and it's very weak son. Keep it close to you. I know I promised you we'd capture a pokemon for you but... this is better. A pokemon that grows up with you bonds with you. Those bonds can give you strength Dashe." He said softly, running his finger through his son's hair.The capsule was an artificial egg that he developed a while ago to do help incubate patients before they were fully developed. Once they scyther was big enough, he'd break out the capsule, though there was always the risk that the capsule could break early, or that it could suffer from birth defects from being pulled from it's original egg.
    Dashe pulled the capsule close to his heart. A single tear fell down his cheek and onto his pants.
    "Why are you crying son? Are you upset with your pokemon?" Dashe shook his head, and looked at the capsule in his hands.
    "No... I'm just... I just feel sorry for it... It lost it's parents and it's all alone now." He said, sniveling.
    "It's not alone anymore son. It's got you." He said with a genuine warm smile.

    And eight years later...

    The soft rays of the morning grazed Dashe's cheek, causing him to stir. He grumbled and rolled over. After a few moments, he sluggishly sat up.
    "Jehuty... Hey... Jehuty you awake?" Dashe said, rubbing his eyes. Across his room was a scyther, in a large cushion he called his bed. All around his room were scars of his pokemon, Jehuty, living with him. Having a pokemon with blades for arms wasn't the easiest, but Jehuty refused to stay in a pokeball, much less sleep outside.
    "Jehuty! Wake up!" Dashe reached by his bed and picked up his school bag and threw it at his scyther. Without looking, the scyther smacked it out of the air.
    "Hrn." It said, more of a groan than anything. It was pleased with its reflexes though. Dashe was too.
    Throwing his legs over his bed, Dashe started to get ready for the day ahead. "C'mon Jehuty! Mom's going to be here for another week! I bet we can get breakfast in before I go to school!"
    Jehuty turned it's head to Dashe and exhaled a sigh before getting up slowly.

    But Dashe's mother wasn't home. Most of her stuff was still here. Confused, Dashe went to the lab. No one was there. Not his father, not his Blissey, not any of his assistants. Dashe went to school that day, and waited for his parents to come home.

    Two weeks later...
    Dashe finished packing up his essential stuff in a satchel and put it over his shoulder. On his belt was a bag that held medical things and Jehuty's pokeball. Jehuty was waiting at his door, looking at him concerned.
    "We have to go Jehuty..." They both knew it had come to this. No one in the village would take them in, because of the discrimination their family gets for being so involved in pokemon. Dashe knew of no family members that could take them in, but more than that, Dashe needed to find his parents again. He needed to find out if something happened.

    He had eaten everything in the house he could eat. Even Jehuty started to hunt in the local woods for meals for Dashe. Dashe managed to find some money in drawers and odd places, but it wasn't much. It wouldn't be enough to last them, and Dashe knew it. After talking it over with Jehuty, they both decided it was time to start looking for their parents.

    Outside, they both took one last look at their house. Jehuty looked at Dashe out the corner of his eyes and scooted closer to him, touching his arm with his shoulder. Dashe looked back at Jehuty and smiled, placing his hand on his green head.

    "At least you didn't leave Jehuty."


    Scyther "Jehuty"
    Level: 01
    Gender: Male
    Personality: (Before leaving home) Nonchalant, laid back, empathetic, (after leaving home) defensive, Protective, cautious, tense
    Flaw: Though Dashe's father improvised a birthing capsule for the scyther to develop in following his mother's death, the result was a birth defect in the scyther's vocal cords. Jehuty cannot communicate with Pokemon in their native "language". The result is Jehuty not understanding the habits and customs of other Pokemon. Interestingly enough, Jehuty seems to have a greater ability to empathize with humans. Its unknown if this is because of the flaw or the fact Jehuty has only been around humans save for hunting for food. He also has a strong fear of fire after an accident caused Dashe's room to catch fire.

    Likes: Dry sunny days, tall grass, laying in trees, Mrs. Melos's cooking, meat, drawing, Dashe and his family

    Dislikes: Fire, Fire Pokemon, All other Pokemon, Mr. Melos's cooking, vegetables, fire.

    Vacuum Wave
    Quick Attack
    Steel Wing (egg move)
    Night Slash (Returning player bonus egg move)

    Held item: None
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  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Anne
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 14
    Birthday: Oct 13
    Star Sign: Libra
    Hometown: Vermilion City - Kanto
    Class: Sailor (Trainer)

    Hair: light purple; mid-back length pigtails and loose shorter hair that falls around her face
    Eyes: Light Blue
    Build: Thin
    Clothes: blue and yellow dress layered with a white top that has a blue and red sailor neck knot. White headwrap with red pokeball on it. Blue and yellow waterproof boots.
    Accessories: White gloves with a red band around the wrist. Waist satchel for items and holding her Pokemon's pokeball. She also carries a camera with her since she is an avid photographer of famous people and pokemon.


    Likes: Rainy days, islands, the ocean, beaches, surfing and sailing.
    Dislikes: Forests, Deserts, and Caves
    Favorite Food: Casteliacone
    Favorite Possession: her fishingrod
    Hobbies: Fishing, Surfing, Sailing
    Dreams: To Become surf on every beach in the world and meet many water pokemon.
    Personality: She goes with the flow (get it, because water-- yeah....) However when she sees a famous person/amazing trainer or pokemon, she NEEDS to go meet them get a picture with them.

    Family and Friends

    Family: Mother: Susan Father: Sailor Jack

    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Chinchou

    Gender: Male
    Level: 06
    Ability: Volt Absorb: When a Pokemon is hit by an Electric-type move, its HP is restored by one quarter of its maximum HP, and the move will have no effect.

    Hidden Ability: Water Absorb heals one quarter of the user's maximum HP when hit with a water-type attack. Therefore, the user does not take damage from water-type moves.
    Height: 1'8"
    Weight: 26.5 llbs
    1 supersonic
    2 bubble
    3 thunder wave
    4 psybeam (egg move)
    5 ???
    6 ???
    Personality: EXTREMELY stubborn and always thinks he is the strongest Pokemon.

    Anne looks up to her Father who has already sailed to each region and has met many distinguished people.
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  7. Name:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11
    Birthday: Apr 1
    Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
    Family and Friends
    Mother: Nurse
    Mother: Police Officer
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  10. Hey can I join?

    Is this the right way to do this kind?

    Name:Clara Colors
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 2"

    Personality: "Smile...It make you happy, makes those who like to see you happy and @#!*% of those who dont.""

    Clara used to hate her brother for leaving her with their abusive mother, but she couldn't blame him. She escaped as soon as she could too. She was scarred from her time... Emotionally and physically. But she tries to smile as much as possible. Over all cheerful, but flinchy, Looks up to her brother Red.

    History: "I HATE YOU! so...don't leave me..."

    An 8 year old Clara saw her brother of 11 leave,
    "Red! Dont leave me here..." She pitifully gripped the back of is short sleeved jacket.
    He turned to his sister, "I cant stay here... She hates me more than you, did you hear what she said to me, 'Oh boys leave home all the time, I saw it on Tv,' Effing Tv Clair bear. If i stay its worse, she told me to get lost. and I will. I'll be the best then come save you." Clara let go.... "Hurry..." and Red rushed off into the tall grass.

    A 9 year old Clara heard from professor Oak that Red was now the champion, She was so exited she threw all of her clothes in a suitcase and waited... and waited.... and waited... her admiration and hope for her brother who was going to rescue her became a deep hatred for leaving her with Delia Colors...

    The day she turned 10 a new law in the Viridian county stated trainers must be 18 to get a pokemon, she cried for days... weeping for her lost opportunity before she was beaten for crying over the Tv's noise. So she grew up with hatred and fear...

    Once 18 she dashed to the professors Lab with a packed bag and a hope. Unfortunately like her luck everywhere else she failed.
    "Sorry Clara i just gave away the last one..."
    "Professor is there anything?" Tears welled up in the girls eyes.
    "I'm afraid not..." Clara started crying... and slowly lifted the back of her shirt, As the professor blushed then his face turned to horror as he saw what was carved into her back,


    Carved into her skin, the letters a faded whitish red,
    "I need to leave..."
    The professor was close to tears himself and was close to giving her one of his personal pokemon just so she could escape when-
    "Here." He grinned as sad grin. "Your brother is a Bastard."
    Both Clara and professor Oak turned to see : Blue Oak he tossed a black, blue, and white pokeball at her, "Its names Napoleon." another sad smile and then he left.
    "Thank you..." she whispered cradling the pokeball to her chest.
    She left a few hours later with a letter from Oak allowing her to the new Region.

    Name: Clara Colors
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Age: 18
    Birthday: February 28th
    Hometown: Pallet town , Kanto
    Class: Cool trainer

    Hair: Naturally Black but Dyed White
    Eyes: Bright blue
    Build: Thin, a bit malnourished
    Clothes: White tank top and skinny jeans with a blue vest (think Ash's from the anime
    Accessories: A small green backpack, a scratched up Amulet coin around her neck. Huge worn Combat boots,


    Likes:Blue Oak, Napoleon, Thunderstorms, blackouts and candles
    Dislikes: Red Colors , Delia Colors, Television, and butcher knifes
    Favorite Food: Fresh Galnon berries or Bitter foods
    Favorite Possession: her fathers old Amulet coin
    Hobbies:Sitting in small dark places, playing with napoleon
    Dreams: To defeat Red and To prove to Blue that it wasn't a mistake to give her napoleon
    Personality: A rather Cheerful and determined girl when not thinking about Her living family, and when she sees a television she immediately stops talking.

    Family and Friends

    Family: Red Colors
    Delia Colors
    Crimson Colors (deceased)

    Friends: Samuel Oak
    Blue Oak
    Daisy Oak

    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Nidoran (male) {Napoleon}
    Nidoran (male)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 09

    Height: 1'4"
    Weight: 15.8 llbs


    Poison point-
    Poisons foe on contact

    Hidden ability Hustle-
    Hustle increases the ability-bearer's Attack by 50%, however, it also reduces the Accuracy of all Physical moves by 20%.

    1 Growl
    2 Skull bash (Egg move)
    3 Scratch
    4 Double kick
    5 ???
    6 ???
    Personality: Kind, kind of pacifistic but undying loyatyl to Clara.
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