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  1. Eastcoast used to be a normal high school, until of course vampires came and took over the school. The new owner? A beautiful teenager named Mitsuki. As she struggles to keep her kind alive and fight the government to keep her new school afloat, people are just going to have to deal with the fact that anybody could be one of the vampire creatures!

    (There can be romance in here too people! XD)
    (this is what Mitsuki looks like)
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    A young vampire student named Po walked up to his locker and worked on his combination to open it. He was the queen of the vampires most loyal servant. It was another day to him, a normal old day.
    (this is what Po looks like)
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  2. "Don't be an antisocial! For once, smile! Be a real vampire, be seductive!"

    Her words were echoing in his mind repetitively, just as if they were the catchy chorus of a stupid song. Already, the task has proven itself to be difficult: as a transferred student, Gale did not go unnoticed. People were staring at the lad with ferocious curiosity, which greatly irked him. Yet, for sole reaction, he simply glared at them. He was already failing enough 'friendly' act.

    Goddamn it.

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  3. Class started and Po headed over to english
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    Passing day after day in a school now seemingly dedicated mainly to vampires as opposed to the humans that previously dominated the land was terrifying. Where these people even came from was an uncertain rumor that varied every week, whispers slipping from one ear to the next as a mocking ghost of fear. Though it had been long since Goemon had to come across such fiends daily, it's nearly impossible for a normal person to confidently say that he has gotten used to being hunted down like an animal to be fed upon at every moment. In fact, he certainly wouldn't even be here if not for... well, let's just say his circumstances aren't the most favorable.

    Shuffling through the hallways full of lurking fangs just waiting for a chance to take a nip, Goemon kept a stiff wary composure as he made his way to class before he gave anyone the chance to give some bullshit excuse where he suddenly "went missing".
  5. Mitsuki was the owner of the school and the queen of the vampires but in her spare time she would go to all of the same classes as Po so her assistant could be with her anytime she had free time. Everyone fell silent as she walked in wearing the same school uniform as everyone else. She walked in and sat next to Po.

    Po leaned into her ear "what happened to Yammamoto? The mayor of the town? Weren't you suppose to have a meeting with him today?"

    Mitsuki smiled, "it's rescedueld for a way I am kind of glad, I needed a day off from work."

    Po smiled, "this is work"

    Mitsuki looked at the whiteboard to see what today's agendas are, "to me, this is easy...running a people though...that's work..."
  6. Fleeing the creepy stares, Gale escaped to his classroom. English was his first course of the day. As he entered, he saw a handful of people in the room. At least, he could escape the awkwardness of being first in class. Putting back his headphones on his head, he took a random seat in the middle row and began daydreaming.
  7. As one of the few remaining humans who stuck around either by choice or by necessity, the class Goemon ended up in was one with but only two other mortals now present. Unfortunately, regardless of their similarities in their genetic makeup, they were far apart on the spectrum of comrade survivors. One was a vampire sympathizer who allowed herself to be nipped at in secret whenever she had the blood available, and the other is what is known as a "wannabe". Yes, it seems that cliques exist even during a supernatural invasion. Lovely.

    With a snort of disdain at the idea that the few humans left surrounding him were this shallow, the lad sat himself in English class in the seat second closest to the door. He wanted to be able to escape the room if an incident occurred but didn't like the idea of possibly being the first target spotted if anything malicious entered. Goemon didn't bother taking anything out of his bag and setting his desk up, preferring to keep all of his belongings as handy for leaving as quickly as possible just in case. With that, he tensely kept to his seat as his eyes darted around with a suspicious glint every time he spotted... well, anything.
  8. Murasaki Yuki (open)

    Takahashi Murasaki
    Sweet | Outgoing | Nontraditional | Compassionate | Clumsy | Passionate | Manic

    Murasaki, or Mura, is a young and extremely sweet girl. She refuses to follow her parent's beliefs that the vampire is the superior species, she believes in the radical ideals that all species are equal. The school she now attends is very different from the high profile academy she once attended and she enjoys her time and the friends she has made. Humans are not only food to her surprisingly, as her parents are known purists. Mura is the only child of the infamous Takahashi's, and is considered a vampire noble though she refuses the title of Princess. She absolutely adores the Queen and thinks that her fashion is impeccable though cocky. The vampire absolutely loves cats, and has the catch phrase of "Nyah". If she loses her temper, her already crimson irises darken to a deep red and she becomes the complete opposite of her normal self.

    Murasaki rushed through the halls, her abnormal white hair streaming behind her as she rushed to get to english before the tardy bell rang. "COMING THROUGH!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, gaining her some passage through the students, some of the humans glancing at her nervously. Her father had banned her from coming to class that morning, her mother backing him with her scary yandere aura. They had been completely serious as they told her if she went to the "Buffet" she would be grounded for a century. Mura had just shrugged them off, and had Ryuu the butler drop her off, Even though she is against any kind of servant. Turning a sharp corner she made a mad dash to the English classroom and stumbled heels over head into a few of the students standing in the doorway. Looking up from the ground she grinned, "Sorry nyah!"
  9. The vampires could feel the queens presence and knew to be on their best behavior. She left urgently after a call was made and the teacher just let her leave. After all she owned the school. Po sat back in his seat, then looked around.

    Suddenly a human girl, named Himeko walked in and apoligized for being late. She was new here and she had gotten lost.
    She sat down, smiling as she got her supplies out. She was absolutely flawlessly gorgeous.
    (what she looked like)
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  10. Po grunted and his fangs bared out, he smelled blood.
    Not now he thought I don't need this now
    He saw that a human, Himeko was sitting next to him and he closed his mouth and put his head down, his urges increasing. For some wierd reason, he always craved women's blood. A lot of girls in the school had a crush on him and offered to give their blood up for him but he had always refused. He hated to drink blood.
  11. Being so close to the door, it was to be expected that the entrance of a rambunctious girl and another who appeared too pure to be in the midst of this hell would catch Goemon's eye. It wasn't the first time he had seen either around, though he honestly couldn't say he genuinely cared. No one here is a friend. He'd made sure to understand that any of these people could be a vampire on the prowl. The more significant of these beings tended to be more flattering in appearance, but of course that didn't mean there weren't those who looked completely human as well. It was them he had to watch out for most. 'Wretched monsters,' he thought to himself with a shudder as the slithering coldness of discomfort creeped down his spine.
  12. Po knew that Goemon was on the lookout and waved at him smiling, he saw that Po had sharp fangs.
  13. Movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and upon glancing over, Goemon's eyes widen slightly at the sight of who he had made sure to note as a close advisor of the Queen waving and flashing fangs at him. Well that certainly can't be a positive gesture. Slinking further into his seat as if it would make him just small enough not to get noticed, he turned away from Po, worrying his bottom lip roughly, and took a surpressed breath as if it was going to be his last in a long time.
  14. Po smirked and Goemon felt an arm wrapped around him, it was Po, within seconds the vampire was near him already. "Hey man, chill out...your stressing the whole room out, vampires are cool with humans. In fact, most of us don't drink human blood. If you need any help I will be here for you. Before Goemon could say anything Po was already back in his seat. The bell rang and it was time to go home. A random vampire came up and cornered him in the hallway, he went over to bite him but Po got in the way. "We don't bite humans...queens orders" he said. The vampire smiled, "what she dosen't know won't hurt her," he said.
    Po said "leave, this is your last warning!"
    The vampire went to punch him but Po grabbed his arm and slammed him against the lockers. He screamed "MY FANGS! MY FANGS! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM!?" Po sighed, "I warned scram!" The vampire ran away, his left fang broken.
    Po gave Goemon a vial, "listen to me...I know you could have probably taken care of yourself back there so I apologize if I made it seemed like you couldn't defend yourself. This is an antidote, if you do end up being bitten then you have 24 hours before you indeterminately become a vampire...then take this and you will feel human again in no time. He patted Goemon's back and dissapeared
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    Damion sighed gently, running his fingers through his waved hair lightly. He shoved his hands into his pockets, walking slowly into class and ignoring Anastasia on her leisurely stroll as if she was walking in the park. He smelled something sweet to the nose, stiffing visibly as he walked past a girl. She smelled and looked delectable.. Delicious... Scrumptious... Damion slammed himself down into a seat, balling up his fists. What the hell is a human doing here? He drummed his fingers against his desk, running his tongue over his teeth and if he wasn't careful, soon to be fangs. That really did catch him off guard and the human was making his mouth water. This was going to be a looooonggg day.

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    Anastasia payed no mind as her acquaintance went ahead of her, her mind somewhere else. Her pink lips curled into a devilish smirk at the back of Damion, a faint scent of a human trailing about. Oh, she could have warned her friend, knowing his dark thirst will make him suffer. 'I almost feel evil for that, but alas, an elegant vampire such as myself should have a tiny bit of fun.' Striding into the classroom, the smell growing closer, she immediately pinpointed the human. Anastasia sped-walked from her, giving space. Even if her friend had less control than her, doesn't mean she was one hundred percent at not biting the life out of humans. She sat down and immediately pulled a container full of ripe, chilled strawberries from her bag, biting into one.
  16. Po regained and controlled his urge and his fangs turned back into regular teeth again. Suddenly there was a scream, Po immediately ran outside to see what it was, there was a dead body on the floor, her throat ripped out. Po backed away, covering his nose. Everyone crowded around and then looked at Po.
    Murmur filled the air.
    Dammit, Po thought Just what we needed, an uprising! It's already bad enough people hate our kind!
    He told everyone to back up now, the sweet scent of blood was attracting vampires. Po set up a perimeter of long metal poles that touched the ground and a yellow do not cross tapes. He then put on gloves and sprinkled stuff all around it. If the vampires touched the barrier then they would be burned badly, even though he was using gloves they started to burn them. He put the natural root back into the jar and took the gloves off in pain. Vampires could already feel the heat and backed off right away from the purity of natures roots.

    Everyone else backed away as Po announced that this problem will be solved and he will make sure of it. He then stood there and called the queen.
  17. Hikaru got lost..Again..Where is the locker room? And what time is it? She needs to take her medicine in time. She definitely doesn't want to get kicked out on her first day. "Control. Control."
    She said the mantra again to calm herself. Now, let's go find that locker room, she said to herself.
  18. Himeko stared at the dead body in horror then finally turned away. Po walked away annoyed.
  19. Hikaru finally found the locker room. But she smelled something nice. Giving in to instinct, she followed the scent. She found herself in a crowd where ther's a dead body. "Now, what happened here?" she said to herself.
  20. Vampires came in and took the body after Po had removed the herbs. Then other vampires mopped up the blood off the floor. Po sighed.
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