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  1. fair·y

    1. a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one.

    1. 1.
      a supernatural being in folklore and children's stories, typically portrayed as small and humanlike in form, with pointed ears and a pointed hat, and mischievous in character.

    Fairies, fey, pixies, sprites, whatever you want to call them, these creatures have had many interpretations over the years. In this exercise, you will create your own unique variation of a fairy race.

    Fairy races are united by a few traits, although even these are subject to modification and omission. However, each on its own has at least some identifying quality to it.
    • Small; typically well under one foot high

    • Flight: Most fairies have wings of some variety or else magical powers allowing them to fly

    • Magic: Fairies are usually assigned magical powers and qualities.

    • Elfish features: Many fey are given pointed ears, antenna, or unnatural (for humans) hair, eye, or skin colour.

    • Slight: In addition to being small in size, fey are typically a fragile, petit race with thin bone structures, not usually especially muscled or flabby.

    • Nature: Fey are often portrayed as having a strong connection to nature.
    You can omit or modify as many of these as you like, but they're usually helpful for readers in connecting your species with traditional fairies.

    Race name:
    General appearance:
    (height, wings (if any), special features, weight, hair, eyes, skin, etc.)
    Diet: What do they eat?
    Habitat: Where do they live?
    Belief system: Do they worship any deity or supernatural force? Do they have a uniting faith?
    Powers: if your fey are magic, what kinds of powers or magical qualities do they have?
    Language: Do they have their own language? Do they usually speak multiple languages?
    Predators: do they have any natural predators?
  2. Race name: Felenis
    General appearance:
    The Felenis looks like regular house cats, save for their eyes which can range from a pink color to deep purple. Their tongues are also rough like a cats, but they are extremely long like a frogs'. They can be used to grab things.
    Diet: Small rodents, berries and bark (preferably with sap).
    Habitat: In the tree tops in forests. The temperature is usually cool, not too hot but not too cold either.
    Belief system: Felenis do not worship anyone or anything.
    Powers: The felenis can fly, speak telepathically and control the weather. However, they are very responsible and won't make it snow in July or 90 degrees in December. (Except of course if they're feeling snobbish.)
    Language: They can speak animalia, and human.
    Predators: Yes, those blasted humans are always trying to catch and domesticate them. Also, there are large snakes in the forest who attempt to consume them and sometimes do.
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