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  1. So, I've been itching to throw one of my vampires into the RP mix:
    This is Eight. He's a ninteen year old vampire that woke up buried behind a Salem cemetery in the early eighteenth century, and has been traveling ever since. He's rather short (Only 5"3), but is a skilled hunter. Quiet and aloof, Eight is hardly a social person, and the few people he does socialize with find that he has a sadistic streak and can be a bit of a brat. Eight's most defining trait is his manipulative nature. Given the chance he will always seize opportunities for gain, though his ideas of gain are anybody's guess...
    As a side note, he is also obsessed with bread.

    I'm open to roleplay ideas(the things I chose are just random things I'm open to), though if you want me to build a story I can do that too. I really just want to roleplay as him, since he was fun to think up.
  2. I may be interested in a vampire rp. I can write up a character sheet if you want or if you want to do it just write up an intro. Anything you want specifically for a partner/character?
  3. Character sheets are always useful so I'd like to see yours. I'm not looking for any particular types, but seeing what your character is like and what interests you have can help us create a story that fits us both
  4. This is a quick one that I thought up right now, keep in mind I want to leave some things out so they can come out in the story. If you want any changes or anything let me know.

    Name: Ezra Denning

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Clothing: Casual, even in public.

    Strength: She is very good with computers, and is sometimes contracted out for research.

    Weakness: She is not an adept fighter so she will more often run than fight.

    Personality: Ezra is a very eccentric person. She is very outgoing when she is happen. When she is anything but a positive emotion she lashes out, sometime violently. The only things that normally have to worry about the violence are inanimate objects.

    History: Ezra had a very normal childhood up until the age of 13. A few weeks after her 13th birthday she got in with the "wrong" crowd, or so her parents kept reminder her. She gallivanted out in public with a group of want-to-be witches. Well, that is what they thought anyways. As they delved deeper into the mystical dealings they began to notice that they were simply ordinary. This only made Ezra dive deeper leaving her friends in the dust. She made new friends in this occult world but it was too late for her. Years went by and her new occult friends attempted to have her join this new order but she refused. Ezra continued to keep tabs with "The Protectors" as a resource but is not a part of this humanitarian server.
  5. Hm, this could work. What if "The Protectors" are a group of witches who protect humanity from things like demons, ghouls...and vampires. Ezra had no strict ties to the group, so if she meets Eight she won't be ready to kill him on sight, and since alliances with witches make vampires stronger, Eight would secretly wish to make a pact with Ezra that would allow him to fight his pursuers.
  6. I think that sounds great! She may have picked up a few "tricks" to give her away. I am not sure it depends on how they meet. I am cool with any place. If we need NPC characters I can do a couple if need be as well! Just link me if you want to host it.
  7. so you prefer forum over PM?
  8. Hey game from Vs. Rp?
  9. Come again?
  10. Heh right sorry ^^''.

    I mean like my character Vs. your character. I've been wanting to play a vampire hunter and the like.
  11. Sounds great. PM or thread?
  12. Thread would be nice, just PM me the link.
  13. Ok. Now before I make it, can you PM me your character so I can get a feel of what sort of scenario to create?
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