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  1. Okay, so I created a roleplay on another site about vampires I wanted to do, but no one ever took me up. Who here is up for something with vampire romance? Or a vampire x human? One of the two. I'd actually prefer Vampire x Human, but it must be straight, and I'd be a vampire. If interested leave a character profile (Just name age and such, picutre is not nessecary) and I'll tell you if you are accepted.
  2. (if you don't want to do a third with me that's cool but I'm going to do a character sheet just in case)

    Name: Jayna Redmen
    Age: 21
    Appearence: Brown/black hair, a few inches past shoulders, native american and irish, pale green eyes, 5'7''
    Personality: Carefree(or so she appears), stubborn, secretive, eccentric, a bit odd
  3. I'm totally fine with doing a third with you! I'll start the thread one cI pm you the plot!
  4. Okay :) message me the link
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.