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Modern Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Low Fantasy, Historical, Horror
The Precinct, 4:50 PM

The Sergeant stood impatiently in the parking lot, knowing full well that the memo to her new team had plainly stated for everyone to meet at 5. However, she was hoping that more of them would be here early. Instead, she was faced with a dwarf and the well-meaning officer she had requested to join this squadron. Seeing the pair of them before her amused her greatly. It wasn't just the height difference, either. Dirk was quiet and clearly holding himself back from saluting, while Nico grumbled and kicked at the trash and lose gravel underneath his feet.

"What do you say we set out without them? I wanna bust in some goddamn skulls and we ain't gonna see any action around here," the dwarf groaned.

Dirk cast him a horrified look. That boy still had way too many manners in him. Those'd vanish with time if he kept up this line of work. Sucking in a deep breath, the officer sported a wry smirk, "I wouldn't get cocky if I were you. Getting into fights at a bar is one thing, but police work requires some finesse. We've got convicts joining us who might be better suited to this than you." Tanya quirked a brow and tried to hide her surprise. Maybe she'd been wrong. Maybe Officer Christopolous had gotten a bit of spine alongside this promotion.

That was until Nico had miraculously managed to get the officer into a headlock. The sergeant had missed exactly how that managed to unfold, and she wished to god she could rewind that. There was no underestimating the short bastard now, and she quickly removed her pistol from its holster, aiming it between the two of them, "Alright, both of you, cut it out. Save the violence for people not on our payroll." She watched as Nico and Dirk both froze and stood back upright. Dirk flushed slightly and looked away while Nico cracked his knuckles and looked around impatiently.

They all milled around and hoped for someone to arrive and break up the silence that had just descended. Sergeant Jones quickly put the gun away once more and sighed. She knew it was going to be difficult with the files she'd been handed, but she never imagined that she'd be stuck with a bunch of children. At least they'd soon be too preoccupied with a real case to worry about petty squabbles.

At least, that was the hope.


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Historical, Medieval, Fantasy

  • 4 00

    Jule stepped into the shower.

    4 20

    Jule wrapped himself with a towel and grabbed his toothbrush.

    4 40

    Donning a simple striped tee-shirt and jeans, Jule pulled on his jacket and stepped out the door of his small apartment.

    4 59

    "Good afternoon," Jule nodded at the receptionist of the police station and tugged his jacket closer to his body. It was his first day on the job and Jule wondered what it would be like. He could see some fellow officers waiting up ahead.

    5 00

    Jule pushed up his sleeve and hid a smile. Just on time. Approaching the three, Jule paused and put on a charming smile. "Afternoon."

    His eyes went over the three. A woman, human, stood off to the side, with a stern look on her face. Jule assumed her to be their leader of sorts. Then there was a dwarf. Fiery headed from the likes of it. And finally, another human - male. He looked almost timid and Jule wondered if he was cut out for this job at all. But, Jule did admire his looks. Quite the handsome little thing. Jule's smile widened.

    "Nice to meet you all. My name is Jule - Jule Marx," he held out a hand for the human female.


Aust lay in his cell in await of his transport to his new job, this time he was going to have fun as he could kill with no penalty and they even got him a gun. He snickered to himself as he imagined pulling the trigger for the first time in a good while, and causing death with each shoot or two if he needed it. Aust had been waiting all morning and he still had to wait the bastards wanted him to suffer but he wasn't having any of it, he was going to wait here until his time came. Unlucky for him, he had another 4 hours of wait and he lay down for all of them and they didn't go by fast, to him each second felt like an hour and minutes where days. He began to crack a little twitching every so often and sometimes he burst into laughing fits for no reason and was even told to "Shut up," a few times nearby guards. Finally the knock on his metal door resounded through his room and he sat up like a shot asking, "Is it time?", the man at the door didn't speak and just nodded and the door unlocked.

They cuffed Aust and he cooperated easily with them as he was really glad he was allowed do what he was about to do, but it was for the "good of society," and that they were "Expendable." He didn't really care how many ways he could die he only cared about the killing. He was loaded into a truck with a few other criminals. Aust didn't speak a word he just had a eerie smile plaster on his face for all to see as he yet again waited but this time he knew his time was close. They finally let them out one they reached the Precinct and Aust was uncuffed and let walk his way to the small group that had gathered of only four people, he simply walked over, "When do I get my gun," he asked with a large smirk on his face.


Nita Lyali

Her morning had been a frantic one. The dog had gotten out and harassed the neighbor's cat. Then she needed to bring it over to Alex' to have him watch over Benny, that lovable lug. Then she had to run back to the club and run a few errands for the manager. He was being a right jerk. By the time she had managed finish up, she realized she needed to really haul it to make her way here. Now... Now, she was drenched in sweat and winded and arriving a little late.

As she comes up to the meeting, though, she hardly feels bad. There were not many there. Either everyone else was giving punctuality the finger or they were blowing the whole thing off. She thought it was best to play nice just in case that was happening, better not to hurt the officer's feelings. "Hey, I'm Nita. Nita Lyali." She looks at the the dwarf and officer standing so far apart from each other and silent, "What's got them in a tiff?"

Demetri Voskov

He peers over the edge of his newspaper, before returning to reading it, sipping from his espresso mixed with vodka and blood. He sits across the street with a clear view of the parking lot everyone was to convene at. In fact, he had been for some time now. He had even beat the ragtag trio. He sets down his espresso and takes the final bite of his sandwich, humming pleasantly to himself a morbidly comic ditty he had heard somewhere but could not quite recall. He looks up over the newspaper again and pushes up his sunglasses. A few had finally started arriving. He checks his watch before smacking his forehead lightly. He let himself be late.

Rolling up his newspaper neat and tucking it under one arm and taking his espresso, Demetri crosses the street quite casually. He nods to the officers and takes a sip of his drink. When no one responds, he puts on his thickest Russian accent and says, "I am Demetri. I am, how you say... Human resources man. You have people problem, I deal with, da?" He mimes a gun and firing, "Pkew, no more problem." He shakes with a repressed chuckle, hiding his smile by taking another drink.


KEYE - Hearing.

”When will I get to see my brother?” He voice was stern and requesting more then questioning. It made the officer assigned her flinch. She was rather frail looking, but everyone knew the Psion of cell 10-B was not to mess with. Every test they ran by her, her will was ranked at obscene level. She was utterly human in all other parts of the test, barely over normal intelligence and with no social abilities to speak off. But her level of selfcontrol was something to fear, her pain treshold and psychic control was frankly frightening. Even as she spoke, she began to levitate every small object in the room without looking at them. Her eyes unwavering, staring into the very soul of poor Mellany Rodriquez.

”When. Do I see. My. Brother.” Every pen was pointed at the Mellany, who swallowed.

”Earlier then you think. You see. He signed up as a volontear” Her eyes grew wide upon hearing this and she climbed over the table in one quick move. Before Mellany could grab hers stungun, Keyes pressed her forehead to hers and it was as if Their mind for a second was one. Officer Rodriquez could feel invisible tendrils grasping at her thoughts and she screamed and janked free. Before any other incident could occur, she leveled the tranq gun on the Psion who fell to the drugs quickly. But not before smiling softly and saying “It's true.... He is here... Brother...”
LOCKE -Inside
Lockes day started less dramatically. He stood facing Joseph Balboa. One of the cops who had almost busted him twice for cardsharking. He smiled at Lt. Balboa. Balboa did not smile back. He lit his cigar. “Let me get this straight kid. You want to enter the special unit.” He blew a cloud of smoke in the face of Locke. This gave Locke the distinct idea that this blowhard did not like him much. Locke was smart, so he was probobly very right in his assumption. Officer Balboa didn't like the street magician who was known to skin people of their possessions and leave just before a bust. He always left with part of the evidence as it were.

“Word is that my sister is related to it. So yes.” The words tugged at Balboas mind. He knew this kids profile. Unlike his sister, his will and psionic skills were low. He didn't exactly last long in any sort of pressured situation without trying to escape. But his talent for talking was somehow linked to his low lever psionics. They just hadn't figured out how yet. What was known, that the boy had taken his own defence in court and won a month prior. Going back, he used his gift to make the judge and jury declare the whole thing a farce. And the Judge refused to admit he was played.

“And who told you this, who told you about a totally new intiative that we just put together. And who we were using.”

“I don't give names to cops.” The young man said and from somewhere produces a deck of cards he ran between his fingers in a most mesmerizing way. “But you can't stop me. And you really like those cigars, so I left a bottle of scotch in your drawer at your office” This time, the hypnotics took root and Balboa was suddenly in a much better mood.

“Right. Well Ain't like I can stop ya. Your sister should arrive soon. Just go in and present your ID” The round bellied cop said with a much more jolly expression before he left. Locke rolled his shoulders and pocketed the cards inside him waist coats pocket. Then he steered his steps to the place of the meet. He opened it and smiled at the ones assembled.

“Locke reporting in”

KEYE -Outside
Keye was led by two officers, hands cuffed and a blindfold over her eyes. They all kept a safe arm length distance and a third cop walked behind her, tranqs at the ready. She never been a problem like this before, never had she actually assaulted a officer before. So they were all a bit jumpy. As she came past the door, the blind fold was lifted and she stared at the back of Lockes head. Her eyes lit up in a way they had not in years.

“BROTHER!” She shouted as she made a b-line for him, still cuffed. The Officers let her run, becouse they knew she would not hurt anyone this time. They still aimed their guns. Locke spun around just in time to see his sister and catch her mid jump. They hugged hard, and he ruffled her hair.

“You've grown!” He exclaimed, as he at the same time worked her cuffs of her with a lockpick, looking around to make sure he wasn't seen doing this. He gave her a giant smile. “But. You look so... frail” He grimaced at her thin arms, it was as if she hadn't had a much different life behind bars then on the street. She stared at him with unwavering eyes and then smiled to match his. She gestured with her hand and quite rudely tipped a jar of pens and erasers on the officers desk.

“You once told me, work at what makes you unique and strong. So I did.” She explained. Her demenour was so controlled even though everything else about her screamed she was in a state of exhilaration. Her willpower was something Locke had always envied. And she seemed to have sharpened it to a fine point now. She was also a tad creepier then he remembered, but he could work on that. She had been kept in isolation after some fight with a inmate he heard. These five years had been far harder on her then him. IT was his job to bring his sisters bright sides back.


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The subtle jolts and bumps of the ride along lent a degree of comfort to Jericho, since it was the first time he had been taken anywhere in almost four years. The only things that had kept him company were the four blank walls of his cell. Well them and the demon course....

"Exhilarating isn't it my boy! Why this is the first time we've been out in ages. You must be feeling the intoxicating pangs of freedom, are you not?" asks Chak'Ron in a disembodied voice that only Jericho could hear.

"Silence demon, when I want your opinion on something, I'll ask for it" says Jericho in a low rumble, trying to keep his voice from being heard by the other prisoners in the van.

"Oh come now Jeri, my lad. Your mind hasn't been strong enough to control my comings and goings in some time now. It's only a matter of time until I can fully take control, this time for good aye?" says the demon with a sinister cackle.

"I said silence!" says Jericho in a slightly louder voice that alerts an officer next to him.

The policeman just shakes his head nonchalantly "Will you settle down son. What it is, you talkin to your imaginary little demon friend again? What is it you call him, Checkers?" says the officer in a joking manner, brushing off Jericho as a schizophrenic lunatic who hears voices.

Jericho takes a deep breath and re-gains his composure "Perhaps you've stumbled onto something...isn't that right Checkers!"

"Do not presume to mock me young Sicarii. Don't forget it is I who hold the trump cards. But than again you've had four years to contemplate that haven't you. Tell me my boy, do the screams of all those little children still keep you up at night?" asks the arch demon with a spine chilling laugh.

"Laugh it up monster, but I assure you, a day of reckoning is coming, for The Almighty has ordained it."

At this, the van comes to stop in front of the Vanahiem Police Precinct, and the inmates are led out one by one. Jericho is stood up with all the other prisoners and marched out...

"I was told I could take back possession of Covenant, is my weapon present?" Jericho asks an officer as he is marched out.

"Ain't got a got-damn clue what your talkin about, keep it movin!" says the officer.

Jericho suddenly stops and forcefully stares down the cop, he than moves in until their faces are a mere half an inch apart "My battle axe." says Jericho in a low but commanding tone.

The officer is taken aback by Jericho's action and his expression changes from one of nonchalance to intimidated fear. It was now that he realized Jericho's commanding stature and height. He looks up for a few seconds and stumbles over his words "I don't know ok. You'll have to ask Sergeant Jones, she's the one whose runnin this outfit."

Jericho narrows his eyes and let's his intimidating stare linger for a second longer, a move which unnerves the officer. The Asherite breaks off his gaze and marches out of the van. Outside the other prisoners are convening and the hustle bustle begins to organize this rag tag team. In the commotion, Jericho walks up to another uniformed officer, a young looking but wiry framed man with the name plate of "Christopolous" on his uniform.

"My apologies, officer Christopolous is it? I'm looking for a Sergeant Jones, I was told she might know the whereabouts of my signature weapon. When I was pulled from lock up for this little jaunt, I was told I would be given it back."
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