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  1. I will make a post for this world, and include enough information for players to go off of. I am stating it here because I would like to take a vote or get a count of people who are interested in this rp. I shall give a short description of the ideals of this topic.

    Verda consists of three continents: The northern most is a Frozen tundra, a hot spring feeds a large river warming the shore lines. Although most of the Northern Continent known as Katrok is covered in snow, however the bottom portion strives with life. The river, Tetsu River, cuts both the Northern and central islands in half.
    The Central Islands known as Calic Islands, sperated from Katrok by a large lake, Tetsu lake. The lake stays warm thanks to the volcano which runs magma under Calic.
    The southern region is a baron wasteland, desolated by dark powers that twisted the creatures to it's will. Hardly none venture there, for many have not returned, or have returned souless, empty, wandering into settlements mumblings in tongues.

    Races are: Weres'; Wolves, foxes, cats, leopards, tigers, jaguars, etc. Elves. Orcs. Dwarves. Humans. Kull( Large breed of Orcs with more stamina and strength. Grow to around 3-6 feet taller then normal orcs.) Fairies. imps. Trents. Gnomes. Dragons. Shifters. Kitsu-ne. Undead. Elves: Blood elves, high elves, Forest elves, Water elves. (ASK ME FOR DETAILS ON RACES: they have inates(natural) attributes that make them seperate.)

    If you are interested pls post so.
  2. I'm interested :) also i'd like to know more about weres', dragons, fairies, elves, trents.. okay, i want to know more basically all of the races :P
  3. I'm interested as well, but would like more information on the setting. :)