Vampires: Prologue-The Diplomats of Humanity

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Humanity has fallen.

Once a great empire, Humanity has been ravaged by the legions of the dead. This has been a war fought for decades, but in the end, Humanity lost. And the truth is, Humanity brought this fate upon itself.

A long time ago, Humans lived alongside a powerful, magical race, who were known as the Dhampyr. Physically superior and gigantic, immortal, and with access to powerful magic, the Dhampyr were in nearly every way the superior to Humanity. However, Humans were creative, ingenuitive, and ambitious. They used the surroundings to there advantage, and created amazing technology that the Dhampyr couldn't begin to comprehend. The Dhampyr saw their place, and the Humans place, and they were content with what they could do. In the Dhampyr way of thought, they wished to live in peace, and let all living things have their own place in the world.

The Humans, however, had different ideas. They saw the power the Dhampyr held, and feared them. They were afraid of accidentally angering the Demi-God like Dhampyr, and being wiped from the planet. Worse though, Humanity feared the day the Dhampyr realized their power, and used it to become emperors of the world, and enslave the Humans to be as work animals, with no hope of ever breaking free.

Their fears were realized when a rogue nation of Dhampyr decided they were more powerful than the others, and began a crusade of Conquest, enslaving those they conquered, and slaying those who refused to submit. The nation was small, and Dhampyr did join the fight against their rogue kind, but to the Humans, their fear has been proven, and they must become stronger, or be no more than slaves. So when the war ended, the Humans began their war on the Dhampyr, and nothing less than genocide would suffice.

And so they fought, and after much bloodshed, Humanity prevailed, and sent hunting parties to clean up those Dhampyr who ran or refused to fight. Much time past, but eventually, all the Dhampyr were extinct, and Humans began their rule upon the Earth, being the most powerful race at this time.

The Dhampyr did not rest silently, however. They returned as six powerful undead lords, each a amalgamation of millions of angry souls who wished to destroy the Humans as how the humans destroyed them. Another Great War commenced, and there was left only one great city left among the Human ruins at its end.

The Dhampyr, at this moment, showed mercy, and allowed six Human individuals to appeal to them for Humanity's survival. And so, these six have been saddled with a great task indeed. The survival of Humanity rests on their shoulders, will they prevail, or fail and doom their race to damnation?
A roleplay taking place during a great time in my world's history, but not really representative of the RP as a whole, I decided to have this be a short demo RP. I will be taking six players. You will take the role of both a diplomat and an Undead Lord, creatures powerful enough to judge the existence of entire races. As for the genre, it could be considered a Supernatural Court Drama, with six humans trying to appeal to six angry spirits.

Anyways, these are the Undead Lords.


Diplomat Character Sheet-(This world is similar to Attack on Titan)
Reason for becoming/being chosen as a diplomat-

Priority Iwakuns, for having interest in Vampires: Agents of the Apocalypse.

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