Vampires! (Also an interest Check)

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  1. Seeking Roleplay:

    Recently I have had this insatiable thirst to rp a vampire. I'm already in two rps as them but I need moar!!! @.@

    The myth of vampires I usually follow are The vampire diaries/ True Blood / Anne Rice's series. The only problem I have with Anne Rice's vampires is that if they drink a human dry they also die. I really don't like this idea so that is why I lean more towards the other two. My vampires do not have breeds/clans like in The Vampire Masquerade nor do they sparkle like twilight. I could be convinced to play these both but they are not the normal rps I play.

    The first is seeking roleplay. Please invite me to any group rp I can be a female vampire in. Likewise, if you want to start a onexone let me know. In the onexone one of us must be a vampire. If you pm me with plot ideas that would be cool too. I like to rp romance ( playing the female character) but if any girls are interested in rping a friendship between their character and my vamp then that would be cool too. PM me with plot lines if you want or just pm me telling me you are interested in rping a onexone original vampire rp.
  2. You maybe interested in my RP them, Moonlight, which gives you more options in running other types of vampires (halflings- Dhampiers, or Abominations - Upiris.)

    It's a slightly slow-moving RP due to people's time restraints, but it is still very much alive and developing within the set plot established. If you join, you'll be filling in the low Vampire population (that's mostly filled by my NPC's). It would be nice to have more variety, and if you wish to run other charries, that's fine by me. LOL!
  3. Ouuu that sounds like fun! I'll check it out :)
  4. Seems boreing why bass yer vampirez on soming more interesting then ann rice its too common if u like im good at making up ideas for new characters maybe we could talk ..btw not trying to hurt yer feeling ~kat~
  5. I clearly list other genre of vampires such as true blood or vampire diaries. I would not object to other mythologies of them as well.

    Also, vampires are not the only species I can rp but for me they are the most fun. If you're not interested in rping vampires with me then why are you posting in this topic to begin with?