Vampires on teh Titanic!

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    It was the maiden voyage of the HMS Titanic, and all the rich and poor folk were having the time of their lives.

    An iceberg was about to hit them, and it would have been a tragedy that would go down in history.

    But there were some unusual passengers in the cargo hold.


    A group of vampires were trying to get to America.

    But they were woken up when the engines stopped. Going out to investigate, they found that the bridge crew had been killed by one of their own. They didn't know who.

    The ship was adrift, and because vampires can't cross running water, the vampires were stranded.

    Now the Titanic is drifting between the icebergs, and the vampires are doing their best not to snack on the humans.

    But tensions, and hormones, are running high.​
  2. Jonny sighed, yawned, then looked to one side in a bored sort of way. He was leaning in the corner of the cargo hold where the vampires had been hiding since they sneaked onto the Titanic, keeping to himself and not really talking to anyone. All around him were cargo crates, boxes, parked cars and the bodies of rats which some of the other vampires had been feeding on.

    Not him though. He liked the real thing.

    "I'm bored," Jonny said, to no one in particular. He just had a tendency to verbalize his thoughts. "If we're really stuck on this boat then we should start feeding, before the humans get sick or malnourished."

    Half the humans had already escaped on the lifeboats, but there weren't enough lifeboats, so the rest were stuck here, eating all the food and drinking all the champagne. And whoever had killed the bridge crew had also smashed the radios.

    Jonny cast a suspicious glance around the room. One of them here was the killer... he would find out who... and then kill them right back.

    He yawned again and stretched, flexing his abs. He was bored. "I'm bored," he said again. "I want to have some fun."

    Of course, what he really wanted to do was explore his bisexual nature. Ever since he had been turned into a vampire, he had started noticing other people, and lusting for them. Sometimes the lust was greater than the thirst.

    But he was shy. He pretended he wasn't. But he was.
  3. [​IMG]

    I really wish it was I who killed them all. Whoever committed the act was not only a bastard, but a sadist. I mean, really. Trap a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures of the night all together, in the middle of a human buffet, and what do you expect to happen? A load of good fun, that's what.

    And I wasn't in on it. No, I'm not the stereotypical sad vampire. Totally Maudlin. Depressing. Boring. What's the point of living forever if you can't even enjoy it? So when a fantastic stunt such as this is accomplished and I'm out of the loop? Yeah. It pisses me off a little bit.

    Ice clinked against the sides of the glass as I swirled the drink in my hand. Unlike the rest of my kind, I had actually paid for my transport. How hard is it to accumulate a measurable sum of funds over the course of a couple hundred years, anyways? I certainly wasn't going to spend my first time on a cruise ship hiding in some dingy cargo hold next to some person who probably hadn't showered in a week. Gross. I, myself had dressed up a little. The crimson dress plunged deep, probably a little too risque for the time but, Who cares, really? I love the color.

    Sighing, the remainder of whatever drink had been in the glass was dumped into the black waves. Then I pitched the glass itself in, just for good measure.

    I would push my way through all the pretty humans, looking so darn cute in their finest frocks and suits. Their scents enveloped their soft, warm bodies so perfectly that it made my mouth water. Honestly, I preferred the men, considering they didn't feel the need to douse themselves in chemical perfumes. Anyways, the noises of their senseless smalltalk faded as I delved into the lower floors of the ship, where I would burst into the cargo hold and whisper into the dusty darkness, "Who wants to dance, eh?"
  4. Dancing was lame. Jonny didn't like dancing. Because it was lame.

    He smiled sadistically as the vampire whose name he knew but wasn't going to mention in his internal monologue right now entered the cargo hold in a dress that subverted all historical accuracies. "Having fun, I see?" he said sadistically, adding her name to the end of that sentence. "Good. We should all be having more fun! Then I won't have to kill you." He laughed sadistically with a smirk then moved over to her. Luckily, she was in another corner of the room, so he was able to stay in the corner. He actually used his vampire magics to pass from one shadow to another, so that he was never actually away from a corner at any point in his movement.

    "I could dance with you, but you'd have to keep up!" he said in a sadistic way, smirking widely.

    He liked this vampire whose name he knew. But she was a female girl, and Jonny was more into guys right now, but he wouldn't mind if she wanted to make out with him, he made out with a lot of people but it didn't mean he liked them and he sometimes killed the people he made out with. He was that sort of guy. Sadistic.

    "Do the humans still think they are going to be rescued?" he asked, and then didn't wait for an answer. He was the kind of guy who asked lots of questions in a row with the expectation that they would be answered in an equivocal list-like fashion after he had finished talking. "I hear they are expecting to be rescued and so are being really relaxed and eating food and drinking champagne in a way that doesn't impinge on the traditional romantic conception of the Titanic."

    He spoke in long sentences. He was smart. Isaac Newton was the one who sired him.

    Laughing again, he tipped his head back and barred his fangs. The electric light shone on his abs. "Too bad we vampires can't cross running water. I was looking forward to trying a New Yorker. But hey, it doesn't mean we can't have fun, right?"

    He flexed his abs sadistically.
  5. Hm. Knows my name. He even said it. Juliet. Not my real name, sure, but I've always liked the character. The whole suicide thing was her only fault. Oh, and the fact that she stayed with that loser, Romeo. I've actually seen the original performance at the Globe. I was the only one who laughed when Romeo died. I laugh now, only because the moron said something about killing me. As if. I take it as a joke and smile at him.

    "You're funny." Funny in the annoying, dumb way... But funny nonetheless. I'm not really certain that I want to dance with him. He just talks, talks, talks. Maybe living for so long has caused him to go mad, as it sometimes does with our kind. I cross my arms and wait for him to be done, then wait a little longer. I had to swallow several bouts of laughter watching him flex his abdominals. "But talking is boring, and you do it too much." I decide not to answer his questions, just to spite him.

    I cross the room, my bare feet slapping against the musty floor. I'm more interested in the cars than the man at the moment. I've always had a thing for machines. I sit in the driver's side of a particularly attractive one, wishing I could drive it around and mow down a few of these losers along the way.
  6. [​IMG]Uke-Seme wandered around on the deck of the Titanic, trying to look bored and not like she was looking for a toilet. Uke-Seme was a feisty stow away on the Titanic, she'd escaped from being noticed by the vampires and the cops by hiding in the trunk of a car for three days, so she had no idea what was going on. "I have no idea what's going on." Then she saw a group of attractive people lounging around on the deck. Uke-Seme didn't know why, but she somehow felt compelled to join them. And it wasn't just a result of going three days in the trunk of a car without food or water affecting her decision making process. No, this was....



    Uke-Seme screamed her freaking face off as the vampires chased her. "WHAT'S GOING ON?! WHO ARE YOU GUYS?!" It was then she remembered that she had a gun with all kinds of special bullets and that she was a vampire hunter who stowed away on the Titanic to hunt the vampires. She had been born an orphan because of vampires so she wanted to kill all vampires.

    "Aw man, vampires suck! BLAM! BLAM!" Said Uke-Seme as she fired rounds over her shoulder at the vampires. She wasn't scared of the vampires biting her because she was so feisty.
  7. "Heh!" said Jonny, scratching the back of his neck and blushing and looking at the ground and grinning. He was shy, despite being sadistic and wanting to kill people. He watched as Juliet got into one of the stored cars. He knew her name wasn't Juliet but he called her Juliet because she was like that character in Shakespeare and Jonny had fond memories of his time as Shakespeare's lover. In fact, Jonny had inspired Shakespeare to write Twelfth Night. But he didn't brag about that.

    Then, his ears perked up as he heard Uke up on the deck, firing her gun and yelling.

    "Saved by the bell!" he said and gave Juliet the thumbs up before teleporting away into shadow.

    He appeared instantly above Uke's head, hovering in the air. "Hi there!" he said with a grin, then backflipped over her. He looked at the vampires that were chasing her. They weren't the vampires from the cargo hold - probably another clan that had been hiding somewhere else. He looked closer and saw that they were vampire-werewolf hybrids. They were Jonny's mortal enemies. Well... immortal enemies... but still... mortal in the sense that he really really didn't like them.

    "Hey boys," he said to the werewolf-vampires as they charged, "Don't you know it's not nice to chase ladies?"

    He had to say this very quickly. In fact, it was mostly garbled. Because the werewolf was only about five feet away from him and charging at over 10 miles per hour. But he still said it anyway. It was one of his vampire powers. With a flick of his wrist he summoned a katana into his hand and chopped the werewolf's head off. "Don't lose your head," he shouted sadistically, then spun around and stabbed the second werewolf in the face. The other werewolves stopped, realising that he was Jonny the werewolf slayer, son of Isaac Newton, and they yelped and ran away and threw themselves overboard.

    Jonny licked the blood of his katana and turned around to look at Uke with smirk. "You're safe now, Mademoiselle."

    He was French.
  8. The chill of the air in the nocturnal hours that plagued the ship like rats stirred the hem of the violet clad demigoddess. Like a preternatural pondering stirring the mind. Delicate hands grasped strands of pearls. Pearls that hummed with music. It was a gift granted this denizen of the evening shades. A gift of orchestral magic. Dancing through the air.

    Icy sapphire orbs traipsed about the upper deck as she ignored the inconveniences currently plaguing the ship. The night and the ice and the gunfire. She could care less, her carefully maintained facade of blase attitude poised to start an uproar in the hearts of men. For how could they ignore her, Camilla.

    Her long, body hugging dress was made of silk from the finest reaches of the orient and her long, golden curls. They sat pinned to the back of her neck, leaving her throat open and enticing. Her curves danced subtly along musculature unmistakable in its pure holiness. But purity was something even a demigoddess can tire of and it brought her here. She would lose it. Here on this night of ice and stars.
  9. Nyx wasn’t at all concerned with the fact that there were two people talking and one of them had simply vanished. Thon was too busy sitting on the hood of an out of period car that was somehow still in the hold of the ship. Thon sat between two identical looking vampires that all looked the same and it was impossible to tell them apart but Nyx was the prettiest.

    As thon sat thon became aware that there had been gunshots and looked up sharply with a gasp from thon’s ancient necronomnomnom tome that only thon was smart enough to read and decrypt, this imparted momentum from thon head to thon hand resting on a headlight via thon’s spine and arm bones that caused the headlight to fall off.

    In a tangle of dress and flailing limbs thon went spilling to the deck of the hold with a heavy clang as the leather and snakeskin bound tome slid across the deck.

    “Ow.” Thon said remaining still on the deck but using thon’s telekinesis power to pull the tome back towards thon, it was the power thon had been reading about and Nyx was happy to be able to do it on thon’s first try. Nyx was gifted like that, but it also made the other headlight fall from the vehicle and shatter on thon’s skull. This was much less pleasing.

    It was far from atypical for…
  10. Nyx to have some sort of misfortune. However, as always, Blix was soon on the ground to sooth his brother.

    Blix had been of course sitting on the car with his brothers until Nyx had been startled by the gunfire. He had had little interest in the other two vampires, seeing as one upped and disappeared. In fact he was more interested in the lovely neck of his brother.

    They might have been impossible to tell apart, but Blix was the cutest.

    "There there," he said as she helped her sister up, going as far as fixing her skirt. Are you okay? Would you like me to kiss it all better?"

    Blix was more then willing.....

  11. kiss Nyx's boo-boos whenever xe wanted, and it was obvious. Trix knew. Trix could see it. Trix could smell it.

    Trix watched xyr siblings from xyr perch on the hood of the car, hair hanging in xyr face. Xyr eyes were like limpid red pools in the twilight of the cargo hold. Pools of blood. Trix's eyes were xyr best feature, almost hypnotic in their ability to lure in mortal and immortal alike. (The power of hypnosis that xe had picked up in the early 19th century by draining the blood of Franz Mesmer didn't hurt, either.) The three were all identical in every way and impossible to tell apart, being triplets, but Trix was the sexiest.

    Not one to be excluded from the sibling bonding, Trix slid down from atop the car and looped xyr arms around Nyx's waist, hands smoothing over the front of Nyx's dress. Trix leaned in close, inhaling the spicy scent of xyr eldest sibling.

    "Be careful... or... you might... snap your neck..." Each pause was punctuated by Trix's ever-widening smile, xyr fangs glistening a fiendish white in the fluorescent electric lighting. So too did xyr head tilt slightly with each word, as if pantomiming the very thing that xe was warning against. A bit of drool trickled off one fang. Seductively.

    Trix could care less about the other vampires on board the Titanic, apart from Nyx and Blix. It was hard being a bisexual hermaphrodite triplet vampire in love with both your siblings. It was hard, and nobody understood. But Trix didn't let that get xem down.

  12. Somewhere in the cargo hold stands a body length mirror.

    "Ohmigod, I look so kawaii in this dress! Don't you think so Roxy? Of course I think so! No one can wear this emo black dress like me! And these gorgeous white angel wings are TOTALLY IN. And this headband, oh my gosh, this head band is soooo totally freaking adorable. I'm so glad I got all dressed up for the occasion. Who cares if we're floating in the middle of the ocean, when I look so damn FAB-U-LESS! Nothing can happen to us while we're here right, prettyfull reflection?"


    "EEEEEEEEK!!! We're floating in the middle of the ocean and there's no power, and there's a vampire killing people, and the humans are escaping and we're eating rats for food!"

    Roxy swoons dramatically. stops mid swoon.

    "Oh my god, did you really think I was gonna, like, get this dress all messed up because there's a crazy psycho killer out on the loose? Psh, please. I have standards."

    She turns the mirror away because even though Roxy was so totally drop dead gorgeous, she's too insecure to look at herself for too long. She dusts her dress off cause that's what preppy bitches like her do. Oh and she swishes her hair back.

    "So like... How do I go about getting some? Oh right."

    Roxy flashes a smile.
  13. The object, which was made out of metal, wood, and a collection of other materials assembled in a way that made it possible for the object to have less density than the colourless liquid that dominated about two-thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated and was composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, was situated in a way on the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated that it had the ability to make use of its potential as an object that had less density than the colourless liquid that dominated about two thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated in and was composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, thus maintaining its buoyancy at the current moment in an objectively large body of said, colourless liquid that dominated about two thirds of the third planet in the solar system which said planet was situated in and was composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, despite the absolutely undeniable fact that an objectively large, mountain-shaped collection of particles that originated from the colourless liquid that dominated about two thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated in and was made out of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom assembled into a grid formation that reminded one strongly of a solid object had just had its momentary velocity considerably decreased because its movement vector had the misfortune of encountering the movement vector of the firstly mentioned object, therefore creating a situation in which the colourless liquid that dominated about two thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated in and was composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, had flooded into the object which was made out of metal, wood and a collection of other materials assembled in a way that made it possible for the object to have less density than the most common, colourless liquid that dominated about two-thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated and was made out of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms, therefore increasing its density to such a level that said object would not be able to carry out its purpose for a reasonable amount of time, which in this case was the time which the object would have taken to cross a particularly large body of the colourless liquid that dominated about two-thirds of the third planet in the solar system in which said planet was situated and was made out of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

    That alone would have been objectively insufficient to start the processes which were responsible for inducing a chain reaction of actions which could inconvenience others extremely due to their ridiculously violent nature, the starting point of which chain reaction would have been the corporeal form of the male-bodied individual who could be considered to induce favourable reactions in all genders of all historical times for reasons which this narrative will refuse to discuss, because it is under a legally binding contract under the name of this individual who has urged it not to divulge such information, but it has been permitted to tell the reader that said corporeal form of the male-bodied individual had on his body individual strands of fluffy, white material that has been processed by various machinery, which coalescence into regular patterns that form appropriate attire which this individual has on his body, the pigments of which are aligned in such a way as to absorb most of the incoming light particles, thus making it considerably difficult to spot the corporeal form of the male-bodied individual that was currently relaxing all of its muscles aboard the object which was accurately described in the previous paragraph, however, the fact that one of this male-bodied individual’s acquaintances with a similar disposition, as in an individual with a large disposition against naturally occurring photons that originated from the stellar body collectively known as the Sun and a disposition towards consuming the life-giving, red-coloured liquid that flowed in the corporeal form of creatures capable of sustained and conscious movement, had extinguished the life that could be objectively considered the most important on the object which was accurately described in the previous paragraph, was sufficient to induce the process described in the first three lines of this paragraph.

    Therefore, it was a perfectly correct conclusion that a chain-reaction of extremely violent actions, the centre of which was the corporeal form of the male-bodied individual, has started on the object that was first described in the first paragraph, causing harm to every particle the movement vectors of which had encountered the movement vector of said chain reaction, thus inflicting an objectively considerable amount of function impairing disabilities that resulted from the induced lack of muscle- Oh shit.

    “I hate you,” said Alexander Heracles Anna Monica Elisabeth Pythagoras… [Turn a few pages]… Frodo Aragon Goethe Einstein as he crushed the face of his personal narrator, who had been floating on his shoulder up until know. “For those of you who did not understand what this thing is blabbering about,” he said, pointing to the dead narrator on his shoulders. “Is that I am on the sinking Titanic as a beautiful, attractive vampire who wears black clothes, and I am angry because the captain was killed,” he explained, then he nodded and tried to go back to sleep.
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  14. ooc I changed my picture so that it looks more like my character the way I imageined her lol Sorry but I suck at drawing ^_-
    Uke-Seme knew those French words he was saying. Uke-Seme was raised in Tokyo but she was half-French-German-Spanish-British-Israeli on her mom's side. She was a very culturally aware person with an eclectic taste in music and art.

    Uke-Seme glared at Johny clearly pissed off at him for saving her. It was 1912, girls were doing it for themselves. "Your a vampire! I hate vampires! And don't call me madamoiselle I'm gender neutral!!!!!!!!! En guard!" And with those withering comebacks, Uke-Seme started shooting at Johny a whole bunch. It's a cool fight and you should imagine The Kids Aren't Alright by Offspring playing while they fight.
  15. "Hahahahaahahahahahahahaa!" Jonny laughed as he caught the bullets. He even caught one of them in his teeth. Then he teleported behind her. Luckily, all of the humans on the deck were looking the other way so they didn't freak out at seeing the fight with the werewolves and the other werewolves jumping off the boat and the teleporting vampire and all the gunshots.

    When Uke stopped firing (she had to, because her magazine had run out off rounds), she turned to see Jonny leaning on the rail with his abs on show. "You're pretty good," he said Frenchly. "We could use someone like you. And it would save me having to kill you." He smirked sadistically then scratched the back of his neck. This girl was pretty. And she was a girl. She said she was gender neutral, but Jonny could tell that her soul was female. He could sense auras.

    "And hey, I just saved you from those werewolves!" He pointed at the two werewolves he had stabbed in the face. Then they dissolved, because his katana had a special magic in it that made werewolves dissolve so that none of the humans would see them and freak out. "You should be more grateful, you fucking bitch!" He then winked at her.

    He could hear what was going on in the cargo hold, because he had left his familiar down there, and they were empathically linked. The Triplets were up to their old tricks, falling off things and flirting with each other. Jonny rolled his eyes, then chuckled as he heard Roxy almost swoon. This would appear quite strange to Uke, who might suspect Jonny was having some kind of cardiac event...

    But he wasn't.

    "So what's your name, beautiful?" He asked Uke, and then realised he still had a bullet in his mouth. He spat it out and killed a werewolf that had previously jumped overboard but had then changed its mind and come swimming back and climbed the side of the ship. It was just about to claw Uke's head off when he spat the bullet at it.

    The werewolf died, then dissolved.

    "I'm Jonny," he said, without waiting for Uke to answer. "But you can call me John. Though my friends called me Seth. And you might know me as Raven."

    He took out a violin and started playing a song that Uke would love.

  16. Fate Destiny Sarahleighmarie Bloodflower was not happy that the loud noises coming from the rest of the ship were interrupting her spirit seance, which she performed every night in hope of cleansing her inner demons and become a human girl again because no hot guy would want to have sex with a vampire girl. Before she left her room, though, she made sure to apply at least three layers of black eyeliner so that everyone would know the pain in her soul when they looked at her red eyes rimmed in black. Her hair was already in pigtails to keep it out of her face while she looked into the smoke of her incense and black candles, so she was pretty much ready to go.

    The scene that awaited her outside of her cabin (which was super spacious because she had lots of money that she inherited from her parents when they died in a tragic accident while she was a child, which left her orphaned in her family mansion where she grew up alone and taught herself how to do everything because she was really smart) was confusing and chaotic. There were people causing trouble and being really rowdy, which made her face melt into a frown that still showcased the inner turmoil of her eyes.

    "You guys are interrupting my nightly ritual of trying to communicate with spirits, crying tears of blood, and then spending another three hours sewing my beautiful ball gown that looks so much better than anything anyone else could be wearing ever. What are you guys even doing?" She rolled her eyes at them, but in a depressed kind of way because she's depressed all the time.