Vampires of the Belle Epoque


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  • The story begins with two ancestral brothers Grayson (vampire) and Alexander (human). Their mother had fallen ill months after she had given birth to her first son, Alexander. She was unable to keep any food down, lost weight and became awfully weak. After several failed attempts by regular doctors the father became desperate and called a local village witch doctor. The witch doctor made several attempts at what she already knew for medicine but after they all failed she started to create her own medicine mixes. After a few attempts she created one and the mother miraculously healed. Not long after her healing,the mother discovered she was pregnant and had a son, Grayson.

    As a result of the witch doctor’s medicine, Grayson was born with a genetic abnormality that turned him into a vampire as he got older. When he started to lose his baby teeth that’s when signs began to show. His parents had no idea what was going on with him and took him to various doctors but none could figure out what was wrong with him. As the brothers got older and time went on Grayson began to desire blood and his abilities changed. Alexander, became jealous of this. One day when they were teenagers, Grayson snuck out of the house and his brother had followed him. Filled with disbelief and horror, Alexander no longer saw his brother as a human, but as a monster. From that day on neither saw eye to eye, minor conflicts such as physical fights and arguments became a constant thing to the point where Grayson was forced out of the family by his own brother.

    Over time Grayson’s rivalry and hatred towards Alexander caused a great war, yet this war didn’t affect the rest of humanity nor the world, but it affected the ways each brother saw each other. Grayson wanted a world where vampires co-existed with human and Alexander saw this as an impossibility. After the war ended, Alexander founded a small group and called themselves the Fathers of Purity. They created this ideology that immortality can be achieved through knowledge and science. As well as humans being the dominant race and do not need to coexist with supernatural beings. Over time their ideology influenced many others and resulted in a secret society called the Redemption. Amongst them were skilled scholars, alchemists and scientists. On the other hand, Grayson viewed them as sorcerers and mages whose knowledge could help them understand their race and immortality. Centuries after the brothers’ passing, there was a five year period of peace where the vampires usually had one or two redemption members live with them. Both races agreed to help the other achieve the answers they sought as long as peace remained.

    Eventually, one of the original redemption leaders who was Black Bart’s (Rogue) ancestor, served under the vampires for a time, watched how the vampires treated their fellow humans and fed from them. Disgusted by this, he realized that their nature was more predatorial than he’d initially presumed, which forced him to leave and start an uprising with other humans in a nearby town. Leading the humans into a frenzied hunt, his views sadly became the same as Alexander’s. He was well educated about the historical conflict between Alexander, Grayson, and Fathers of Purity. Obsessed with the ideology and his desire for control, he ended up betraying both races by placing spies within the Redemption and vampire covens to create internal strife in order to weaken them all. As a result of his actions, his name was stricken from records and became forgotten over the years.

    These hunts became frequent that the vampires were forced to go into hiding or even go into a torpor state for their own safety that they became the stories of campfires, legends of shadows, and nightmares. One particular vampire had been mentioned in these lores. One version of the lore states that: He (Vampire B) escaped to Russia unharmed. In his castle, he sleeps undisturbed until a mortal reincarnation of his beloved (Vampire A) is born to awaken him. No one knows of his location nor how long he’s rested there. If one dares to enter or even attempt to awaken him, a fatal toll of blood must be paid. He will awaken and drain his victim voraciously. Leaving no witnesses of his whereabouts. They say his eyes are a dark crimson red and his body is putrid and fetid like a decomposed corpse. His voice sounds like death haunting anyone who dares to enter. The lore was true in someway. In 1851, his beloved Vampire A was reincarnated as a human. Sensing her presence he searched for 25 years to find her. Before he sired Vampire A, he turned two other humans: the first being Sibling A who was dying in battle and Sibling B who had fallen ill and Vampire A’s biological sister. Their turnings took place right before the Belle Epoque era.
  • Vampire A and Sibling B were born into a royal family, who ancestry dates back to Grayson and were the last living descendants of this bloodline. In 1875, Sibling B was turned by Vampire B. He had an inkling that her sister was his reincarnated beloved. Unable to live with her family, she lived with Vampire B for a year. The rest of her family had received news that Sibling B was dead. This angered their father and his hunger for power increased. As a result of this, he was unliked by many and poisoned. A year later, their mother had died from influenza. With no one in her family left and unable to rule, Vampire A felt alone in this world. She did what she could with the aid of her advisor and lover but it was too much for her. The pressure from the townsfolk no longer wanted her there and threatened to assassinate her on her 25th birthday. News of this reached her and she became frightened for her life and could no longer stay in Condette, France. Her lover had promised her safe passage to Wales and that he would accompany her. It was at that moment, that she met Vampire B.

    With the family no longer lived in Condette, another powerful family moved and lived in the chateau for sometime. All went well until another uprising against the new ruling family in the village occured. This family was forced to leave the village, resulting in more chaos. There was a young maiden by the name of Aline Lecerf, who happened to be an orphan, she was a relative of Vampire A .

    What will happen between the Vampires and Humans? Will they live in peace or continue to be hunted and forced to remain in hiding? WIll another war between Vampires and Redemption break out? What course of history will change?
  • Six months prior to Joséphine’s awakening - Redemption Headquarters: Calais, France

    The doors burst open followed by; “Your Lordship. We found them!” Exclaimed one of the messengers as he walked in towards his leader’s desk. Nicolas looked up at the messenger and stopped what he was doing. “Where are they?” Happy to hear the news that they found the descendants of Grayson. “In Condette. Our spies in that area received word of an orphan, Aline Lecerf and that she is a living descendant. The last bloodline of Grayson himself.” The messenger answered as he caught his breath. Nicolas was the leader of the redemption and was determined to find this orphan girl by the name of Aline Lecerf and Joséphine Lioncourt. They too were searching for her maker and older biological sister. Nicolas wanted them dead or even used as experiments. Moving his documents aside he looked at his calendar. “Hunt down Aline during the fall festival near the end of November. She might even lead us to Josephine.” He said to the scout, who nodded at the orders. For the next months until it was time to leave for Condette, the redemption prepared for the hunt.

    Six months Later - Fall Festival, Condette

    It was evening of the Fall Festival, it had just started. Aline was attending the festival with two of her closest friends that she befriended over the years. Unfortunately, Aline was mistreated by the rest of the townsfolk, they avoided her like the plague for two reasons: one - an orphan and two - the original vampire, Grayson was her ancestor. While she was enjoying the festival something drew her to Château d'Hardelot, she looked up and felt that pull growing stronger and found herself staring at old flag poles that still waved the family crest flags. Night finally fell, and the festival was coming to an end. Somewhere in the dark not to far off, blood curdling screams filled the air. Hearing the screams broke her gaze once again from the towers and a voice rang out. “She’s there. Kill her now!” One commanded. An arrow flew past her and missed. Turning around she saw a couple masked figures wielding weapons as they came running towards her. A figure tackled her to the ground and wounded her as she attempted to disarm the figure and defend herself.

    Escaping her attacker, she ran towards the Château d'Hardelot. As she ran, her clothes were getting torn from the trees they caught the fabric, like fingers grabbing at her. Every now and again she would trip and fall over roots, and as she ran and stumbled she left behind drops of blood. Looking behind her she saw them following her. She quickly opened the iron bar gates of the castle as it came into view and locked it before her they could get through. Feeling weak from the amount of blood loss, she slowly walked to the entrance door.

    The surrounding landscape was unkempt, eerie, and abandoned as if it had not seen any signs of life. With blood continuing to drip from her wounds, she makes her way inside the chateau's doors and closed them quietly behind her as they echoed into the empty halls. As soon as she closed them, Aline was immediately drawn by pure instinct to walk into a room, not far off the main hall, in which lay a coffin, it was in the middle of a large oval room. She had pushed open the large wooden oak doors to see if anyone was around to tend to her wounds. She found a lantern on a small desk table by the doors, scrambling for something to light it, her hands grasped a match and lit it, which lit ten feet around her, using that light she examined her wounds, some were nothing but one was a lot deeper than she had figured. Starting to feel weak, she lay down on the cold floor next to the coffin and allowed the cold clutches of death to take her. Her blood dripped through the cracks of the floor which was hooked up to a tub like system that fed into a coffin below the stone floor.

    As the blood flowed into the coffin, the blood dripped into the awaiting mummified vampire’s mouth. Joséphine began to drink the blood that flowed onto her lips, Aline’s memories and knowledge filled her thoughts, she could sense her fear, pain, joy, anger. She saw the poor girl’s life recent moments and gasped awake almost in a panic. Once she had gained enough strength, she opened the coffin lid and stepped out. Walking up to the main floor, Jo looked around and noticed Aline on the floor dead as she too was alone. After grieving for the poor girl, she attempted to contact Lucien via their bond. “I’m awake. Where are you?” Her thoughts were filled with fear. Being here alone scared her. So much history surrounded her, memories of being here flooded her thoughts as tears fell upon her cheeks. Building up the courage, she took the girls body and buried it, she crossed her arms and lay pennies on her eyes after laying her in the ground. Whispering words of farewell and a safe trip to the underworld, she quickly went inside after she was finished speaking the last of her goodbyes. Where she would remain until her siblings or Lucien appeared.
  • Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France:
    Calais and Condette.​


  • OPEN SIGNUPS Vampires of the Belle Epoque
    ~~~~~Vampire Characters~~~~~​

    Vampire A Lead Female. (Taken by me)
    This character had been in a involuntarily torpor for sometime in her ancestor's home. She and Sibling B are the last of their lineage. She has a companion who also sired her. Doesn't know she is a reincarnate of Vampire B's beloved. Shares the traditional vampiric bond and has a psychic connection with Vampire B, and Siblings A and B. Born in 1851. Age 25 when turned in 1876.

    Vampire B Lead Male. (Taken)
    Older than Vampire A Lead Female. He sired Vampire A and made her his companion. Finds her after her awakening from her torpor. Has warrior skills, ranked elder status and also sired Sibling A and B. Royal Figure at the time of his turning. Became a vampire in order to defeat the invading enemy and save his family. Sought centuries for his beloved Vampire A who turned out to be reincarnated. Born in 1215. Age 35 when turned in 1250.

    Sibling A (Open)
    In life he was a dissenter, someone that never accepted the idea of others lording over him. He joined with a group of revolutionaries that protested the government but things turned violent and many of his comrades were killed. He to would have been injured during this but on the brink of death was saved by his Sire. After turned he very much kept the same ideals he had in life. He's stubborn and brash, short-tempered, and quick to take action if he feels he is being dominated. No biological relation to Vampire A and Sibling B. Sired by Vampire B. Born in 1843. Age 30 when turned in 1873

    Sibling B (Taken)
    She would be striking and very attractive, but not overtly feminine. Someone that definitely prefers wearing pants over dresses. She would more the scheming type, using people to achieve her ends rather than dirtying her own hands. Her relationship with Sibling A would be best described as Toxic Love. They have an incestuous relationship and deeply care about one another, but have both hurt the other in the past. They aren't opposed to harming one another if they need to, but they would never allow an outsider to do so. In a sense, no matter how far apart they grow they are always thrust back together. Usually follow terrible consequences. Biological sibling to Vampire A. Sired by Vampire B. Gets jealous of Vampire A and B’s relationship until she meets Sibling A. Born in 1848. Age 27 when turned in 1875


    Redemption's Leader's Daughter (Open)
    Lynchpin relationship: A marriage of their bloodlines to ensure an enduring union.
    Rogue (Taken)
    Has an ancestral relation to the original members of the Redemption. However, family records were stricken from records and became forgotten. Ends up in a lynchpin relationship.
    Human Donor that enjoy being fed from
    2 or 3 needed for the RP
    One is already taken
    Aline Lecerf (Human and Short Lived)
    Orphan and somewhat forgotten in the family tree of Vampire A. Aline ends up being tracked by the Redemption and gets injured. While she's injured she doesn't go back to the village since it was recently pillaged. Instead she runs to the castle and is unknowingly tracked by Vampire B. Vampire B tried to save her but her wounds were to great and she lost a lot of blood. Vampire B followed her because he's searching for Vampire A. The best way I can describe her is that she is similar to Jesse in Queen of the Damned, but she ends up dying from her wounds

    Redemption Leader
  • Needs human blood for a youthful appearance.
    Like traditional vampires, they awaken when the sun sets and slumber during daylight hours.
    If exposed to sunlight for long periods of time they can get sick or even die, to prevent this the blood of an ancient vampire is needed.
    Normal sized ears with a slight point.
    Silver bullets can affect their stamina and senses. They can die if the wound is not treated and/or bullet is not immediately and fully removed.

    ~~~~ Strengths & Weaknesses ~~~~~

    Strengths: Immortality | Retractable Fangs | Glamor | Stamina | Durability | Heightened Senses | Night Vision | Stealth | Psychic/Bond Connections

    Weaknesses: Sunlight | Silver Weapons & Bullets | Vervain | Exsanguination: drained completely of their blood consequently comatose or even die.

    ~~~~Abilities to choose from~~~~~

    Dream Manipulation
    Shapeshifting: Mist or animal form
    Clairsentience: having knowledge that one can not explain
    Aligist: Someone who can understand all languages.
    Aerona: The ability to see and understand all forms of illness.
    Clairvoyance: Ability to see the unknown
    Control metal: Someone who can manipulate metal (iron)
    Empath: Someone who feels the emotions of another. Sees and reads another’s aura
    Enhanced hearing: Ability to hear sounds from longer distances.
    Enhanced memory: The ability to recall any memory.
    Enhanced vision: The ability to see things from long distances.
    Mind control: The power to influence and control other people's minds.
    Precognition: The ability to see the future.
    Read memories: The ability to see the past of another person.
    Regeneration: The ability to heal quickly.
    Remote viewing: The power to track people or objects from afar.
    Retrocognition: Ability to see things that happened in the past.
    Speed: The power to move really fast.
    Strength: Enhanced strength.
    Telepathy: The power to read people's minds.
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Image: images (24).jpeg
Character Name: Lucien Lioncourt
Alias: Lestat or Lysander
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Transylvanian
Role: Vampire B Lead Male
Age: 35 turned 1250


Height 6’5 | Hair sandy Blonde | Eyes: blue as the sky
Distinguishing Marks: Has a scars all over his body from when he was human. Tribal tattoo running down his arm
Strengths: Smarts, agile, secretive, staying to himself, not trusting people


His sires, has a gentle heart when it comes to certain things, cares for a few to many people



Reading, combat of all kinds, weapons, Horseback riding, swimming,

Amazing with a sword, quick learner, can play violin, picks up things very quickly

Inabilities: Can't touch silver, can not enter holy grounds, can't help himself for falling for his reincarnated lost love

Abilities: Algist, Enhanced Hearing and vision, Mind control, speed, strength, and regeneration

Losing her again, the redemption will eventually catch him, silver stake covered in white birch ash
Positive: calm, collected, observant, daring, bold, and loyal

Negative Traits: Sarcastic, cold, calculating, Vengeful, hot headed, stubborn, and prideful

History: He has a Long history one of the oldest vampires still living. Well technically Now a days he is the elder Vampire, He has safely out witted and out maneuvered every Redemption member this far. He has much more knowledge of the ways than those who are left. He can speak many different languages and is very worldly.

Born in 1215 and turned in 1250 when he was in deep need of help to save his people and family unfortunately. He could not save everyone and everything. He lost his mate to his Enemy and she would seem to be lost forever. He searched and searched the years for her, but could not find her anywhere. Finally he did find her 25 years after she was born. He found her in france in 1876. She was beautiful and young and he was glad to found her so glad he turned her a month after finding her. He would not lose her again.

Image: corbin-hunter-ss2-copyright.jpg
Character Name: Alissa Vharis
Alias: Lilith
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French
Role: Sibling B
Age: 27 turned 1875


Height 5'6| Hair 140| Eyes: Blue green
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on her wrist the Fleur De Lis mark of a murder
Strengths: manipulation, smarts ,wit, and charm

Weaknesses: Stubborn, hot headed, jealous, and possessive


Hobbies: reading, writing, horseback riding, traveling, draining people of blood, and learning
Talents: charming, can dance, sing, fight, play violin

Inabilities: can not sew, cook, climbing
Fears: Hunters, losing her siblings, cramped spaces

Abilities: Algist, Enhanced Hearing and vision, Mind control, speed, strength, and regeneration
Positive: Smart, Charming, daring, bold, and adventurous

Negative Traits: Cold, calculating. Manipulative, sarcastic, demonic, Vengeful, scheming and murderous

History: will rp out.​

Image: 2afe82e368e71ad2bf85ecfd38b2fefd.jpg
Character Name: Sabine Night
Alias: Saber or Sabes
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: English
Role: Blood Whore/ Human Donor/ Blood Doll
Age: 26


Height 5'7| Hair 147 | Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: birthmark above her lip
Strengths: Smarts, wit, charm, agility, and Kindness

Weaknesses: stubborn, prideful, outspoken, not a pushover


Hobbies: reading, swimming, languages, horseback riding, and herbs
Talents: herbs, fighting, riding, reading, dancing, piano and writing

Inabilities: can't sew cook or laundry

Abilities: N/A
Fears: Heights, small spaces, pissing off a Vampire
Positive: Smart, Charming, Funny, Witty, Kind,and adventurous

Negative Traits: sarcastic, calculating, hot headed, stubborn, and prideful

History: rp out​
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  • unknown-5.png
    Lucien’s Mate and Sister to Alissa and her brother

    Character Name
    Joséphine Lioncourt

    Sefina | Sophie | Mon Cheri





    Height: 5.5 | Hair: brunette long | Eyes: green

    Distinguishing Marks: beauty mark on her left cheek just underneath her eye.

    Social butterfly | intellectual | Read, recall memories and see things from the past | Aligist | Hiding

    Her mate and siblings | Trusting more than she should | her emotions | Being too observant | showing her jealousy


    Hunting | Reading | Drawing | Traveling | Learning new languages | Horseback riding | Swimming

    Midnight walks through the garden or by the lake, listening to Lucien play his violin, rare blood types

    Eating human food | drinking animal blood

    Sing | Dance | Play the Violin | Drawing

    Unable to play the piano after countless tries | Using weapons to fight

    Empath | Retrocognition | Speed | Read memories | Enhanced memory, | Aligist

    Losing her siblings and mate | Being hunted by the redemption | Her own memories at times | Death | Silver

    Traits (at least 5)
    Stubborn | Possessive | Moody | Impatient | Shy | Vague | Reckless

    Romantic | Protective | Loyal | Creative | Intellectual | Loyal | Adventurous

    HISTORIC BACKGROUND (optional or incorporated as a flashback)

    Josephine was born a human in 1851 and was the youngest of two daughters. In 1876, at the age of 25 she was forced to leave her home a week before her birthday and was turned a month later in the same year.. On the day of her her birthday she reunited with her sister, “brother” and met Lucien. She is Lucien’s reincarnated late wife. Most of her story will be in the RP.
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Abraham Bartholomew Cohen
Black Bart

6ft or 185cm
Solid Black, often askew
Almond shaped and dark blue
Technical Ingenuity. Scientific Mind. Peak Physical Condition. Pillar of the community.
Isolation. No true allies. Cares for orphans/destitute.

Clock-making/tinkering. Origami. Reading
Photographic memory. Critical thinking under pressure. Clear mind in combat.
Working collaboratively with others. Connecting with other adults.
Not discovering the truth. His life won't have a lasting impact.
Loyal. Intelligent. Strong-willed. Independent. Reliable.
Insatiable hunger for knowledge. Manipulative. Vindictive. Prideful. Addiction to his work.

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