Vampires among us

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  1. I am not surprised by this.

    At any rate, the article makes it sound like all the "donors" are consenting to what's going on and don't seem to really be harmed by it, soooo...

    I don't see much of an issue.

    Whatever peeps wanna do so long as they're not endangering themselves or others, I guess.

    Edit: Also, the title of this thread made me think it was referring to a video game or a TV show or something. I almost completely skipped over it because of that, lol. XD
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  2. Lolol

    It makes me wonder if they get tested before donating due to AIDS/HIV and other blood diseases. The article didn't mention it D:
  3. :/ Oh, yeah, that is a good point...

    Well, there are probably a lot of them who are smart enough to do so -- but then, also probably a good number who aren't... :/

    Still, point is, I see nothing wrong with the vampire thing so long as people are being safe and responsible about it, which I guess would be more of a case-by-case basis. In theory, though? Eh, let 'em do their thing.
  4. It was more wtf for me because blood scares and grosses me out, lol. I couldn't be a vet because of that xD but it's just curiosity as in why do they do it? What gave them interests in doing so? How did they start? Have they ever thought of not doing it? Are they glad they started it? Those kinds of questions.

    Also a lot of kids think you can't get STDs from oral sex and that AIDS comes from gay men so it's possible they have not. Sex education is not the norm in a lot of schools, most people push no sex is safe sex and a lot of people (especially men) feel they will never catch a disease even if they've only slept with one person. It's why we have shows like 16 and pregnant. O.o
  5. *shrugs* I guess you'd have to ask some of them.

    And they probably don't all share the same reasons.
  6. Well...Iwaku, DO YOU HAVE ANY VAMPIRES?! ...Not the Twilight ones tho cause just no o.o
  7. fake-ass vampires don't even burn in the sun or turn into bats, 2/10, wouldn't waste a wooden stake on them
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  8. This thread reminds me of this book.

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  9. And here I thought this was going to be about rabies.
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  10. I thought this was gonna be about Psychic Vampires and I was gonna be all "HELL YES I DO. FUCKING PSYCHIC VAMPIRES." D:<

    As for blood drinking ones, I legitimately believe they probably have some sort of body deficiency and somewhere along the line they connected blood drinking to feeling better. O__O Which means there's something in the blood their body is super craving.

    My brother likes to joke he is a vampire because of his blood disorder (hemophilia). XD His medicine has to be made with blood components.
  11. Haha

    Psychic vampires were mentioned in the article so why not?
  12. Crazy ass people do crazy things. Like drinking blood apperently.
  13. I do believe that they usually test for transmissible diseases and such before doing anything. The article in the original post links to another by the BBC which mentions that:

    "Typically, both the donor and the vampire are first tested at sexual health clinics (or regular blood donation centres) for transmissible infections. " (From here.)


    " “The sang community as a whole is very careful and conscientious about health and safety,” says “Alexia” in the UK, who researched phlebotomy before attempting an intravenous draw. The feeding itself, she says, is “impersonal, much like taking a pill.” "

    From what I understand, this isn't generally a group of people who have watched one too many episodes of True Blood playing into a romanticized notion of the vampire and seeking to live out some kind of fantasy (I believe the BBC article mentions something about that). Its more that they feel that they need to drink blood in order to feel normal and have kind of gravitated toward the mythology as a means of identification. Like Diana suggested above, they do it because they believe that they need to and they get some kind of benefit from it. People have done stranger things I'm sure.
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  14. Is this something? Like seriously? XD
  15. Well this just gave me a somewhat flashback to a Law and Order SVU episode only with a big difference in the blood drinking thing. FO3's The Family also came into mind. I used to drink my own blood whenever I got hurt when I was super young so eh not going to judge aside from saying it sounds strange.

    EDIT: It almost sounds like a specific form of pica almost but not quite there, I've felt like something was wrong before when not indulging in my form of it for a long time, but nothing to the extent of the woman who had to go to the ER.
  16. Dat kinky as fuk bloodplay tho?!

    UNF I'ma donate some blood to dem vamps.
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  17. Oh they had something of a "counter culture" as they called it of this sort of thing happening in Savannah from what I understand. I think it was a bit darker than whats being described here but...

    Interesting all the same.
  18. I don't know anyone in the lifestyle, but I did watch a documentary about it awhile ago. Geez, ten years ago? I used to live on the Discovery Channel. It had a pretty neat guy they were interviewing in New Orleans. He was polite, soft spoken, and there were many assurances that a doctor oversaw the procedures. I don't really see a problem with it. It sounded pretty low risk for both parties. Provided that all cases have legal doctor aid because well blood is blood.
  19. You know, Vlad the Donor Drinker does not sound even remotely as cool as "Vlad the Impaler."

    Vlad was thought to be the real Dracula.
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