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  1. Vanaheim is a city of unknown origins, one that clearly shows its age with many centuries of architecture lining its streets, but one that also verges on the hypermodern when you approach its downtown. Busy streets are constantly bathed in neon lights and those in residential areas slept tucked away within brownstones and Gothic boarding houses. For as long as anyone can remember, Vanaheim has been called home by everyday average humans as well as supernatural beings. They have lived in harmony, if not always in equality, for many years. However, this general peace has not stopped the horrors that often come along with city living. Arson, theft, rape, murder, and otherwise indescribable scenes that had to be the work of something beyond what humans are capable of, all have occurred within Vanaheim. The police, a predominantly human organization stretched thin by the sheer amount of urban sprawl they must safeguard, can't always do much against the more inexplicable cases that cross their desks, meaning they often go unsolved. Citizens have long expressed their dismay about this fact, but with more mundane crimes demanding the same level of attention, there's very little that can be done.

    Here enters a mysterious benefactor. The second son of Dyer Pharmaceuticals, Adam Dyer, has put aside an enormous sum of money in order to solve that very problem. One evening, seemingly out of the blue, a handful of convicts were assigned prestigious lawyers to conduct appeals, bail was paid, and they were all in the process of being released. Concerned citizens with particular talents were sought out and treated to a well-worded document about Dyer's cause. Officers were transferred from the precinct to a "special assignment". Adam was making something happen in Vanaheim that had never been attempted before. He was creating a team composed both of humans and supernatural creatures and using all of the resources at his disposal to assist them in ensuring the bizarre crimes that had long plagued their city would finally be solved.

    Why? Adam still hasn't come forth with his motivation for funding such an enterprise, but seeing as the mad dash to assemble a team came hot on the heels of the presses finally addressing the latest oddity in Vanaheim, so-called "psions", now calling these otherwise average humans with limited "powers", if you will, a medical rarity and not seen as a threat, many have theorized that the younger Dyer brother has some interest in the psion case. Nonetheless, the millionaire is willing to play vigilante (with the bodies of others, of course) and Vanaheim could certainly benefit from some more unconventional investigation.

    • Name:
      (See Races tab)
      Background: (One word here. Were you a convict, an officer, or a citizen before Dyer brought you along?)
      Appearance: (Text and a picture would be preferable, but either/or works)
      Biography: (Go into more detail about the one-word answer above. History, personality, and the likes all go here.)
      Stats: (See more below)
      Traits: (You will be able to give your character two custom traits to start off with. I will be approving these, so feel free to throw ideas out there and I will tell you if they work and give you pointers if they don't.)


      Note on stats-
      Much like in traditional console and tabletop RPGs, your character will have stats broken up into categories. From 0-10, 0 means you have no skill whatsoever in that field and penalties may even occur, 1 means you're competent and have a very basic grasp of that stat (5 is where you get to reliable knowledge), and 10 of course means legendary proficiency. Don't be afraid of 0s if you really want to boost up a certain skill, but just know that it's going to be like giving your character a gun to hold for the first time when it comes down to using that stat. Could go surprisingly well, could end with someone bleeding on the sidewalk.

      You will have 30 points to distribute between 6 stats, known as the FRAMES stats. Make sure you build your FRAMES to suit your playstyle:

      Focus: Things such as lock-picking, taking aim, and resisting distractions require incredible focus. This is a mental trait, covering both intelligence in a mechanical sense and mental will, but it also extends to sensitivity to magic and signals a proclivity towards it later.

      Resistance: Resistance is endurance, but on a broader scale. It means you can take hits and run for longer distances, as endurance always means, but it also extends to things such as alcohol tolerance, poison tolerance, and others.

      Acrobatics: Speed, the ability to dodge, flexibility, and free-running skills all fit under the umbrella of acrobatics. It makes you more at ease in navigating the city, especially in case of combat in an unusual locale or giving chase.

      Might: Brute strength. Good for melee characters, allows you to carry heavier things and generally function as the muscle for the group. Leads to an intimidating presence which can be useful for intimidation.

      Expertise: Book-smarts and niche knowledge, particularly with technology, allow you to be handy with crafting, hacking, repairing, medicine, and other scientifically-minded pursuits which would require some prior knowledge, such as through a trade.

      Subterfuge: Being charming, lying through your teeth, and sneaking around are all in your wheelhouse. This allows you to be a proficient pickpocket, thief, and public speaker. Deception is your art, and you use both your words and your body to perform.
    • As a city, Vanaheim features many unique districts.

      Downtown: The premier shopping and entertainment district, Vanaheim's downtown never sleeps, and offers all sorts of dining, movies, theatre, clubs, and other pleasant distractions. During the day, salons, bakeries, and video stores do god business, but everyone agrees that night is the premier time of day for this district.

      Crier Docks: A series of piers, ports, and harbors along the water, Crier Docks and the surrounding area is known to be nothing short of seedy. The warehouses are home to criminal activity just as often as they are home to imported goods. Gang violence is known to be on the rise, and at night, the only people who can be found roaming the streets are prostitutes, pimps, and wanabee punks. Crier Docks is also home to an unfinished amusement park that sits atop a pier.

      Westerly Heights: The premier residential and commercial district of Vanaheim, occupied by old and new money alike, it is home to mansions, astronomically expensive fine dining, and a permanently upturned nose.

      Haven Plaza: Home to affordable living and office rentals, most small businesses set up shop here, as do chains, doctors, and others. Most of the day to day life for the majority of people occurs within this expanse, and as it houses all income brackets and attracts all sorts of individuals, it varies on an almost daily basis just how safe a community it is. The library and a few museums are located here.

      Havenside: The area surrounding Haven Plaza which is mainly residential. It serves as a type of suburb for Vanaheim, playing host to its schools and the majority of families. The first national bank of Vanaheim was built here centuries ago.

      Industrial District: Uncreatively named, this district is home to factories, big banks, smog, traffic, and the majority of studio apartments wherein one would find cockroaches. Incredibly urban and cramped, it is not much of a place to live, but it serves as the economic heart and soul of Vanaheim. The Dyer Pharmaceuticals building is located here.

      Gifford Row: A small section of Vanaheim that has become synonymous with the psion gangs. Once controlled by a far-reaching crime syndicate, they have recently been challenged by the various upstart psion gangs. The prison is still located here.

      Somerset Station: Known as Sunset Station by most, Somerset is an area on the outskirts of Vanaheim, which once served as a train station. Service to that stop has long since ceased, but the tracks remain and the community built up around it tends to be home to many of the elves in Vanaheim. Economically depressed, there's really no reason to visit except to patronize local businesses, which usually run farm stands or sell hand-crafted items.

    • Humans: Your run of the mill human being with no extraordinary powers to speak of. However, that doesn't mean they can't be a valuable asset to the team. Humans are the most numerous group in Vanaheim and they come from all walks of life, providing their own unique point of view and skills. They tend to be the most adaptable. (+1 to Expertise)

      Draugr: A corporeal ghost, or in other words, a being who has died but retains their body and walks among the living, cursed to remain on earth because of lingering desires. Pale, gaunt, and requiring the life force of others to survive, many consider draugrs to be a type of vampire, but they don't burn up in the sunlight. Some draugr are born out of strong, unfulfilled ambitions, but most are the result of curses, and thanks to their extended lifespan, they often have perfected the art of living undetected, or taking full advantage of their state of being by taking up much more social pursuits. (+1 to Subterfuge)

      Elves: The second most populous group in Vanaheim, elves tend to live in relatively "worse" conditions than humans. Part of that is because of the elven desire to be closer to nature rather than enclosed in concrete, but it is much more likely to relate to the fact that most elves found it hard to break into the industrial sector and thus many had to turn to less admirable pursuits to make money, including thievery. Others use their natural grace in order to become celebrities within Vanaheim, known for acting, dancing, or musical pursuits. (+1 to Acrobatics)


      Psions: Physically identical to humans, psions are a new breed of creature, which science is still stuggling to understand. Psions appear to have limited powers, usually of the mental and psychic variety, and many have begun to use these abilities to become formidable criminals. There is much speculation regarding these individuals and what they mean for Vanaheim. (+1 to Focus)

      Werebeast: Having been bitten by a werebeast, these individuals transform into werebeasts themselves. Many types are known about, the most common being canid-werebeasts and feline-werebeasts, though there have been reports of much more unusual species. Many exhibit physical traits reminiscent of whichever animal it is they transform into. Transformation occurs, to an extent, every night. Closer to the full moon, transformation becomes much stronger, causing the form of the werebeast to shift to a completely animal state, last much longer, and usually results in vicious behavior. (+1 to Might)

      Dwarves: Shorter and stockier than the average human, dwarves are hard-working members of Vanaheim's society, usually working jobs that require large amounts of physical labor. Renowned for their endurance, love of alcohol, and close family relations, they are regarded as the most welcome supernaturals in Vanaheim. They usually stay out of trouble, being a practical race, besides a few bar brawls. (+1 to Resistance)

    1. Obey forum rules and, beyond that, don't be an intolerable jerk. Disagreements have their place when people come together to work on an RP, but you should know when to keep it from the OOC.
    2. Try to write around two paragraphs per post, and use good spelling and grammar. Mistakes happen, but try to keep them to a minimum. We will be posting in rounds lasting either one or two weeks, so be sure to keep up or let me know when you need to miss/drop out.
    3. Dice will be used in this RP to determine some outcomes. If you need more info, please feel free to ask.
    4. Character death could happen in this RP. If bad choices are made in a tough spot, there will be consequences. Basically, try to work as a team when the going gets rough, and things will likely turn out better for you.
    5. Talk to your GM and fellow players. We all want this to be fun, and any ideas you have are welcome! A skype group could be set up if people want a place to ask quick questions that may not be important for others, if you don't want to ask them in the OOC.

    Current Cast

    N/A as of yet

    • Name: Locke Hjalvarson
      Age: 22
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5'6
      With pale blue eyes, a slightly femenine but handsome face, Locke was born to showbuisness on looks alone.

      Background: Volenteer.

      Personality: Curius, experiment prone and bright, Keye is the actual brain to his sisters psionic talents.

      History: Born to the streets of a city that didn't love him or his sister, Keye was the provider in a homestead living among cardbords. He uses his talent for sleight of hand his oddly sharp intellect to fool people with simple street magician tricks while at the same time using those tricks to provide his sister with enterteinment on their most dreary of days. And boy where they dreary. From dodging the police looking for vagrants, to dodging the meaner kids who hates his guts for being pupular, he was in for a world of hurt if he ever stopped moving. So he moved, malnourished and weakening. But at the same time, unbeknowst to him, his twin sister Keye, was growing stronger in a whole different way. one day, a few days after their 14th birthday, about two years after their mother had died, his sister manifested Psionic powers. For such a frail kid, her talent with telekinesis was astounding. Atleast to Locke. He saw in her a light, a way out.

      Two months later, the two put on a street show in which the sister assisted her brother quite slyly, making seemingly impossible magic trick even more mindboggling. They started to actually make a bit of coin this way. But to his sister, They were not gaining it fast enough. And she resented the posh, fat men and women who threw them scraps. One day, her temprament flared. The trick turned into a disaster after some oaf doubted Lockes validity. And Keye forced a card down the mans throat. When people realized what was going on, the police was called.

      Locke lost his sister to the Police. She was taken away to serve penance at a youth facility. He begged them to take him to, but he had actually stopped his sister and was never charged. Locke became something of a small, local name in Street Magician circles. While some had disliked him on principle before, they hated him for using his sister to cheat in his tricks. But he began to prove them wrong, but he also used his talent to shark notorius pokerplayers and other gamblers. All while waiting for his sisters release. Instead, he found out about the new Police initiative, and the fact his sister was put on the squad. 5 years since the two was seperated, they are now together again, both changed, both potent allies.

      Skill Points:
      Focus: 5
      Resistance: 3
      Acrobatics: 5
      Might: 2
      Expertise: 5
      Subterfuge: 10


      Distraction; Locke can, quite frankly, talk your pants of your legs and into the charity basket. He has such a way of making you think of anything but what you want to think about, you swear it is magic. It is his only manifested Psionic ability. He puts hypnotic suggestions into every word he speaks.

      Trickery; Locke knows a small variety of sleight of hands tricks, leading questions and other tools to fool people.

    • Name: Keye Hjalvarson
      Age: 22
      Sex: Female.
      Height: 5'6
      With a face some would call angelic, Keye always havea distant look in her eyes and a smile that is as bright as the sun. She is a frail thing, with slender arms and little meat on her. Her hair falls past her shoulders in cascades of silver.

      Background: Criminal

      Race: Psionic

      Personality: Distant, Protective, Quick to anger.

      History: Born to the streets of a city that forced her brother to waste his mintor Psionic talents on tricking people. Keye hated the world from almost day one. She hated the men and women who had a worm house to live in. She hated her mother, who was a useless addict and hated the father she never remembered. Her brother did what he could, wasting away physically and mentally, but somehow found time to entertein her. She adored him for keeping that smile no mater what. And one day, after honing her gifts in silence, she showed him what she could do. She mindmelded with a another vagrant, learning his name.

      Two months later, the two put on a street show in which the sister assisted her brother quite slyly, making seemingly impossible magic trick even more mindboggling. They began to make money. But Locke saw how her brother had to deal with jeering, smug bastards. It infuriated her, and she knew from her powers they all had so much money they could give with just the right little push. But, her plan to do so backfired, when a mindmeld revealed a man aimed to ruin the show and thier livelyhood. She was proactive, and got him first-

      And so, she was put in cuffs. The cops rode away with her behind the bars of their transport. Prison was rough, psions were jocking for position, and during her years there, she bacame so reliant on her powers she suffered muscle antrophy and lost alot of her finger dexterity. In turn, she honed her mind nad will to a potent, lethal weapon.

      5 years in the slammer, one of those in solitary, she ended up on the squad. And there she found her brother, still smiling, still charming. She would protect that smile.

      Skill Points:

      Focus: 10
      Resistance: 6
      Acrobatics: 4
      Might: 2
      Expertise: 4
      Subterfuge: 4

      Mind Meld; Keye has ability to link her mind forcefully to others, and trough forces osmosis, pick up some of their talents or memories. One can resist of course, and other psionics tend to shut her out without that much effort. The talents are obviusly minor ones, like picking a lock or solving crosswords.

      Telekinesis: Keye knows how to move small objects with her mind.
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      • Name: Demetri Voskov
        Age: Turned when 28, unknown age
        Sex: Male
        Race: Draugr
        Background: Volunteer
        Appearance: Standing at the all too great 5'11" with squared and sharp features, Demetri has a crop of short blonde hair on his head. He has a pair of serious blue eyes that seem to have a hollow, dead look to them, which he often hides with a pair of sunglasses. He has hard lines to his face despite his relatively young years and is pale as death. Often times, he is wearing an expensive looking suit in dark, solid colours with a pair of gloves on to match, lest he get them dirty.

        Biography: Demetri was a foreigner from the across the pond and is still apparent in his slight accent despite his attempts to mask it. He came from a small well-to-do family, but before one of the wars (he fails to mention which, leaving you guessing his age), they had immigrated. They had lived further west for awhile, but Demetri never much cared for the scenery. So as he reached of age, he struck out on his own moved to the coast, to Vanaheim.
        His initial arrival was less than pleasant, that much he will say. He talks a little about working on at the pier but never quite say where or what his business entails. It is apparent, though, that he is a bit more familiar with the dealings of Stray Alley than he lets on. Someone once guessed that he was a conman; he just smiled and shrugged. Perhaps, it was shady dealings on Crier Docks that led to his transformation.

        He never explains the conditions, but he tells that he met a woman, pale as death and cold to the touch. He thought at first she had caught frightfully ill. The next thing he knows, though, he awakens, feeling cold and stiff and knowing something was terribly amiss.

        It was a harsh realization to come to that he was dead but still lingered. He scarcely knew how to conduct himself and fell into a bit of a disarray. He was a disheveled monster as he saw it and he scarcely knew what to do with himself aside from lurk in the shadows.

        At least, until her began to grow weary of that and discovered an easier way. It seamed when one cleaned themselves up and relied a bit more upon their natural talents they could make their way within the world even as a bloodsucking fiend of the night. There was really no need to be so uncouth about it. He was a monster, but at least he was a civilized one.

        It was with this practice that he began to build himself up over time and from a modest life made connections and friends in high places. With those friends he built himself a small fortune and has been able to set himself up quite nicely, living in Vanaheim's Westerly Heights as one of the city's elites.
      • Stats

        Focus: 7​
        Resistance: 5​
        Acrobatics: 3​
        Might: 1​
        Expertise: 4​
        Subterfuge: 10 (+1)​


        • Friends Through the Ages: An old man like Demetri has been around the block a few times and doing that, he's made a few friends and connections. Some of them with well-to-do families, some just some scrappy thugs, whatever suited his fancy at the time. That said, in most situations, he can usually find some friend of a friend of a friend of his willing to lend a hand.
        • Hypnotic Voice: Demetri possesses the ability to hypnotize people for a brief period of time simply by the sound of his voice. He can issue simple commands that the individual will follow through. The only catch of this is that the individual cannot do anything obviously suicidal. Things that are very against their character, ie) shooting a loved one, would obviously have a high chance to break their trance as well.
      • Name: Baldyr Keaton
        Age: 19
        Sex: Male
        Race: Human
        Background: Officer
        Appearance: Baldyr is a lanky man that looks like he never made it out of his teens standing at 5'11". He does not have much muscle on his body, and as frustrating as it is for him, he has a small paunch of baby fat, all of which he tries to hide typically by wearing clothes too big on his gangly frame. His hair is a light brunette with a natural cowlick at the front that makes it stick up just a bit. His face is still softer with baby fat that just won't seem to go away. His eyes are a pale hazel with brown flecks inside them. His ears are both pierced, with his left ear having two small clips upon the upper curve. He has a small, upturned button nose and his cheeks are dusted with freckles. There is a small nick of a scar upon his right eyebrow and a large burn scar along his left wrist. He persistantly wears a crystal necklace about his neck and whenever he has the chance, he prefers to wear clothing he carefully stitched himself as part of some cosplay costume.

        Biography: Baldyr was born to a middle-class family in a more sparse part of his country. He was the middle child, having an older sister and a younger brother. His mother (Karrin) worked as a nurse as his father (Burt) worked as a technician. They lived in an old house for the longest time with their goofy chocolate lab. Over all, the family got along well enough in most regards, though they always had their odd dysfunctional spats here and there as he grew up. He got used to being looked over and fading into the woodworks as his sister, Bailey, stole the spotlight in her academic achievements and his brother, Benjamin, became the sports all-star of the family. It seemed that the only time he really got noticed was when he was making trouble or being questioned why he was an average student and a reclusive geek. He was happy, though, to be paid no mind by no one really, save for his grandmother, Scarlet. Claim as she might to hold no favorites, it was apparent to everyone Baldyr was.

        Much of Baldyr's childhood revolved around his computer; he contented himself playing video games and reading old fictions about other worlds, both of advanced civilizations in another galaxy and those filled with magic and wonder. When he was not playing games or reading, he was typically pirating some movie or show he had never seen before. It was an introverted life, where much of his friends were on the other side of a screen.

        Upon turning 15, his father was offered a job as the head of the IT department for a major corporation in the city. His sister was already in college and decided to move out on her own while his brother cried out about having to leave his friends and team. Baldyr himself was relieved by the change of scenery, having no love for the small town life. For a time, they stayed with his grandmother Scarlet. Baldyr was happy to hear many of her superstitions and home remedies for aches, illnesses and sorrows. She was a firm believer that her good cooking and good company could lift any spirits. He struggled with a developing depression. Eventually, it got better. He was unsure if it was because of his grandmother's intervention or the myriad of medications and therapists he was cycled through.

        He was sad when they finally moved into a house of their own. However, in the time since moving, Baldyr had found himself an odd group of friends with similar interests and they began to hang out outside the house. Their favorite thing to do involved conventions for their various loves. At a film festival just a few months ago, Baldyr ended up meeting his first girlfriend, Cassandra. It lasted for a time, but something always felt off to him during the events. He chalked it up to her being quite the nutcase and split ways.

        With that leg of his life over, he turned his life to other matters... Something more stable, something he could put faith in. The law seemed suitable enough. They trusted him enough with a gun, at least, which was more than he could say of most of his family. It helped to pay the bills, when his grandmother started going downhill. He stuck with it, even when things started to get hard through police academy, if only to have a steady job for her. Besides, it made her so proud that he was doing something so chivalrous with his life.

        Of course, never did he think he would be amidst those selected for this special task force thanks to this Adam Dyer. He has his concerns that it might be because he has been logging too many hours in his favorite MMO lately.
      • Stats
        Focus: 7​
        Resistance: 5​
        Acrobatics: 4​
        Might: 3​
        Expertise: 8 (+1)​
        Subterfuge: 5​
        • I Saw It In a Game: Baldyr is very genre savvy and has an extensive knowledge of videogames, comic books, fantasy stories, sci-fi and well... the realm of geek. He likes to take knowledge from these things and apply it to his real life... And sometimes, this might just help, say, in encountering some creature and just possibly knowing a trick to kicking its butt. Or knowing that the villian always monologues before killing you. Or to get to the secret passage, you pull the third book on the right.
        • Chubby Cheeks: Baldyr is a cutie for the ages, people just love those chubby cheeks! His baby face just goes to make it that much harder to hate him, make him a target or overall cause any problems for him... but it also seems to make it hard to take him seriously or think of him as more than some kid brother.
      • Name: Aibell "The Banshee" O'Keeres
        Age: 24
        Sex: Female
        Race: Werebeast [Weremadillo, Human]
        Background: Criminal
        Appearance: Human: Aibell stands at roughly 5'3" and weighs in at approximately 150 lbs with her stocky, athletic frame despite her small stature. She has obviously bleached and dyed white hair that she carefully styles but quite often falls into disarray with her activities of the day. Her eyes are a pale hazel, which, with her rounded face reflect youth and softness that contrast with her rough, wider features. Along much of her body, heavy scarring can be seen of various nature: Cuts, bullet wounds, burns, so on and so forth, but nothing that would look so serious as on a typical human. However, along her arms are trackmarks, unaffected by her greater regenerative capabilities. Quite oddly, she wears a very rigid formal attire: slacks, long-sleeved button-up shirt, a vest. If asked, she often says its because it shreds easier upon transforming. In reality, its to hide her scarring and to try and look as cleanly as possible to demonstrate her change of life.

        Weremadillo: Aibell shifts into a sheer monolith of raw power, clocking in at just about 8' and her mass more than doubling over 350lbs as she accumulates protective scales, bands and spurs. She is a dusty tan colour and her plates are marked with past abuses and scars. Her jaw expands in order to accommodate the fact she now has triple the razor sharp teeth. Her hands have transfigured into long claws, thumbs shifting from their opposable position to become long sickle-shaped shredders.

        Biography: Aibell hardly had a life of entitlement. Her parents were hardly well-to-do. They struggled to meet the bills, even with the blood donations they gave to the state their material comforts were not much. She hardly went to school, finding it far more preferable to skip out and make her way about town with her friends and see whatever they could do to idle the days away.

        It started out just drinking and getting into a little trouble here and there. Lifting something from a store, picking a pocket to have a little extra spending money at an arcade or whatever they wanted to waste it on. It wasn't long before they started getting into more serious things, though. Some of her friends found their way into gangs. Some of them wound up dead. Aibell herself ended up a little up better, at least in her eyes. All she got into was a bit of drug running for a dealer... And dipping into the supplies. No one noticed if she skimmed a little off the top.
        She started out experimenting with some of the lighter stuff, but ended up falling into heavier drugs in no time as she mingled with rougher crowds and went to their parties. It was at one of these parties that needles were being passed around that things would shift dramatically for her. Overnight, she began to experience hot sweats, experience violent mood swings and suddenly found herself blacking out and coming to in the alley aching all over in a puddle of her own retch.

        It wasn't for a few nights more, when she was about to be mugged in the middle of a run to one of her clients that she actually came to realize what had happened. Instincts took over, the mugger was sent into a fit of panic as she suddenly appeared to be going into a seizure upon the ground. The next thing she knew, she stood over him in a new form, infected with a strain of therianthropy.

        At the age of 17, her life was not in much of a solid state to begin with. This new development seemed to be the tipping point. It seemed those she associated with had a great bias against her affliction. Her parents were loathe to share a roof with a monster with her and kicked her out on her ass to live on the streets. She went to her friends, but most of them had drifted too far away or were involved too deep with their own matters. Her last option, she went to the dealer she worked for. He wanted to use her as her personal enforcer, thrilled to have a beast of pure destruction like that at his side. Reluctantly, she accepted. A girl needed to eat and have a semi-safe place to lay her head at the end of the day.

        Overall, it did not end well. New to her powers, she had no idea how to protect herself or those around her. And even with her greater defensive capabilities, a couple well placed bullets still hurt, a lot, especially to a young girl who never actually felt so much pain in her life. In the end, it ended in a lot of people dying, and she largely blamed herself. It did not matter, though, she was back on the streets with nowhere to go.

        It did not take long for the cops to catch up with her. The rash of crimes related to her affliction was easy enough to trace in her neighborhood, it was just a matter of finding people willing to speak and who was missing. She did not fight, she was more than sick with what had happened and just wanted somewhere to go that was safe and she knew she would have a roof over her head.

        Prison life was something else. Three square meals a day was something she had not experienced since... She could not even recall. She felt reassured that she did not have to worry when the moon was full that she would accidentally kill someone. Though, she did feel awkward about all the giggling over her unusual shape. It was not her fault she was what she was. Just hearing the term 'weremadillo' made her flush til the tips of her ears turned red.
        Still, when the day came that Dyer Pharmaceuticals paid bail to see her out, she faces it with some trepidation. She knew it was possible that some day she might be out. After all, the rulings had not directly pointed her as the cause of the deaths and she had just been taken in on drug charges, but that did not mean she was any less scared of what could happen. She could only just envision it.
      • Stats
        Focus: 2​
        Resistance: 8​
        Acrobatics: 6​
        Might: 8 (+1)​
        Expertise: 2​
        Subterfuge: 4​
        • Jinxed: Those around her tend to meet with more misfortune when she is around, it seems to follow in her steps.
        • Forecasting Fatality: She seems to have a slight preoccupation with the things that can cause people to die; sometimes she can get a strong sense of when people are about to get seriously hurt and help them avoid it, or she gets a sense of what caused an accident to happen.
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  2. Name: Alexander "Nike" Zaynesworth
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human.
    Background: Officer.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Standing in at 6'1", Alexander sports an athletic build. While not overly-bulky, his frame shows his time as a trainee in police academy and his regular exercise regime. Sporting a low fade mohawk and brown eyes, Alexander is almost indistinguishable from a crowd. Well, he would be if it wasn't due to his state-of-the-art, prosthetic right arm, which was provided by the one and only Adam Dyer. His body tells a tale of a life of hardship yet triumph, his chest and sides marred with scars and burns, his flesh arm still retaining slightly faded needle marks. His general attire, when not on the clock, is simple: t-shirt, jeans, shoes. Yet, when doing his duty to (try) and protect the citizens of Vanaheim, his outfit, once again provided by Adam Dyer, is much more suited for chasing down and subduing supernatural criminals. With kevlar body armor, metal boots, a twin-tailed coat (for style!) and retractable helmet designed to increase his aim, Alexander is able to combat almost any obstacle thrown his way.

    Biography: Growing up in Havenside, Alexander was exposed to it all - the good, and the bad. Raised by a single father, his mother passing away during labor, he was subject to a sheltered environment, his father going out of his way to keep him safe. Alexander was happy - his father always managing to provide him with anything he could possibly ask for. Yet, as time went on, his father began to come back later and later during the night - somehow managing to always look worse for wear. It was, one night, when Alexander was 10, that his father did not come back at all. The boy waited days for his return, yet it never came. Instead, a group of men ransacked his home and whisked the boy away.

    The next few years, Alexander was raised on the Crier Docks by a group of thugs - former associates of his father. Alexander wasn't told much, but what he did know was that his father was dead. Over time, he became 'one of the gang', committing petty crimes and falling into the bad habits of those around him. But, one night, when he was 16 he was apprehended by the police after an arson-gone-wrong.

    Spending the next 3 years in a rehab facility, he was released and given a chance to turn his life around and make something of himself. That chance materialized in the form of the police academy where, within a year, he became an officer, and he spent the next 2 years doing his best to make a difference. Yet, things didn't go as planned one night and he was left an almost mortal wound, the young officer barely living.

    But, his actions caught the eye of Adam Dyer, who read over the officer's profile. 'Headstrong, dependable and resolute. Seems to be slightly pessimistic but still believes in doing the right thing, no matter the odds.' While the instructor's notes seemed to veer on the cliche, Alexander's actions and the cause of his extensive injuries couldn't be ignored and he was, inevitably, recruited into Dyer's 'vigilante group'.

    Traits: (Can't think of a second trait.)

    A Second Shot: "It's hard to be a left-handed man in a right-handed man's world." Growing up left-handed, Alexander, overtime, naturally became ambidextrous. This talent, being put to greater use by Dyer, has left Alexander with twin pistols that he uses simultaneously to great effect.

    What Happens in Vanaheim...: "You can change your past and yourself, but scars remain." Even after turning his life around, Alexander still has contacts in the seedier parts of Vanaheim, and he has extensive knowledge of shortcuts.

    Focus: 7
    Resistance: 7
    Acrobatics: 7
    Might: 3
    Expertise: 5 (+1)
    Subterfuge: 1

    Will fix any typos when I wake up.
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  3. Seems an interesting prospect.
    I'll edit my character sheet into this post.

    Ibrahim (open)

    Name: Ibrahim Deane Ward
    Age: Appears to be 18 or older, but his real age is unknown.
    Sex: Male
    Race: Psion
    Background: Citizen
    Appearance: Ibrahim stands 6'0 tall and has a lanky build. Sporting a lean muscle one develops when growing up on a diet that has the primary ingredient of poverty. He has hazel eyes and light chestnut hair, styled in short cut in an attempt to look older. He often bemoans his lack of ability to grow facial hair. Which only emphasizes his young looking face.(Picture coming soon..ish)
    Show Spoiler
    Irabhim was born to his parents several years into their marriage and was treated like a miracle, inflating his sense of self worth from a young age. Unfortunately, his childhood wasn't an easy one. His father had been injured in a car crash and had lost his left leg, greatly restricting what work he could and the families income.

    Perhaps Ibrahim wouldn't have been so bothered by the fact that his family was poor. If his cousins weren't so wealthy. His mothers eldest brother was a very successful business who ran a construction company, and as he grew the stark contrast between their lives only irked his pride more. Ibrahim had been blessed with some natural charisma and intellectual ability. Bolstering his ego even further, and irking his pride at the destitute conditions his family lived him all the more.

    His parents were simple folk. They had food to eat, a roof over their heads and two wonderful sons. The only thing they wished for the finances to be a little less stretched when the bills came around. Ibrahim couldn't understand his parents thought process, and eventually turned to petty crime, following the streak of Kleptomania that had followed him since he was a child. He thought himself very clever, never being caught despite his criminal tendencies. Although knowledge of his activities was a very badly kept secret.

    He started neglecting his studies, where he had previously skated by using his natural intellect, and fell in with a bad crowd. When the day of the operation came, he was intercepted by his father. Who promptly socked him in the face, before holding him there as the rest of the crew got arrested. Somewhere along the way. Ibrahim had gotten so absorbed in his own bitterness at his lot in life that he had forgotten he had a family that loved him.

    He's since finished his primary education and been accepted into a University, although he has yet to register a class. And he can't seem to shake his kleptomania. Not that he minds really.

    Focus: 5(+1)
    Resistance: 3
    Acrobatics: 6
    Might: 3
    Expertise: 6
    Subterfuge: 7


    Natural Charm: Ibrahim is a bit egotistic, and a bit self-involved, but he has a quick tongue and a remarkable memory as well as a very strong presence that draws all sorts of people to him, whether it be Officers of the Law, or those a bit more on the seedy side like him. He makes quick friends and picks their brains for any information that might benefit him even quicker.

    Psychokinesis(might change this): Being born a Psion, Ibrahim has a midding skill in psychokinesis. Allowing him to move things around with his mind. He mostly uses it to fetch the T.V remote or something else he doesn't want to get up for.
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  4. @Drifter I couldn't make up my mind, so now I have 3 CSs for you to peruse D:
  5. Added my two fellas.
  6. Pssst. Hellis. The CSs changed a little since the old Vanaheim. Primarily, the stats are now in the FRAMES system.
  7. What plays into Psionics then :/. None of those stats really relate to mental fortitude at all... In fact. The lack of a real mental stat seem like downgrade.
  8. Focus. Focus appears to cover that. Possibly with some points in the endurance stat if you want them to have more fortitude? That's how I would interpret the system.
  9. I went with focus. I don't think the new stats make to much sense in comparison with the others but I can deal.
  10. The Focus stat is meant to help psions in their abilities as well as magic users later on. Basically, it is like a willpower trait above all. I admit that the FRAMES system might be a little silly when compared to the much more straightforward system I used before, but I think it will serve us all better as the plot progresses.

    I'll be posting an update later on with character acceptance/tweaking.
  11. I think you just really liked the Acronym. It's ok. I do that all the time. I based an entrie setting around one. xD. I do look forward to this starting.
  12. Name: Jordan Alter
    Werebeast (Hyena)
    Background: Convict



    Born and raised in the Industrial District of Vanaheim Jordan could be described as an outgoing man with a strong penchant for violence. His affinity for brutality and the viscous nature of his bestial form made him a problem child from birth, leading to his eventual abandonment and subsequent adoption at age thirteen. These savage traits also drew him into the wrong crowd and by age sixteen he was working as an aspiring bruiser for a local crime ring. After a few turbulent years and some run ins with the law, Jordan was arrested at age twenty one for the last time. At 1:36 A.M Police received a domestic violence report from Jordan's neighbors after hearing sustained shouting followed by the sound of clashing furniture and screaming. Police entered apartment number 314 to find the entire apartment ransacked along with the corpse of Jordan's then girlfriend sprawled in the center of the room with a broken neck. Jordan was found and arrested the next day, tried for murder and sentenced to life in prison.

    Focus: 2
    Resistance: 10
    Acrobatics: 6
    Might: 9 +1
    Expertise: 2
    Subterfuge: 1

    Animal Instincts: Improved sense of hearing, smell, and vision.

    Blood Frenzy: Bonus to actions taken against wounded targets.
  13. The college finally got its wifi back up, and since I have an almost paranoid distrust of updating things on mobile, this means character acceptance will happen now. I've been told that doing that in an update will make the thread more visible, so that is a definite goal of mine.

    First things first:

    All of these characters look good and have nicely balanced powers, so consider yourselves all accepted. As for @Jageroux, I'd like for you to be able to come up with a second trait. I can try to suggest some stuff... for example, you can create a trait for having some criminal contacts you still keep in touch with, or you could do something that lots of players like defaulting to if they can't think of something else along the lines of a fledgling sixth sense for the supernatural.
  14. Drifter updated Vanaheim Vice with a new update entry:

    Current Roster

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Went ahead and posted a very rough bio. It's definitely going to get edited, but the base idea of it shouldn't change. I also edited his name.

    Full disclaimer, I might want to change his race/stats/traits. I usually get a bit of inspiration a week or so from creation of the character and evolve what I started with into what I really wanted but was having trouble putting together. Like solving an incomplete puzzle.

    Is that alright?
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  16. @Drifter added a second trait along the lines of what you suggested.
  17. Retooling is fine at this stage, and frankly, I expect players to make changes during the RP. Since it hasn't taken off yet, the changes to your character can be as large as you need them to be. Just be sure to give me a heads up if I'm going to be reviewing a whole new character rather than just a slightly updated one.
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