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    >Accessing Historical Events (2010-2014)

    April 16th, 2010
    In the year 2010, April 16th, a huge explosion erupted in Nevada. Loads of debris rained from the sky, Carson City was in ruins, many lives were lost. Oddly enough, some of the debris were pieces of a black, bendable metal which had an odd shape that consisted of many cubes fused in a chaotic order. Nobody knows how, but some of that odd debris made it's way to places as far as India. Just pieces of the large black metal landing in the farthest of places.

    May 2nd, 2010
    The first super-human was found. A 25 year old male named Andrew Traill had caused an entire gas station to freeze in Nevada. He was interviewed, and it was found that he had been a survivor of the explosion on 4/16. Any other information of him is unknown and classified.

    May 3rd, 2010 - November 20th, 2012
    From that point on, more super-humans (now called "Variants") started to appear, each being more different from the last. A boy in Chicago, Illinois had found he was able to read the thoughts of others. A woman in China found she can turn to dust, and back to normal. And a man in an asylum of Russia found he can grow scales on his back, and had gained a long prehensile tongue. As more and more appeared, further study was made to calm down the civilians. It was found that the Variations were a result of a genetic mutation, which is activated through unknown means. Some theorize it's activated by adrenaline, chemical exposure, or amounts of radiation. Most people, however, still saw the Variants as a threat, locking them up in jail and accusing them of the instability of their powers. Order had to be made, so the National Variant Control Force (NVC) was created. A force of specialized officers, capable of handling the Variants and their powers. Putting them in specialized facilities hidden throughout the world. Some members of the NVC are Variants themselves, registered and trained to help catch the rogue unstable Variants. A new test was also created, a test that would be able to tell if one had the Variant gene or not. The black metals from the Nevada explosion seem to give a slight glow and vibrate in the presence of a Variant. This was called the Grant Test, as it was discovered by the lead scientist of Variant studies, Dr. Trevor Grant.

    November 21st, 2012 - August 5th, 2014
    Another explosion erupted, this time in New York. This one wasn't as large, and mostly consisted of smoke and an odd gas. However, the effects were worse than the Nevada explosion. The gas had infected civilians in the area with a horrid virus, which mutates them into a grotesque beast with no intent other then to infect and consume. Studies show that each of the infected are unique, but consist of a genetic mutation that is similar to the ones Variants have, but more unstable to the body. With this, society starts to hate Variants even more, blaming them for these explosions and infections, calling them 'terrorists.' The grotesque zombies that roam New York and many other areas are named "Virals," for how contagious their mutation is. From this point on, New York has been completely locked out, being labeled a "Viral Zone," along with parts of Conneticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, and Pennsylvania. The NVC had created another task-force to keep watch of the Virals, the National Viral Infection Control (NVIC). There are major forts to hold off the Virals held in Pennsylvania and Maine.

    Character Sheet

    (Appearance Picture)

    Age: If your character is under 16, (I prefer you have it at the age of 10 or higher, if you do this), you should at least have some sort of super-powered guardian character to go with it (you must make another app for the guardian).

    Ability: The power your character has been found with. Must also include weakness.

    *Preference: The powers of Variants are indeed quite unstable, and take time to master. Say that you are a young boy who has discovered he can manipulate metal. Sadly, he is still practicing it, and can't quite control it as well. However, he is more skilled with twisting metals into skinny rods and wires, and using those wires of metal to shape whatever he needs. Sure with his ability he can easily just make a large blob of metal to shape, but he simply isn't skilled to do so and more trained to use wires and rods instead. This mostly applies to more advanced powers, like telekinesis, telepathy, mind-control, or reality-bending (on a small scale).

    Skills: Any natural skills your character has gained, not from super-abilities though.

    *Physical Description: Your picture should give a clear image of your physical description, but anything special that is not on the image is bound to go in this section. Also, any features that may seem alien to normal humans (such as being able to grow scales, odd skin/eye color, or the appearance of an animal) should be put here as well. Only rule is that your power must allow you to somehow switch between complete alien-mutant freak and regular human appearance.

    Personality: Anything regarding how your character acts. Such as fears, likes, dislikes, favorites, and behaviors. Must be at least 3 sentences long.

    History: Anything about your character's past and present. How did they first discover their powers? How did they grow up? Where did they grow up/are currently living in? Are they on the run from the NVC? Must be at least 3 sentences long as well.

    * = Optional


    > The usual Iwaku rules (don't troll, spam, godmod, etc.)
    > Be respectful to other roleplayers and the Gamemaster
    > Romance and violence is to be kept to a PG-13 rating (No major sex, rape, or molestation of sorts)
    > Swearing is alright, but don't go crazy, and not too explicit.
    > It is possible to die in this roleplay, but that doesn't mean you can't plug in as another character.
    > Yes your character can be a different sexuality. This does not mean you can break rule number 3. If you have anything against the use of LGBT characters, it's best you don't pull that argument into our OOC.
    > Any huge argument about things that don't have anything to do with the roleplay or it's plot should also be discussed privately.
    > If you are going to be absent for a large amount of time, please tell me via PM or OOC.
    > Killing off another character or controlling/interacting with them without permission is not permitted.
    > Advanced powers like reality bending and mind control are allowed, but must have some sort of limit or weakness.
    > Be creative with your abilities and characters. Not the usual "normal 'cold' guy with normal ice powers". Mix it up a bit, get creative. Here is a good site for ideas of Superpowers
    > More rules will be added if needed.

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  2. This RP seems really interesting! I'll make a sheet now.

    Actually, now isn't the best time. Sorry. Good luck.
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  3. ((I do hope you are still doing this??))


    Name: Breanne ((Brea)) Grace Herman

    Age: 17

    Ability: Element Mimicry- User can transform their body completely into fundamental elements, including air, earth, electricity, fire, light, shadow, water, etc. User's transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of element, in which case it contains all organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. {So, if she were to touch a stream of water her body would turn to water, but would still take the shape of her body instead of turning into a pool of water on the ground. Or, if she were to touch a boulder, she'd turn to stone.}
    Weaknesses- Depending on what element she turns to, she still has normal weaknesses. Like, she can be poisoned, or drowned, or burned to death (unless she has taken the shape of fire).

    Preference: Brea is best with the elements water, earth and fire. She has trouble turning to electricity and shadow specifically, because it takes a lot of practice to turn into those forms and a lot of concentration to stay in those forms. However, because Water, Earth and Fire are pretty basic, these elements come easily to her. She hardly even has to think about what she's doing.

    Skills: Breanne is quick on her feet, and is very flexible. Also, because she acts on impulse, she is good at coming up with plans on the spot- however, they are not always amazing plans. Also, she's stubborn and persuasive, two things that tend to come hand in hand.

    Personality: She's stubborn, sarcastic, and funny. She's also a bit of a hot-head, and act purely on impulse. She has a bad habit of speaking her mind, and has no filter at all. She's a courageous girl who stands up for those she loves, but won't stand up for herself.

    History: Breanne was out with her twin sister, Jenna, when they discovered they had both developed these abilities. Because they were twins, their powers were exactly the same, except for one thing: Brea could only turn into what she touched, but Jenna did not have to touch anything to take a different form. They were walking down the street, after seeing a movie, and was suddenly cornered by a few older men. Without meaning to, they each took different forms: Her sister turned to ruby, while Brea took the form of air. They had no idea how they did it, panic probably. Sort of like a defense mechanism. Jenna quickly beat up the men with her now rock-hard fists, but then the police were on top of them. Jenna was taken away, but because Brea was in the shape of air they could not see her. She tried to help her sister, but eventually Jenna told her to just save herself, and Brea ran. She's never been able to forgive herself for leaving her sister like that, and couldn't bring herself to face her parents. So she ran away, and has been living on the run ever since.​
  4. Accepted. I love her backstory, and a nicely unique power! I do hope more people will start joining at a faster rate.
  5. Oh, and Gloucester, I hope you manage to make a sheet as well soon, if you are interested.
  6. I want to join, but I'll post a CS tomorrow.
  7. Alright. And just so you all know, I plan on starting with about six characters. However, more people can join in later on.
  8. I haven't forgotten about this, I've just been having trouble with characters. I'm just not sure about any of my ideas yet. Sorry it's taking so long.
  9. That's fine. While your at it, try inviting more people to join maybe?
  10. images-11.jpeg

    Name: Kara Steffan
    Age: 19

    Ability: Teleportation (Pretty Self Explanatory). If she teleports too often or too far (Over 15-20 feet, as she's not really experienced with it) , she will exhaust herself.

    Skills: She is very good at building things and seeing the relationships between objects. She is capable of navigating places she's been to once or twice. She is better at writing out things than she is at saying them.

    Personality: She is observant and thoughtful, and usually thinks more than she speaks. Kara is typically quick to trust, even after all this. She hides her emotions, and tries to separate herself from them, especially when she's around people.

    History: Kara was kidding around with some of her friends when she found out she had powers. One of them had jokingly insisted that he was braver than the rest of them. In order to prove it, they decided to sneak into a nearby amusement park that night. So that's what the three of them did. It was easy to get in, and they were walking over to one of the attractions when a guard called out to them. They took off running back to the way they got in. The fence was in sight when, for just a second, Kara saw a bright flash, and was suddenly on the other side of the fence. That made everyone stop, even the guard, and Kara only needed a split second to decide to turn around and keep running. Whatever had just happened, she knew wouldn't be taken so lightly. Instead of going home, which obviously wasn't the best idea, she left town without much of a plan but to avoid being caught. She's had a few close calls, but has somehow managed so far.
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  11. I want to join. Will be making a character very soon
  12. Kara is accepted, but I might need a little bit more explanation on what happened after she left.
  13. Alright, I'll edit it in
  14. Alright, I edited in some more information on the history.