Vampire: The Masquerade

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  1. Walking down the roads of the shittiest town in the worst state ever, Elko, Nevada, Caine is just now leaving school. Her fifth one in two months. It isn't the foster parents, it's her. She just can't stand being around people for too long, doesn't trust them. So, every few weeks or so, she does something of enough caliber to get her in a new home. The longest time, three months, the shortest, seven hours.

    It was certainly not a trust problem, it was just, sometimes, when she got pissed off at someone, she'd take the form of another being, a dark one. And its memories would flood into her, and she'd feel a certain...connection to it, like she's a part of it. At first, it scared her terribly, she was four when it first happened, but soon that fear became interest, and she valued the times when she could see its past. Over the years, she had gathered most of its story, that it was cursed by some all-powerful being, and was forced to walk the night. Then, the memories just stopped. There's a huge blank wall where more thoughts should be.

    She had a mile and a half to walk to school, but she enjoyed the silence. It was already dark now, the winter days shortening the light. Caine never really felt whole in the sunlight, only in the darkness. She had thought it odd, but has grown to not mind it, finding solace in the night.

    As she is walking through a narrow alleyway as a shortcut to her foster home, footsteps echo behind her, and they aren't just bare-foot hobo footsteps, these are black leather shined boots. Not the sort to be walking through dank alleyways, is it? Discretely reaching into her purse for her homemade pepper spray, Caine turns her head slightly, seeing who was following her. In the gloom, she couldn't see him properly, but could tell he had unkempt hair.

    In one fluid motion, Caine turns around, throwing a water balloon filled with pepper and alcohol mixed right at the eyes of her follower. He hissed, covering them as the irritant went into his eyes. As he stalks towards her, Caine lets out a single, "Help!" but doesn't believe anyone heard her.
  2. Hsung had just come out for the night and needed to get something to drink. The prince had sent him here on an errand to find some girl that was supposedly Cain. However Hsung here thought it was just a load of crock, but the actual possibility was too attractive to pass up. So here he is. It was just beginning to darken more, He loved the winter more time outside for him. Hsung began to walk down the sidewalk when he heard the scream of a young girl. He ran, or rather stumbled speedily, to the alley way where the scream had originated from. When he stopped at the mouth he almost fell backward and began to laugh. He looked around and saw a hissing being and a girl, who probably screamed. He swayed in and put his arm around the man's shoulder, "Hey," he began slurring his words, "what's going on here? Are you ok miss?" he chuckled a little.
  3. Her instincts flaring up, Caine could feel herself getting pumped up enough to transform, the insanity of it all. Here was another one, drunk no doubt, acting like everything was fine. Sensing her teeth elongating, her skin darkening, Caine knew she had to get out of this situation before she went bat-shit crazy and hurt someone.

    Beginning to turn around, she saw two more silhouettes at the edge of the alleyway. She was trapped. Her other half, the demon part, screamed to let it go. Not knowing what else to do, not knowing that the first man, and the other two at the end of the alley were part of the Sabbat, she let it go, feeling herself grow taller, her soul darker, her skin black as night, and silver coins for eyes.

    Now, fully transformed, Caine smirks, feeling the power rush through her. She was Caine, reborn into this body, for some unknown reason. All she knew now, was that she was all-powerful compared to those that stood before her now. In seconds, the three that threatened her fell, their bodies annihilated into unrecognizable pieces. Blood was all over her, the last remaining man, and the alley's walls.

    And, just as soon as it came, Caine began to revert to her human form, her skin paling, her teeth shortening. Once it was all finished, she collapsed on the ground, the transformation draining her of all energy.
  4. Hsung staggered over to the collapsed girl. damn who would have thought that this girl was the one or at least i think it he. He went and grabbed the girl and drunkenly walked out of the alley. He would have to find the price to give him his delivery. Oh how interesting she was this young girl to hoise such power in her little body. Such a research find, sadly there were orders.
  5. Her eyes fluttered as she felt the man lift her up. Weakly, she grabbed the front of his shirt, saying, "Who are you? More importantly, where are you taking me?" with fake bravery in her voice. She bit her tongue, squinting her eyes shut as a wave of pain flashed through her body. "People will come looking for me." She told him, lying through her teeth. It wasn't unusual for her to disappear for days on end. She had, easily, three days before someone would begin to ask questions.
  6. Hsung looked down at the girl. "Oh yea." He began to chuckle "Well then if they will then i hope they do. Cause if they find us then we can have fun and play, dance, and laugh together. Then we can feast." He continued to walk on stumbling here and there. He made a 180 degree turn, "oops. forgot which way was the rendezvous point was. HA"
  7. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. This man was almost certainly crazy. "You still haven't answered my original question." Making her voice firm, she said, "Where are you taking me?" The smell of the blood of the three men she had slaughtered was overpowering. Wiping some of it off her face, she repeated the question.