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  1. So it's my first time posting on here; forgive me if I do anything that seems as foreign as I am. ^^​
    I've had this idea bouncing around and I've tried to get it going in a couple of places and I figure I might as well try it out here.​
    Character roles, at the moment, are already scripted; after the named roles are filled I'm more than open to other characters of any sort but it is rather important to fill these.​
    Anyways, you probably want to read the plot to know if you actually want to join, don't you?​

    A mountainous, Northern kingdom soaked in rain and snow more often than not, it has an ancient history filled with magic and mystery and beauty and darkness. It is home to hardy people who are used to the harshness of both man and nature. They speak the Old Tongue of man, but in cities it is encouraged to learn also the Common Tongue of trade. While nonhumans are not banned in Lluvian, there are no settlements of their kind for a thousand leagues and few have any desire to live there.
    The Misty Keep | The King's own palace, it is a cold place made of solid stone with three wings- the Spike, the Finger, and the Loft. The latter is residence of the king and other nobles that reside there permanently; it is the second highest tower. The Finger is where business is done and is home to most of the meeting chambers and other important offices are located. The Spike is half-crumbled and supposedly abandoned, but nevertheless several rooms are maintained for ulterior purposes.
    The Citadel | Home of the Mages' Guild, the Citadel is located only thirty leagues from the Misty Keep. It is a beautiful place, walled off from the rest of the world and containing a gorgeous waterfall, lake, and many libraries and storage rooms filled with incredible treasures.
    Niev | Capital city, so to speak, of Lluvian. It is the largest city and still not all that big; it has a sizeable harbor that tends to ice over for a month or two, though storms prevent trade for most of the spring and winter. It is a dark, depressing city rife with poverty after the witch-king's harsh taxes bled its poor citizens dry.

    Characters, Deceased:
    Isolden Vatrix: Leader of the mages' guild; married and loved Princess Ishbel. Shattered by her loss; became a mad despot, taking all children with magical talent to be trained as Mages. Also known as the mage-king, snake-king, and usurper. Killed by Caeca Luma.
    King Isfrael: Previous King of Lluvian, who was kind and fair. Father of Zephaniah and Ishbel. Killed by plague.
    Queen Dinah: Previous Queen of Lluvia, also kind and fair. Mother of Zephaniah and Ishbel. Killedby plague.
    Princess Ishbel: Oldest child of Isfrael & Dinah, twelve years older than Zephaniah. Married and loved Isolden, but died giving birth to their first and only child.

    Characters, Living:
    28 | Archmage Caeca Luma: Ex-lover of Isolden. Attempted to overthrow him and received terrible facial mutilations for her attempt. Later became lover of Zephaniah and successfully overthrew Isolden. Sent into a coma due to his magic entering her body. Awoke and made her own bid for the throne based on her killing of Isolden and magical prowess. (played by myself)
    30-48 | Prince Zephaniah: Only two when his parents died and only three when taken away from the castle to be raised in secret, he spent most of his childhood preparing for the rebellion and very little for what would come after. Married to Giselle for political reasons.
    27-29 | Prince/ss _____: First and only child of Isolden & Ishbel. Does not have magical ability and was rejected by father for that reason. Brought up as a ruler, has made a claim to the throne based on being the firstborn child of the deceased Queen. Currently having a whirlwind romance with the Lieutenant.
    40-55 | Lady Giselle: Made a wealthy widow by an arranged marriage at twelve, she remarried again at sixteen just days after her prior husband's death, this time to a man she hated. After years of abuse he mysteriously passed away, leaving her bitter, jaded, and unwilling to marry again. She's a strong woman, fiercely protective of her son and very good with politics, a good match for Zephaniah.
    16-26 | Lordling ____: Son of Giselle and her second husband, he was coddled by his mother and never intended to inherit her position as head of household. Nevertheless, with two strong parents, he surely can't be as weak as she treats him- or can he? Currently having a secret relationship with Ferox.
    26 | Magi Ferox Luma: Younger brother of Caeca. He was raised as a mage by Isolden, and quickly rose through the ranks. He tentaively supports his sister's bid for the throne, but worries more for the other mages, especially the children. Currently he is the clandestine lover of Giselle's son, but knows that as a commoner if he is discovered that it will likely end in death or other serious punishment for him. (played by myself)
    21-59 | Lieutenant ____: was the second in command under Zephaniah during the rebellion. Very capable and talented, good with battle but unfamiliar with politics. Having a somewhat-secret affair with the prince/ss which has put him/her in a tough spot.
    21 - 70 | Spymaster _____: S/he's had his/her position since Isolden's reign, trusting no one and trusted by no one. No one knows who s/he supports, but the suspicion is that whoever this shadowy figure throws their support behind will win the race for the throne.

    Right now I'd just like everyone to claim one role; once people have their first choice and recruitment slows down doubling will open up. I also apologize for the hypocrisy of playing two characters but they work so well with each other that it seems cruel to play one without the other. ^^
  2. [​IMG]
    The Woman ||| The Legend ||| The Archmage
    At age thirteen, she fled to the capital city after a flood destroyed her village. Penniless, hopeless, and starving, she and her brother were taken into the Mages' Guild after a Mage detected her talent off the street. Coming from rags to riches, literally, she became enchanted by castle life. When King Isolden passed through on a routine inspection, she made a show for him, attracting his attention and changing her life forever. As his lover she was practically a princess, and loved every moment of it. Under his instruction she became similarly cruel and bitter and suspicious, though unfortunately for the snake-king, she was also more powerful. After two years under his thumb she arranged a coup, intending to make herself a queen. The plot failed and she was captured, imprisoned, tortured, and maimed, all by the man who had taught her everything she knew. It was a deserved punishment but nevertheless monstrous, and it created a monster. Zephaniah found her a broken monster, chained as much by her own fear and self-loathing as by restraints on her magic, but he lured her out of her shell. And indeed, he did bring out the best in her, but he also brought out the worst. Once she set her teeth into Isolden again capture was not an option, surrender was not an option, and defeat was not an option. She tore him limb from limb, tore his soul into pieces, and shattered his mind, all with great relish.
    He was a great and powerful mage, who had amassed vast amount of magical energy over his decades of life. When she did tear him to pieces, this magic came rushing back into her, nearly destroying her own body. She lay in a coma for days on end, until her flesh began to fester and rot, kept alive by the same rogue magic that had so injured her. When she finally did awaken, Caeca found her lover a married man. Bitter and resentful again, she made herself Archmage of the Mages' Guild and now vows to use the power of the guild and her magic to take the throne for herself.

    Psychologically speaking she is a very damaged woman. Magic and Madness are bed partners, so it is said, and her magic is very great indeed. She goes back and forth between callous and overly emotional, some days hardly able to connect with her own brother and some days weeping for the poor rats drowned in a storm. No matter how sensitive, though, she always tends to be somewhat withdrawn, preferring not to touch other people and only rarely discussing her feelings. Though she is polite she is also spoiled, preferring to forget and ignore her childhood of sheep herding and poverty.

    There is a strange dichotomy to her face. Viewed from the left, as in the picture, she holds a pixielike sort of beauty, delicate and sharp. The right side of her face, however, lies in ruin. Isolden meticulously marred her beauty with blade and flame and spell, blinding and deafening her on that side, all to show her two-faced nature. She claims to be unable to repair that damage, though some suspect it may be an intentional side of her self-loathing.
    Having been in a coma, more or less, days and days and days, she is ghastly thin, moreso than usual. Being only five feet tall this makes her look rather childlike, or perhaps fey. Her skin is pale, no tint of color other than the pink of blood, which is in sharp contrast to her coal-dark hair. Her eyes, even, are silvery-grey, making her colorless but for the red of her lips. She walks the fine line between fey beauty and deathly pallor, some days crossing it to one side and some days to the other.​

    &&Ferox | She hasn't seen him for over a decade, and has trouble seeing the thirteen-year-old boy she last knew him as. He has grown up and matured and she is very proud of him, but doesn't quite know how to act around him though she loves him dearly. She suspects he has a lover, but knows not who.
    &&Isolden | As she often says, her life began when she found Isolden, and will end when she is free of him. She loved him dearly, only slightly less than her own ambition. She never intended to kill him with her rebellion, just to take his throne, and was wounded deeply with his hatred for her. Killing him in revenge has left her with lingering doubts though most everyone tells her it was the right thing to do.
    &&Zephaniah | Her feelings for Zephaniah confuse her. Though they were lovers, it was never a perfect thing like with Isolden, whose magic and hers were as much partners as their bodies or their souls, a connection she is unlikely to find again. On the other hand, it made the romance between them seem much more mortal and real, and a part of her considers him a breath of fresh air, honest and non-magical, just as surely as a part of her loathes his mundane nature.
    &&The Prince/ss | They were around the same age, living together in the castle, which made it especially awkward that Cae was Isolden's lover and getting more attention. When she returned and killed the king, things between them turned even more South. In all truth Caeca has no real reason to dislike him/her and they likely have a lot in common, but circumstances have cast them as enemies.
    &&Giselle | Caeca is insanely jealous of the noblewoman, who has most of the traits she has most envied: noble bloodlines, vast sums of money, political savvy, and a prince for a husband. This jealousy has overridden any other real feeling towards the woman, though she realizes how foolish her envy is.
    &&The Lordling | Unaware of his relationship with her brother, Cae considers him an enemy simply because he is Giselle's son, but knows little else about him.
    &&The Lieutenant| Assuming the Lieutenant's loyalty to Zeph, Cae resents him/her in spite of the fact that they had gotten to know each other rather well in the rebellion and perhaps could have been friends.
    &&The Spymaster | In spite of being familiar with the old faces from the court Cae knows very little about this shadowy figure, but is quite eager to get him/her on her side.

    Full and complete credit to the artist

    Magi Ferox Luma
    Born in the same family as Caeca, he always felt worlds away from his sister. She was talented and lovely and intelligent, and while he had all three of those things, he felt that he never could hold a candle to her in any of them. When the flood came and they fled to the city he was embarrassed to be the man of the house, so to speak, and still letting his big sister care for him. When they were recruited by the mages' guild he was relieved, at least until Cae left. He warned her against Isolden every step of the way, but she never listed to him, and he was left to train on his own.​

    Ferox himself is a good mage, nothing of legendary standard, but a good mage nonetheless. He has studied hard and worked harder, earning the rank of Magi in spite of whispers about his sister or rumors about his sexuality. Through sacrifice and effort he had made a comfortable life for himself, at least until Caeca returned. He thought that he might be the new Archmage, but as per the usual, Caeca took that from him as well. He dreams about making something for himself, of being his own man, but he senses that he is needed in court still.​
    He's a beautiful man in no small way, with hair so dark a brown as to almost seem black, and eyes that hold just the faintest hint of blue. He thinks of himself as attractive enough, though he's aware that being too "pretty" could be a serious mistake in court and usually dresses to downplay it. He wears mages' robes every day, with few exceptions, and no jewelry, not that he needs it. Ferox is, like his sister, very pale, with delicate features and a light frame, though not so emaciated as she. He has a hint of muscle tone and is slightly stronger than he looks, though at only five foot four he's by no means a strong man. He is, however, very flexible and quick, able to win most reflex-based games and one of the finest dancers in court.
    &&Caeca | He wants to learn to love his sister again, but he is both afraid and awed by what she has become. He covets her power and position, but sees her also as a warning against his own. He does not trust her, not yet, but he tries his best to get her back to something resembling normal.
    &&Isolden | He never did like the old man, resenting him for "stealing" his sister, so to speak. In spite of this he had respect for the old king, and was somewhat sad to hear of his death, though he was a tyrant and did deserve it, he had been of great importance to mages.
    &&Zephaniah | He has no idea how to regard Zephaniah. While he respects the man for his birth and his accomplishments, he can't help but feel that the prince is somewhat responsible for Caeca's state and has thrown the entire kingdom into chaos just to get his "birthright", which seems a bit petty to the Magi.
    &&The Prince/ss | In spite of Caeca's rivalry with her, Ferox has become fast friends with the prince/ss. S/he is the only one he has confided in about his attraction to the Lordling, and they both know inconvenient secrets about the other, so in spite of the fact that he doesn't exactly support anyone's bid for the throne, he would never actively work against him/her.
    &&Giselle | He has no real opinion of her. She strikes him as just another noblewoman looking for a good husband and some petty power, though he does have some respect for her as mother of his lover.
    &&The Lordling| He knows that what he feels is wrong, but he can't help but be hopelessly attracted to the young man. He knows that he must keep their relationship secret, but he thinks that the Lordling might be the one in spite of this.
    &&The Lieutenant | Aware of her relationship with Gaia, Ferox considers him/her a friend and ally based on the prince/ss's trust. Still, he has his eye on him/her, not wanting his friend to be hurt by conflicted loyalties or false affection.
    &&The Spymaster | Ferox knows more rumors than facts about this shadowy figure, but dislikes someone so mysterious by nature.
    Full and complete credit to the artist
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