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  1. let's collaborate some ways a person can blow off steam and express anger without hurting themselves/others!

    I know for myself, I've found the following good ways to deal with anger so I can calm down and deal with the problem

    • Exercise: being tired literally forces you to slow down, and the endorphin rush after exercising is great for lifting your mood! Also my favoured exercises (a long walk and yoga) get me physically away from my problems, and the literal separation helps create a mental one. Knowing how to put something aside and deal with something else is an important life skill!
    • Journaling: I don't like to rant on the Internet because I don't like the odds of hurting someone's feelings, especially if it's a person/people that I'm ranting about. So I keep a private journal. Letting my thoughts flow into the page helps me work through the anger and contemplate a solution in one sitting.
    • Art: I do terrible things to characters via side story when I'm upset; I also channel into drawings. When I can take an ugly feeling like anger and make something beautiful out of it, it helps me refocus.
    • Music: when a lyricist is singing my feels, the perceived sympathy does wonders. CRANK IT UP! Bon Jovi is good for this because his songs always remind you that it gets better.
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  2. Vidya.

    Pick up a game that allows you to exert some kind of violence, and exercise it with extreme prejudice. It's scientifically proven to work, and to lower the chance of you shooting people in real life. WIN-WIN!

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    I find that inflicting violence upon characters is a wonderful way to work through emotional problems. O__O I'll play a scene that invokes those negative feelings I am having, and then vent them or find solutions via whatever happens in the rp. It's my favorite therapy EVER.

    Music is my #2 choice when I can't roleplay, though. First I get the feeling music for the current mood, then I ascend in to good happy-mood music to lift me up!

    Taking a quick walk is a good way to expel energy too!

    I USED to journal/blog but I realize I used that too often as a way to wallow in my misery and anger rather than get feelings out. @___@ I replaced it with roleplaying cause it was more constructive for me.
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  4. Baking!

    Beat batters, not people :D
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  5. This! Besides, the aftermath is delicious!
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  6. I second this one, then again when I fail missions I only get even more stressed out.

    Oh I watch videos on YouTube that make me laugh. Like DavidSoComedy, Markiplier, ect.
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  7. When I need to vent, I will either rant on Facebook or Tumblr, play video games, listen to music, or watch funny videos on YouTube.
  8. Exercise and sleep.

    I always manage to get even angrier when I talk about things, but a good nights rest along with a workout is enough to always take my mind out of Hulk-mode and back to one of a normal rational being.
  9. Another thing to remember when venting:

    Out of the billions of people in the world don't let one ruin your day. I used to get super mad at people until I realized that staying mad until my blood pressure went up too high was doing me no good, I learned how to vent without turning to arguing:

    -Walking for a very long time

    I understand that sometimes we really get hurt, but give yourself time away from the problem on the venting. Sometimes that is all that is needed, and if you feel you need more, message a mod or someone that can help the situation rather than pouring gasoline on the fire, nothing gets done in shouting matches other than lost voices and more hurt.
  10. When I need to vent, I noticed I get a tad bit more aggressive in my writings and expressions. But writing helps me anyhow. Sometimes venting to other people doesn't always work.

    It's not going to heal inner wounds and they won't go either. Only get better with time. Distracting yourself is good like going out, exercising, trying you something in the kitchen to keep you going. Or if you're really into writing, and want to write, find a character /or make one that allows you to vent such emotions to be able to get out your frustration. Relaxing music also helps or inspiring.
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