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    Hey, I'm Wes. This is my Fandom RP Interest Check Thread. If you want to do a non-fandom story with me, you'll have to go to my other interest check Here.

    Adept writing level. I listed this as Adept for posting level. Going down to Intermediate is also fine, but no lower than that. To quote Iwaku this means: "An Adept roleplay is best suited to players who have a varied character repertoire and a grasp of complex themes. High reading comprehension is expected. There should be little to no "fluff" posts."

    Posting length. I'm not going to come out and say you have to write 300+ words or six paragraphs. I expect each post to have pertinent information and advance the plot. If you can do that in 100 words or less or at least two sentences, then awesome. Lets do this. But chances are you cannot in so few words/sentences. So please post an appropriate amount. This also means I don't want 1000+ words or 12 paragraphs that say absolutely nothing. Keep things concise and interesting.​

    Posting speed. I don't care if you post 15 times a day or once a year. (Though the later would be very sad.) I just want you to stick around if you're still interested. If you need a break, let me know. I've had very successful RPs that only got a reply or two every month or so. And I personally do not do speed posting. I don't like the pressure of it. I'm looking for something to relax after work not cause me more anxiety.​

    Contribution. I'm not going to carry the who plot myself 100% of the time. Sharing the burden is why I RP online in addition to writing my own stories. If I wanted to do everything myself, I'd write it all myself. That said, when I'm controlling the plot line, I do get kind of possessive. ;)​

    Characters. I expect you to play more than one character. If you have only one main, OK. But you need to have some secondaries. Also, if you're one of those people who say: "I'm female so I only play females" you can leave. I require you to play both genders. Also I don't accept Mary-Sue like characters. Or helpless damsel-in-distress-all-the-time characters.​
    Premade Characters. Canon characters are fine as secondary, but I like playing OCs as main characters.​
    1. No One Liners.
    2. Good Grammar. I will boot you if I cannot read what you have written easily. If I have to re-read and decipher, I wont keep going.
    3. Meet expectations.
    4. Lost Interest? Let me know. I'll do the same.
    5. Sex is not going to happen. This might be in the One x One section, but it's not going to be Romance. If that is why you're here, go now please. (A hint of romance is fine, but it's going to be a very minor plot detail)
    6. I will not be your wish fulfillment. So please don't ask me: "Can you play ______ for my OC?" The answer is no.
    Kim Possible
    The Musketeers​
    Almost Human​
    Marvel Movie-verse
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Harry Dresden (Jim Butcher)​
    Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs)​
    Tale of the Kin (Douglas Hulick)​
    Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan)​
    Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)​
    Batman (And anything Batfamily)​
    Death Vigil​

    I didn't list your favorite? Either I didn't like it, or I didn't list it. So if you want to take your chances, go ahead and ask me if I'd do it.​
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  2. You like the Harry Dresden files?! You must be one of the first people on here who knows who Jim Butcher is!

    I don't post every day-- more like I get one day of solid posting in a week-- but I would love to role play with you. Please PM me if you are still looking for a partner!
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