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  1. Once again, this is not Twilight.

    My inspiration for my vampire writings is Anne Rice. I love her series. But this will be nothing related to her works.

    Prudence Law

    City of Prudence
    Rosewood Manor

    he Rosewood Manor housed the only vampiric community in the city of Prudence. It sat hidden away in the far outskirts of the city, veiled by the thicket of the surrounding forest. Surely an ideal location for their housing, away from the human community, as to not be tempted nor be discovered. It was forbidden by law to feed from the humans in Prudence, ordained by the Coven leader Cornelius. His reasoning was never questioned, for the Coven all knew the reasoning for the rules by which they adhered to.

    Vivienne Latreal, tall and beautiful with soft black hair that fell in loosely curled tendrils down her back sat quietly in her chambers, foot tapping against the hardwood floor as she gazed idly out the bay window of her second story bedroom. Her focus drifted into the star-specked inky black sky which always gave her a small feeling of insignificance. Her chest felt tight that evening, her brother had not been in contact with her all that day and she was fit to burst with anxiety. While she enjoyed her mental privacy it was quite unlike Lerick not to check in with her at various, and frequently very inconvenient, times of the day. His lengthy absence may have been deemed suspicious if she had not known her brother to be very level-headed and loyal as he had always been since a young child. In the late evening of around eleven she had still heard or seen nothing of him. However, as if her nagging thoughts were being answered by a higher power she felt his presence. Vivienne’s foot stopped suddenly, her ears perked and she closed her eyes, concentrating minimally. Lerick had finally come into enough proximity for her to feel his aura. She took this opportunity to lash out mentally.

    You have some explaining to do brother. Usually it is I who is so kindly checked in upon and yet here you are, hours after nightfall might I add, and no one here at the manor knew of your whereabouts or if you were even alive. The simple disregard towards my anxiety is unlike you brother. Vivienne strewn quickly inside Lerick's head, her mental voice stern while her face remained serene.

    She stood from where she was seated, and walked to the large floor to ceiling window, placing her forehead against the cool glass. An unusual pain stirred in the pit of her stomach, her hand fell against it softly before she sat back down in the high-back wooden chair near her window, waiting impatiently for her brother's response.


    The story takes place in the City of Prudence, mid 1800's. However, this doesn't have to follow certain historical events or situations. This is in fact not based on the real world. But I would like to follow the sense of no modern technology, no electricity, etc. Much like the life of Americans in the 1800's.

    My character:

    Character Name:
    Vivienne Latreal
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Vampire/Psychic
    Age: Changed at 23
    B-Day: August 16th 1660
    Family: Brother: Lerick Latreal

    Height: 5'8"
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Olive Green

    Strengths: Speed
    Weaknesses: Emotional distress can trigger dangerous psychic outbursts.

    Allies: Nathanael Beaumont, Cornelius
    Enemies: Svenn Versat, Gabriel
    General Personality: Stubborn and independent. Generally leveled headed and intelligent. She has gained wisdom over the years of living as a vampire, but having been changed at such a young age, she still has a slightly childish and selfish personality.

    General History: Married to Svenn Versat in her human life. He had attempted to kill her in a rage after coming forth with his racial identity as a vampire and being rejected. Gabriel, a co-worker of hers who had a fondness toward her, and a close colleague to Svenn, had come to their house to see how 'coming out' to her had went for Svenn. He found her bleeding out, on the brink of death on their kitchen floor. He brought her to his covenstead, Rosewood Manor, and changed her in order to save her life. Vivienne later changed her brother by his request, so that she did not have to live an eternity without him.

    Present Life: She now carries resentment toward Gabriel for changing her, and now that her and Svenn are no longer together he has no remorse in fighting for her affection. Vivienne has an emotional attachment to Nathanael, who is Lerick's best friend, but has never acted upon it. She isn't prone to romance. Her psychic connection with Lerick was only slight before her death, and magnified upon her changing. She can read minds, alter thought processes, delve into memories and cause mental distress. Though many don't know of her gift, in fact Nathanael, Lerick and Cornelius are some of the very few that do. Vivienne hasn't made any friendly relations with other members of the coven. She keeps to herself, only really communicating with Lerick, Nathanael, Cornelius and Cordelia (Lerick's love interest whom she despises).

    Special Historic Notes: Her and Svenn are still married by human law. She has not seen or heard of Svenn since, though she knows he is very much alive. Svenn does not know Vivienne is alive or a vampire. Gabriel had seemingly cut off his ties with Svenn after her death.

    I would prefer you to play Nathanael, I'd like to keep the name but I can be flexible. Nathanael is an ex military diplomat, and continues to act as a diplomat for the Coven, carrying out duties for Cornelius and keeping the peace between the vampires and the werewolves. He was a lady's man in life and still now in death, having a certain reputation for romance throughout the Manor. Though never known to be serious with any woman. He's kept his fancy for Vivienne strictly in the back of his mind, in respect to Lerick.

    I can flex and work with any character similar to Nathanael's persona. Feel free to brief me on your character.


    To be revealed. Running plot.

    Hint: Ties between the two supernatural communities are severed. Things are not as they seem.​
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  3. Are you wanting to play as Nathanael or introduce you're own character? If you're to do you're own, post a character bio so I can get an idea of your chara. =]
  4. I could play as Nathaniel
  5. Alright, sounds good. I'll make the thread and the first post. Just a few things to keep in mind for his persona:

    • He doesn't settle down and ignores feelings of attachment in most cases
    • He has a strong relationship with Cornelius the Coven master and Lerick, Vivienne's brother
    • He is a diplomat to the Coven, attends all Council meetings and deal with matters between the two races in Prudence.
    • He's Greek
    • He's much older than Vivienne, but not older than Cornelius. Cornelius is thought to have been born some time in the 1200's.
    • He's generally calm and collected.
    • He's a giant flirt

    If you have other questions let me know. I'll get the ball rolling.
  6. Do you have a pic for him or should I find one?
  7. I'm looking for pics for the main characters. And I'm going to make a change to the setting. It's modern times, at least in the human world. The vampires live in a classic setting since most of them are quite 'old'. Another reason they don't interact with humans much, they dislike the modern technology of the human world.
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  9. Alright I've gathered images. Having no patience to make my own interpretations I have to find images that closely match what I see them to look like. So bear with me lol. Now that I have images I'll write up the first post.
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