Vampires and Werewolves

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  1. Hey there kiddos~ I've been in the mood for a Vampire x Werewolf pairing. Because I'm shmoopy and cliché like that. I am up for playing either role. However there are a couple things about the characters I'm looking for:
    • The vampire has been doing his vampire thing for at least 100 years
    • The werewolf is not quite so old (16-19 age range)
    And a few things about the mythology I'm looking for"
    • Werewolves are harmed by silver
    • Werewolves are weakened by wolfsbane and can be forced to shift back if not under compulsion of the full moon
    • Werewolves can shift at will, except at the full moon when it is compulsory
    • Werewolves live with a "pack." This can be his family, a group of other werewolves of no blood relation, or a mix of the two.
    • Vampires are harmed by sunlight and silver
    • Vampires are not harmed by religious symbols or garlic
    • Vampires may or may not live in a coven. It is equally common for them to live alone or in a group, though a group gives added safety
    • Both have superhuman strength and senses
    What I am not looking for:
    • No doing the do while in wolf form, or even partial shifting
    • No rape
    There can be many plot points we use for this. Werewolves and Vampires could be total enemies and their romance is super scandalous. Supernatural creatures could be a totally normal part of society, or hidden away, fearing hunters. The Werewolf pack could just be upset that this old dude vampire is into one of the younger members of the pack. Come at me with ideas and I'm open to discuss them.

    I'm also open to general ooc chatting if you'd like. I'm super chill. The "Adept" marking is just because I'd like to have at least a paragraph for each post, if not a few, but really say what you need to say. I don't like a lot of fluff just to up word count or impress each other. I want to have fun with this, and we can go super dramatic and serious, or just good ol' fluffy fun.