Vampire, werewolf, human, and some torture :3

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  1. I've had this idea about a human falling in love with a vampire and a werewolf. Multiple loves would not be weird in this world so this isn't the conflict. Supernatural creatures are being hunted down and tortured( eventually mind warped to do the same to their kind or killed) for information on their kind. Science is basically running rampant in the worst kind of way.

    The human would meet the two creatures... Not sure how and not necassarily at the same time- romance would blossom and they'd become a ragamuffin pack of some sort when the scientists find them and take them.

    The human would be frantically coming up with a scheme to save them but meanwhile ... They aren't having a fun time as experiments

    I'll play the human
    I have no preference with gender pairings

    Need to be comfortable with playing more then one character
  2. Question c: would I if I was your partner play both the vampire and werewolf.
  3. If you wanted to :) I would prefer it but I'm not adverse to playing one of them :)
  4. Would you be up to doing your male to my females?
  5. Hm I imagines the vampire and werewolf being men. But I would not mind it.

    I would keep the roleplay open tho so I could have an eventual male pairing so as long as you don't mind that
  6. Hi, I'd happily play a male vampire, but I wouldn't want to play a werewolf. Would you be happy involving a third person, perhaps the three of us could set up a private role play?
  7. If you can find an active third party who wouldn't ditch on us
  8. Why don't me put this out and see what who we can find?
  9. Sure :) im pretty busy so if you want you can throw it in group requests and tag me
  10. I'd play a male vampire, if the group were all male.
  11. I'd still prefer to not have a group RP as they tend to die. One on ones always go better
  12. Agreed, I just suck at playing more than one main in a single RP. X3
  13. I know we have another Rp but I'd be interested in playing the vampire and the werewolf.
  14. Still open to a threesome. ^^
  15. Werewolf? I'm listening....
  16. So much interest! The enteral consensus is I would play the human and we want a group one person playing the vampire and the other the werewolf.

    I apologize for the late reply school just started up and I am just catching up!
  17. Now it comes down to the DEATH MATCH over who you play with. X3 Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.